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The Early 2000s Called—Face-Framing Highlights Are Back In

Face-Framing Highlights

Hair trends may come and go, but they never really go out of style. The trends you loved—then made fun of—are reinvented better than ever before. Now, a trend you couldn’t get enough of in middle school is finally making it’s ways back the mainstream. We’re talking about face-framing highlights.

You may not remember your chunky highlights fondly, but they’re back and better than ever—we promise! Think of the face-framing highlights of today as the sophisticated older sister of the stripe-y highlights you loved in your youth. They’re bold, intentional, and look stunning on literally everyone.

Ready to embrace this blast-from-the-past trend? Whether you’re hoping to add lightness to your dark brown hair or depth to your ash blonde strands, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about face-framing highlights.

Shop The Best Products For Face-Framing Highlights

What are face-framing highlights?

Face-framing highlights are highlights strategically placed near the front of your hair to accentuate your face. Because face-framing highlights only take up a small section of your hair, they’re perfect for salon color newbies and anyone looking for a quick and subtle way to switch up their look. The best part about face-framing highlights? They’re completely customizable! Choose any color you like and the placement of your highlights will be completely unique because no two faces are exactly the same.

What is the maintenance like for face-framing highlights?

It should come as no surprise that you have to switch up your hair care routine when you opt for all-over color, but what about highlights? While highlights are not as high maintenance, you should make a few changes to your hair care routine if you want them to look their absolute best between salon appointments.

First, we recommend swapping out your shampoo for one formulated for highlighted hair like L’Oréal Professionnel Lumino Contrast Shampoo. This radiance-enhancing shampoo is formulated to target highlighted strands. Hair is left feeling soft to the touch and highlights are brilliantly accentuated with radiant shine. Once a week, follow the shampoo with L’Oréal Professionnel’s Lumino Contrast Mask. Formulated with L’Oréal Professionnel’s exclusive Nutriceride, a cocktail of ceramide and nutritive oils, the conditioning mask’s rich, creamy texture nourishes highlighted hair.

Your at-home hair care will help to minimize the chance of premature fading between appointments but plan to head to the salon every few weeks to keep your highlights looking their best.

Sound like face-framing highlights are perfect for you? We’ve rounded up 8 looks so good you’ll want to open your flip phone and make an appointment with your colorist ASAP.

The Best Face-Framing Highlights To Try Now

Caramel Highlights

If you have light brown hair and have played with the idea of going blonde but aren’t ready for the commitment bottle blonde requires, consider caramel face-framing highlights. The highlights will instantly brighten up your face and your hue and allow you to dip your toe into the world of blonde.

Rainbow Highlights

When we think of highlights, blonde immediately comes to mind...but you can pull off stunning face-framing highlights with just about any color. Don’t believe us? Check out these rainbow face-framing highlights. Pair them with your natural hair color for a fun pop of color or opt for an all-over fantasy shade for a show-stopping final look.

Fantasy shades like rainbow have different needs than natural hues like blonde and brown. Swap out your regular hair care system for one formulated for vibrant shades like the Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid range. Complete with a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, and lamination spray, the Keep Me Vivid line has everything you need to keep your vibrant highlights in tip-top shape between appointments.

Purple Highlights With Ombre

If rainbow is a bit too colorful but you love the idea of vibrant face-framing highlights, opt for these purple face-framing highlights paired with ombre.

Chocolate Highlights

Whoever said black and brown don’t go together is seriously disturbed. We love this combination of deep onyx with chocolate brown face-framing highlights.

Subtle Highlights

Chunky highlights are super on-trend these days, but we have just the solution if they’re giving you flashbacks to middle school. Opt for these thin, subtle face-framing highlights to get all of the face brightening benefits without the stripe-y look that still haunts your dreams.

Ash Brown Highlights

Highlights are typically a completely different color than your base, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. If you’re looking to add lightness and dimension to your brunette strands but can’t imagine parting with your chocolate hue, opt for these ash brown face-framing highlights.

Platinum Highlights

Platinum blonde is the OG of highlights and for a good reason—it looks fantastic on everyone, no matter your hair type, texture, length, or hue! If you want to help keep your platinum blonde highlights looking bright and brass-free, swap out your regular shampoo for a purple pigmented formula like Redken’s Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo once a week.

Pastel Pink Bangs

Looking for a whimsical take on the face-framing highlights trend? Opt for these pastel pink face-framing bangs!

If you love the face-framing trend but would rather steer clear of salon color, opt for a face-framing style or haircut. Not sure which one is right for you? Check out our guide: Face-Framing Haircuts And Styles Are The Biggest Trend For Fall

Interested in face-framing highlights? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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