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This Is The Toning System Every Brunette Should Have In Their Shower

photo of woman with long brunette hair how to care for brassy brown hair

When it comes to brassy hair care, blondes seem to get all the love—and we can understand why! Salon blondes (particularly those icy, cool-toned shades) are prone to brassy, yellow undertones more than any other hue—but they’re not the only ones. Brunettes also deal with brassiness and color fading from time to time.

So, how exactly do you tone brassy brown hair? If you’re a brunette experiencing brass, we’re breaking down everything you need to know including why you need blue shampoo and which hair care system from the L'Oréal portfolio of products is a must-have to get rid of those orangey undertones for good. 


What does blue shampoo do?

Redken Brownlights

To answer this question, we have to take a look at the color wheel. Because yellow and purple are complementary to each other on the color wheel, the pigments in purple shampoo help to cancel out yellow tones in blonde hair. The same goes for blue and orange: When brown hair starts to turn brassy, blue shampoos works to counteract those orangey undertones that peak through when darker shades are lifted.

How often should you use a toning shampoo?

As with all hair products, we like to stick to what it says on the bottle! Most toning shampoo and conditioner systems recommend swapping it out with your regular color-treated shampoo formula two to three times a week.

Redken Brownlights

What is Redken Color Extend Brownlights?

Now that you know all about toning brassy brown hair, let’s talk about your hair care routine. If you’re in search of a new toning system for your brunette strands, we recommend Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo and Conditioner. Whether you’ve taken your naturally brunette strands a few shades lighter or you’re noticing brass in your virgin hue, this powerful sulfate-free toning shampoo features blue pigment to fight brass and help keep your highlighted or natural brunette hair color cool, bright, and healthy.

Looking to learn more about Redken’s Color Extend Brownlights system? We’ve got you covered.

Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo

If you’ve got a problem with brassy hair, blue shampoo is the solution. Kick-off your hair care routine with Redken Color Extend Brownlight Shampoo. This sulfate-free shampoo gently cleanses the hair without stripping color while helping to tone and maintain cool brunette hair color.

Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo, $22.50 MSRP

Redken Color Extend Brownlights Conditioner

If you want to ensure that your hue reaches peak perfection, always use shampoo with its matching conditioner. If you’re ready to try Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo, be sure to also pick up the Color Extend Brownlight Conditioner. This sulfate-free conditioner gently moisturizes the hair without stripping color while helping to tone and maintain cool brunette hair color.

Redken Color Extend Brownlights Conditioner, $22.50 MSRP


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