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Everything You Need To Know To Care For Your Edges

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Many women have a love-hate relationship with their edges, otherwise known as the hairs that make up your hairline. On good hair days, your edges frame your face and finish off any polished look. On not so good hair days, the little hairs that stand at attention along your hairline are the bane of your existence.

We’re determined to make sure women love every part of their hair—including their edges. The key to managing your edges is knowing how to properly care for them. Who better to teach you than Mecai Adelo, Mizani artist and brand ambassador?

Adelo says caring for your edges is a lot easier than you think. If you can identify the habits that are wreaking havoc on your hairline and create a solid hair care routine, you’re on the right track. Don’t worry, he also answers the question you’ve been dying to know to know forever—is it possible to regrow your edges?

Which bad habits damage your edges?

We already know that styles like taut braids and incredibly tight ponytails create tension and pulling that can be very damaging to your edges. However, your go-to styles aren’t the only habits potentially wreaking havoc on your hairline. Adelo says heat, moisture, and product buildup have the potential to damage your edges as well.

One of the first things Adelo asks clients who are dealing with breakage around their hairline is how hot they’re setting their styling tools. More often than not, they’re setting their tools to temperatures that are entirely too high for their hair. This excessive heat can cause damage and breakage. The easiest way to avoid heat damage to your edges is lowering the temperature on your hot tools and always using a heat protection product.

Another surprising cause of weakened edges is moisture. Dry locks can lead to major breakage, so make sure your hair care routine includes a moisturizing conditioner. On the other hand, too much moisture can have a similar result. If your strands are so soft they’ve begun to break off, your hair might benefit from a strengthening protein treatment. Your stylist will be the ultimate resource for any in-salon services your hair might thank you for.

Lastly, it’s no secret that product buildup can lead to all kinds of hair woes. Unfortunately, our edges are often the part of our hair that gets slathered in the most product. If you rely on gels, pomades, or edge control products to keep your baby hairs under control, Adelo advises investing in a clarifying shampoo to help thoroughly cleanse your hair of product buildup.

“Cleansing...removes any buildup from hair products being applied on the edges, makeup, and facial cleanser residue,” Adelo says.

After you’ve made sure your hair is cleansed, it’s time to give your edges a little TLC. Adelo recommends misting your hairline with a leave-in conditioner like Mizani’s 25 Miracle Milk, sleeping on a silk pillowcase, and taking a break from styles that pull at your hairline.

Can you regrow your edges?

Whether or not you can regrow your edges depends how you “lost” them in the first place. If your edges are suffering from some major breakage, it is possible to restore your hairline to its former glory with a little patience. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, your hair grows on average a half an inch per month. If you steer clear of damaging heat temperatures, taut hairstyles, and maintain a hair care routine like the ones described above, you could see noticeable results.

On the other hand, if your edges are thinning but your strands don’t seem to be dealing with breakage, it’s probably time to see a professional. If your hairline just won’t grow or you’re losing hair at an alarming rate, reach out to a specialist. A licensed trichologist is someone who specializes in the structure, function, and diseases associated with the human hair and scalp. They can help get to the 'root' of the problem and whether regrowth is an option.

While your edges are on the mend, Adelo says there are a few cheap and easy ways to mimic their appearance. There are all kinds of products that can give your hairline a fuller appearance, including powders and colored hair mascaras. To ensure your hairline looks flawless (and not like you colored it in with marker), you’ll want to make sure your chosen product is an exact color match. Feel free to mix colors until you find one that suits you perfectly.

Now that you’re equipped with all of the information you need to keep you edges in tip top shape, worrying about your edges will be a thing of the past.

Is there a proper way to care for your edges?

The key to great edges is well-maintained hair, and we all know the foundation of healthy-looking hair is a proper hair care routine.

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