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Salon Speak: What Is A Hair Color Corrector?

31 January 2018
woman receiving purple color corrector at salon
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Whether you’re new to hair coloring techniques or are a self-proclaimed hair coloring veteran, it’s best to clear up all of the mystery behind one specific salon speak term: the hair color corrector!

We spoke with Denise Guillouet, L’Oréal Professional brand ambassador. She broke down all the things you need to know about hair color correctors.

What does a hair color corrector really do?

On the most basic level, a color corrector is just how it sounds: It aims to correct the color of your tone. It ‘corrects’ a color by neutralizing certain discolored tones in your hair. If you have blonde, gray, white, or lightened hair, color correction may be that extra necessary step when a bleach job leaves some unwanted discoloration, or your colored hair later develops yellow, orange, or green undertones from regular wear.

To neutralize discoloration, a color corrector usually contains pigments that reflect colors on the opposing spectrum. Purple shampoo is the most known type of color corrector, since violet pigments can directly combat those off-tone yellows that can develop in blonde or other lightened hair colors.

Are there different kinds of hair color correctors?

Though color correcting is most commonly associated with neutralizing freshly bleached hair or toning down the brassiness of blonde tones, Guillouet says that color correctors are not just for these two instances.

“The color neutralizer can also be used to balance yellow tones that can manifest themselves in gray or white hair. In fact, purple shampoo can even be used on brown hair to cool down a light ash brown or reduce the brassiness of golden highlights,” Guillouet adds.

Color correctors can even polish up any off-putting fades found in sun-kissed highlights of a brunette balayage.

Get access to professional color correction

There are many different types of color correctors, so to make sure you’re optimally polishing up your color, always seek the advice of an expert colorist.

For blonde hair, purple shampoo is your color correction ally, which may also be called silver shampoo on account of the silvering effects of the purple pigment. For blonde tones, one of Guillouet’s favorites is the Vitamino Color A-OX Color Corrector Blondes Cream by L’Oréal Professionnel, “which really gives a natural finish!”

Our Hair.com experts also recommend the Reflection Chromatique collection by Kérastase to directly target your specific color correction needs. You can use any of the specialized kits made for blonde, brunette, copper, or red hair for a more targeted treatment—simply ask your colorist about the range.

“While purple shampoo is always a good option because it’s easy to use, don’t forget that there are other coloring options you can opt for, such as pigmented hair masks,” Guillouet adds.

Color correction can be complicated to master, but with the help of an expert, hair color mistakes and fades can be a thing of the past!

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