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Try the Trend: Champagne Blonde Hair with a Kiss of Rose Is a Sweet Nod to the Rom-Com Core Aesthetic

One of our favorite blonde colors for 2023 is champagne blonde with a blend of gold and added soft rose tones. The pros show us how to get the look, care for your new color, and style it to perfection.

We can all agree that one thing our favorite rom-com queens have in common is great hair. There’s usually something sweet yet subtle about that starlet’s coif that you can’t quite pinpoint, which makes it pretty challenging to know what to ask for when you run to the salon trying to recreate their look. In honor of rom-com core having a moment, Redken literally bottled up the recipe for the champagne blonde hair color reminiscent of the leading ladies on-screen during the peak romantic comedy era.

“It’s a soft, neutral color with a strong emphasis on shine that resembles a glass of your favorite sparkling drink,” says Matt Rez, Redken Brand Ambassador, and celebrity hairstylist. “It’s a blonde that looks good on everyone!” The shade inspired by the beverage of the same name is on everyone’s radar for 2023, according to the pro—so much so that the brand named it its color of the year. It’s already been making its rounds on social and celebrities alike and only gaining popularity.

Champagne Blonde is now easier than ever for stylists to achieve, thanks to Redken’s new Shades EQ Gold Rose family, which features three new shades: Sparkling Wine (010GRo), Blush Spritz (09GRo) and Golden Fizz (07GRo). Watch the champagne blonde transformation above and keep reading for how to give your own blonde shade an extra sparkle with a kiss of rose.

What is champagne blonde hair color?

True, champagne blonde with a kiss of rose is the hair color for 2023, but how does it exactly differ from other blonde shades? This modern, healthy-looking blonde is the must-have color for those looking to go blonde or refresh their shade. The soft rose, and gold tones throughout create a warm, vibrant blonde.

How to care for champagne blonde hair color

How do you get champagne blonde hair?

This unique, beautiful blonde shade was achieved using Shades EQ Gloss, a color service exclusive to salons. The key to perfecting the champagne blonde color is to avoid basic and brassy blonde tones, quintessential of Redken's Gold Rose series (pictured: Sparkling Wine- 010GRo). “It won’t eliminate all warmth, but will refine it into something long-lasting and reflective,” says colorist Shane Beggs of Cutler Arlo Salon in New York City.

Whether you want a tone change, a color correction, shine, or to test the waters of a brand new hue without too much commitment, these ammonia-free formulas can provide results in just 20 minutes. Shades EQ also conditions the hair, leaving your mane looking and feeling healthier than when you stepped into the salon.

For this transformation, Beggs used Shades EQ in Sparkling Wine (010GRo). Since each shade in the Gold Rose series can appear differently on varying hair types and textures, see more looks here.

Blondage High Bright Shampoo

Blondage High Bright Shampoo

A blonde brightening shampoo and conditioner system to maintain salon-quality blonde between salon visits.

How do you care for champagne blonde hair color?

Beggs starts his champagne blonde transformation by prepping the hair with a deep shampoo and recommends Redken Blondage High Bright Shampoo for any and all blondes. The formula keeps your blonde luminous by removing brightness-dulling impurities, pollution, and buildup. Powered by vitamin C, an effective brightener in skincare, Redken’s Brightening Care Complex lightens up darkened, dulled, or mattified blonde hair. For more on the powers of Redken’s complete Blondage High Bright trio, click here.

He stresses the importance of using a detox shampoo before coloring hair. “It’ll alleviate any buildup and truly allow the hair to take the gloss to the fullest extent, giving you brightness up until your next service,” he says.

Spray Smooth Anti Frizz Hair Spray

Spray Smooth Anti Frizz Hair Spray

Instant smoothing and de-frizzing spray for smooth hair with silky finish and heat protection

How do you style champagne blonde hair?

You can style champagne blonde hair many ways, but since glossy strands are always in, here are some pro stylist tips from Jenny Balding, Cutler Arlo Salon's co-owner, to get a polished look that’s easily attainable.

  1. Styling your locks fresh out of the shower? Pick up an anti-frizz agent with a heat protectant like Redken Spray Smooth to help smooth the hair cuticle. Balding calls this key to getting a silky smooth yet bouncy blowout. Use on damp hair and spray section by section before blow drying. Get the full scoop on this innovative product from one editor here.
  2. Use a large boar bristle brush for extra shine! See more here on why your brush matters, especially when trying to get super glossy strands and volume from roots to ends.

Find more salon products to help maintain your blonde hair color and promote smooth strands on

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