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Drop Your Fourth Cup Of Coffee, Cold Brew Hair is Trending

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By 10 AM, we need our caffeine fix—and we’re not talking about espresso! The boldest, darkest color trend of the year is cold brew hair. This inky shade will rev up your fall and winter look, helping you start the new season with a fresh perspective and dark brown hair.

Want to know more about this positively delish shade? So did we! Stylist Daniel Mora, Redken brand ambassador, gave us the full download on what cold brew hair is and how to get it—plus, some truly inspired hair color ideas for your next appointment! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about coffee-themed hair.

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What is cold brew hair color?

Before you go diving off the deep end into a world of iced lattes and espressos, you need to know what you’re getting into! Somewhat ironically, the best word to describe cold brew hair is warm.

“I would describe it as a dimensional, rich, warm brunette,” Mora says. “With this new cold brew trend the use of warmer tones is really going to reflect back a ton of light and make hair look much healthier and lustrous!”

The cold brew hair movement makes sense, considering the biggest trend of the past year has been toward warm undertones instead of ashy notes. It’s an easy way to hack the system, making color a bit more low maintenance to care for.

How do you get cold brew hair color?

If you’re starting with medium or even dark hair, cold brew color is the easiest beauty gift you’ve ever given yourself! All you’ll need is a few well-placed highlights to act as the milk in your coffee.

“This color looks best on people who are a natural level 6 [light brown] or darker,” Mora says. “Skip this trend if you love ashy tones.”

Once you have the caffeinated color of your dreams, using a hair care system specifically formulated to care for salon color is a must! We swear by Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner, a sulfate-free duo contains the brand’s RCT protein complex to strengthen each strand without stripping it of its color.

“I recommend going into the salon every eight weeks for a Redken Shades EQ Gloss and making sure you’re using the right products at home,” the stylist explains. “Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner is great for keeping your color looking fresh and Redken Extreme Play Safe is my go-to for protecting against heat and color fading.”

The Best Cold Brew Hair Color Ideas To Try Now

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to save two or three inspo pictures to take to your next color appointment. Keep scrolling to see the best cold brew looks from some of our very favorite artists.


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Extra Dark Cold Brew

Some of us like our coffee black—all the better to taste every milligram of caffeine making its way into our systems! If you’re a no-fuss lady, get yourself some low-fuss hair color. This super dark look is totally doable if you’re a color virgin.


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Cold Brew Balayage

If you like your color trends as tailored to your specific complexion and hair as possible, cold brew balayage is probably your best move. Your stylist can work to paint ultra thin blonde highlights throughout your dark base, creating the most natural, luxurious final look.


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Cold Brew Ombre

You know what your coffee looks like after you’ve poured in half-and-half but before you’ve stirred it? That’s what we’re going for with this cold brew ombre style.


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Sunny Cold Brew

On a hot day, sunlight pours through your cold brew cup and creates a stunning, gold-tinged reflect. This is the hair version of that and it’s ideal for transitioning from fall to winter.


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Face-Framing Cold Brew

If you haven’t heard yet, consider this a wake-up call: Face-framing highlights are about to rule 2020. Let your creamer float on top of your iced cold brew by asking for a few statement pieces around your face. It’s all the drama of a big hair color change without the touch-ups!


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Strobed Cold Brew

Strobing really had a moment last year when hair pros placed highlights in key areas to create a young, fresh final look. If you like to put focus on your roots and face, we’ve got the perfect color idea for you.


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Extra Long Cold Brew

This cold brew hair look has it all: inches, dimension, and, above all else, shine! We’d recommend this shade for every skin tone, but note that those super-bright highlights may take more than one appointment to achieve.


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Blonde Brew

Add cream to a blonde roast and you get blonde brew, this super light take on cold brew hair that’s more highlights than base. If you just can’t give up on blonde but are itching for more dimension, here’s your perfect compromise! Ready to go cold brew? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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