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Braids For Black Hair: Every Knockout Style You Need To Know

braids for black hair guide
Introducing the ultimate braids for black hair guide! We cover every aspect of this statement-making style, getting down to basics with Rocky Bukasa, South African Mizani educator, to answer everything you wanted to know about braids but never thought to ask. Your dark brown hair is about to be on another level.

Get your braids done right, pro-style!


Styles Of Braids For Black Hair

There is an inexhaustible list of braids for black hair and techniques out there. You name it, it’s been created.

To keep things simple, we thought we’d cover the most popular braids. These are a must-do at your salon if you haven’t tried them yet!


Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are the buzziest trend of 2018, in part because of how natural they look. They blend so well into your hair, it’s difficult to tell that they’re there–it’ll be our little secret.

This type of braid adds volume because you stylist braids in hair extensions at the scalp, so it's perfect for those looking to add some height. Your stylist will attach your extensions using a special crochet needle and nimble fingers.


French Braids

The classic French braid for black hair is simple but beautifully effective. Chic and stylish like the nationality it’s named after, French braids pair well with cornrows or work on their own with loose hair.

This is a stunning way to show off your color, as well as dress up your hair for any occasion.


Box Braids

Box braids have been popular for some time. When you see how stylish and practical they are, you'll understand why. They're created with tight three-strand braids.

The best part about box braids? They’re very versatile. With the addition of extra braiding hair, your stylist can make them as wide or narrow as you like.


When To Wear Every Type Of Braid For Black Hair

The official braiding bible has just one rule: thou shalt not wear the same braids to every occasion. Just like you wouldn’t wear the same dress everywhere, different events call for different braids.

For those formal events like engagement parties and weddings, experts recommend a stylish French braid. This elegant look puts the focus on your outfit, offset by your sophisticated hairstyle.

When the event calls for less formal style (such as parties and dates), crochet braids are a great choice to inject some sexy volume into your look.

For the times you’re getting your sweat on at the gym, you need a style that keeps hair off your face while you keep your eye on the prize. Box braids are the perfect hairstyle to achieve this, allowing you to give it your all without your hair getting in the way.


Why Braids Matter

First, the good news: Braids can help you manage the look of damage over time. You may be wondering how this is possible, with all the pulling and tugging that comes with braiding.

It all comes down to how braids immobilize your hair and hold it in place. This helps to reduce your hair’s day-to-day contact with fabrics and other factors (like wind and brushing) that can lead to friction-related hair breakage over time.

Another advantage of braids is that they usually have a lifespan of about two months. This longevity means that you get to extend your style for longer, without actually having to do anything! This styling-hiatus is ultimately better for your tresses, but should you need a touch-up, it’s possible to have your edges redone to keep your style looking fresh.

“I recommend Mizani Edge Taming Gel to be used when braiding to ensure that the locks are flawless,” Bukasa says.


How To Care For Braids

Braids for black hair mean less (but not nil) maintenance. You’ll still need to look after your scalp and natural hair.

“Braids are known to be protective of hair, and while they do that they still need to be moisturized,” Bukasa says. “Mizani 25 Miracle Milk is a leave-in conditioner and light moisturizer that adds smoothness while helping to prevent split ends."

That's not Bukasa's only favorite product, either.

"Mizani Calming Scalp Lotion can be used on the scalp to nourish and soothe to help maintain scalp comfort,” Bukasa says.

Bear in mind that hair braided too tightly can cause damage. It’s all about walking that fine line to get the best results.

There’s no occasion you can’t find a braid for—time to embrace braids for black hair!

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