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Worth the Hype? Redken Spray Smooth

Redken Spray Smooth Took My At-Home Blowouts from DIY to Salon-Worthy

Redken’s Spray Smooth is one editor’s secret weapon to a silky sleek at-home blowout. See how easily it works and where it fits into your blow dry routine.

Air drying has been part of my regular hair care routine for a while now, but I must admit I miss my blowouts. So recently, I’ve been on a mission to perfect my at-home blowouts, with my two biggest concerns being frizz control and heat damage. While it’s still a work in progress, I’ve found some holy grail products along the way that have made the process much smoother. Among them is Redken Spray Smooth—an aerosol spray that fights frizzies and has built-in heat protection on its lengthy list of benefits. I hadn’t tried a product quite like this before being gifted a bottle by the brand, and I wanted to share my thoughts with anyone wondering if it's worth the hype.

Keep reading for everything you want to know about this all-new innovation and my Redken Spray Smooth Anti-Frizz Hair Spray review.


Spray Smooth Anti Frizz Hair Spray

Instant smoothing and de-frizzing spray for smooth hair with silky finish and heat protection

What is Redken Spray Smooth?

Redken Spray Smooth is an instant aerosol smoothing spray with 450-degree heat protection that provides long-lasting smoothness and shine. Think: your answer to taming frizz when it comes to heat styling.

How do I use Redken Spray Smooth?

The beauty of this being an aerosol spray is that the weightless mist can easily coat hair. Spray on damp hair 10 inches away from strands, then blow dry. For extra smoothness, the brand recommends prepping hair with Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo + Conditioner Duo.

How to use Redken Spray Smooth

Before and after using Redken Spray Smooth to blowout hair.

My Redken Spray Smooth Review

Smooth hair is often mistakenly correlated with fine hair, however, that isn’t always the case. Getting my fine, wavy strands to lay flat takes work, especially when humidity is involved. I’ll usually prep my hair with a leave-in conditioner for smooth strands. Still, when it came to my DIY blowouts, I hadn’t used an aerosol product specifically for fly-away control because I didn’t even know they existed. I may have been a little late to this “discovery,” but I’m glad I jumped on the bandwagon with Redken Spray Smooth because the results speak for themselves. I’ve avoided blow drying my hair myself simply because I could never get my locks as smooth as my stylist does in the salon until now.

This is largely because the frizz-free formula sits in an aerosol can that, when sprayed, creates a light, even veil around hairs. This is extra important because I want to ensure I get all my hair when it comes to heat protection—which Spray Smooth has plenty of. I did my regular shower routine of shampoo and conditioner, followed by a leave-in treatment and a dollop of mousse massaged into my roots for volume, but this time I followed up with Spray Smooth. I sprayed on damp hair section by section as I blow dried. I could tell the difference with even the first section since, normally, I’d have to go over a piece way more times with the blower than necessary before getting things as smooth as possible. The finished product turned out to be one of the smoothest and fastest blowouts I’ve ever done on myself.

As a critical late-girl, anything that speeds up my blowout is a blessing. True, it’s another product added to your beauty arsenal and yet another step in your blowout routine, but it’s oh-so worth it when you can look in the mirror without your flyways giving main character energy. My at-home blowouts are still a work in progress, but Redken Spray Smooth has made me feel like I’m on my way to the perfect blowout.

How to use Redken Spray Smooth

Before, during, and after using Redken Spray Smooth to blow out hair.

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