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18 Of The Best Low Maintenance Haircuts For Men

Want to keep your grooming routine as low-maintenance as possible? Opt for one of these 18 low maintenance haircuts for men.

While so many men have upgraded their grooming routines over the past few years (we see you with that salon-quality shampoo!), we know that guys still love to keep their routine as low-maintenance as possible. The good news? You can have an A1 grooming routine without needing to put a ton of work in. All you’ll need is a few expert pointers, top-notch products, and a low-maintenance haircut that's easy to style. 

Searching for the best low maintenance haircuts for men? We’ve rounded up 18 of the best ones to try, from short crops to longer cuts

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What is the easiest haircut for men to maintain?

The easiest haircuts for men to maintain are short or long cuts without intricate fades that need to be touched up often. Low maintenance haircuts for men range from short buzz and crew cuts to long layered hair. 

Is long hair low maintenance for men?

If you’re still rocking that post-quarantine hair growth, the good news is that long hair for men can be super low-maintenance. All you’ll need is a trim here and there (every eight weeks or so) to snip those split ends off and keep your locks in good shape. You’ll also want to invest in a few hair products to promote healthy hair length. We recommend Redken Extreme Length Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the Extreme Length Leave-In Treatment With Biotin. This three-step system helps to strengthen weak, fragile, or damaged hair in order to reduce breakage and the appearance of split ends, leading to better hair growth. 

Ready to choose your next low-maintenance cut? Keep scrolling for 18 of our top picks. 

The Best Low Maintenance Haircuts For Men To Try Now

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Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is the shortest chop on this list and one that requires little to no styling time. While you’ll still need to see your barber every couple of weeks to keep your buzz cut clean, your styling routine will be seriously low-maintenance. 

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Number 8 Buzz Cut

Not sure how numbers work when it comes to men’s haircutting? Barbers use clipper fades to achieve certain styles, and a series of guards fit onto the trimmer, allowing barbers to get one clean length all over the head. Each number corresponds to a particular unit of length. 

If you want a buzz that’s slightly longer, a number 8 buzz cut will leave you with a full inch of length. This allows you to show off a bit of your natural texture. All you’ll need is a dime-sized amount of hair gel like Redken Brews Holding Gel

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Low Fade

If you’re committed to keeping a fade haircut, the low fade is the easiest to maintain. Your barber will taper your fade lower on the sides of your head closer to your ear. 

Good hair day by @mblaned.

Crew Cut

A fan of the classics? Opt for a crew cut. Shorter on the sides and slightly longer on top, the crew cut is one of the best ways to keep your look low-maintenance. 

Good hair day by @id_hair_salon.

Spiked With Short Sides

This cut is edgy without being high-maintenance. To create a spiked look, grab a hair gel like Redken Brews Clean Gel and use your fingertips to run it through your hair in an upward motion. 

Good hair day by @mjdeziel.

Longer On Top

Keeping the sides of your cut cropped and the length longer on top ensures that you won’t be running back to your barber every two weeks for a touch-up. Not to mention: That extra few inches on top makes it easy to create swept-back styles. 

Good hair day by @shaun_fgman.

Short And Swept-Back

Add quick and easy polish to your short haircut by slicking it back with Redken Brews Cream Hair Pomade

Good hair day by @jarredsbarbers.

French Crop

This classic cut has been making waves on Tik Tok, and if you’re a low-maintenance kind of guy, the swept-forward ‘do requires minimal styling. 

Good hair day by @rm_barber.

Low Fade Crop With Curly Texture

The French crop also looks great paired with naturally curly hair (and it’s super easy to style). 

Good hair day by @mjhairbrand.


With low-maintenance styling, we say the messier, the better! Spray some texturizing spray like Redken Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray throughout your mane to create messy, undone texture in seconds. 

Good hair day by @emilyecostello.

Short Shag

Speaking of messy texture, another low-maintenance option for guys with curls and waves is a short shag cut. This cut is shorter on the sides and longer on the top to take some of the weight off while still leaving enough length to let your texture shine. 

Good hair day by @keys.cutz.

Side Part

If you have a short haircut with a bit of extra length at the top, part your hair to the side for instant volume—with barely any effort! This look is great for those with fine hair that tends to fall flat. Pro tip: Use a thickening spray like Redken Brews Thickening Spray to create the look and feel of thicker, denser hair. 

Good hair day by @sergeymuradov_official.

Tapered Cut

A tapered cut is shortest around the neck and grows gradually in length towards the top of your head. Meaning, it only takes a little bit of product to style your hair, and the grow out process is effortless. 

Good hair day by @kycutwilson.

Long Hair With Middle Part

Who says men don’t care about the side part vs. middle part debate? If you’re team middle part, you’ll love this low-maintenance long haircut. 

Good hair day by @gomezproantonio.

Mid-Length And Curly

If you want to embrace your natural curls, consider a mid-length cut. Your chop will be long enough to show off your texture, and the in-between length is super easy to manage. Use a styling formula like Mizani True Textures Perfect Coil Oil Gel to define your curls or coils while keeping them hydrated. 

Good hair day by @cal_newsome.

Soft Undercut

Undercuts can be high-maintenance, but luckily, there’s a low-maintenance alternative! This soft undercut will grow out gradually and blend right in with the rest of your locks. 

Good hair day by @danielrollissonhair.

Ear Length

Ask your barber for an ear-length cut with long layers and style it with a hair pomade like Redken Brews Cream Pomade for a look with smooth, flexible hold. 

Good hair day by @mikeyyyyyyy_.

Long Locs

Protective hairstyles are the ultimate low-maintenance hairstyle for men. Once your locs are in, your maintenance routine will be a total breeze. 

Interested in trying a low maintenance men’s haircut? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a barbershop near you.

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