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8 Easy Hair Tutorials To Bookmark Now And Try Later

The golden rule of the internet is that you need to save something as soon as you find it, lest it get lost in a dozen tabs and you never find that recipe or tutorial again. When it comes to your hair, we recommend keeping a running list of styles and inspiration photos so you’re never stuck in a bad hair day you can’t beat.

To aid you in this mission, we’ve rounded up the best easy hair tutorials in one place. Future you will be grateful you thought to bookmark the page long before the holiday office party hit your calendar and you needed an updo.

Scroll down to see our best how-tos, whether you love bohemian hairstyles or crave something more modern.

How To Do A Chignon

This chignon is the most basic of all updos, but also one of the most elegant. The simple style usually just involves a sleek knot at the nape of the neck, so it’s ideal for almost any hair length or texture.

To make sure you’re learning how to style a chignon in the most flattering manner possible, enhance shine and minimize frizz. Then, relax and let us teach you how to do the rest.

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How To Braid Hair

If you never learned to braid, you’ve likely spent the last decade staring at dozens of hairstyles that use braiding as base technique. No more! Let our pro show you how to braid any hair length, simply and clearly.

With three sections and a little practice, you’ll be onto more complicated braiding techniques in no time at all.

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How To French Braid

Once you’ve mastered the standard braid, you can move onto a more complex style like the French braid. The genius here is that every new step pulls in more hair, so all your hair will be in the braid by the time you reach the end instead of sitting underneath like it would in a standard braid.

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How To Style A Dutch Braid

If you can French braid, you can undoubtedly Dutch braid. That’s excellent news because Dutch braids are a sassy, youthful addition to updos and formal event styles.

While the strands in a French braid cross over the center, Dutch braid strands go under it. As a result, you’re left with an inside-out braiding style that’s been particularly popular in the last several years.

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How To Do A Fishtail Braid

Three-strand braids are all well and good, but some occasions call for a two-strand style. Fishtail braids create the effect of “scales” with very thin interlocked sections. On very long hair or manes enhanced with extensions, this dramatic style is a showstopper.

Still, those small sections have a tendency to tangle. Our pro’s styling tips will set you straight.

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How To Do A Waterfall Braid

A waterfall braid looks much like the standard kind, except you’ll drop a strand every time you cross one over. As a result, the style blends into your mane and makes for an excellent alternative to headbands.

If you’re wondering what to do with all that long hair, a waterfall braid is the right choice.

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How To Do A Messy Bun

Anybody can throw their hair into a messy bun, but not just anybody can make sure it looks good. Our pro shows you how to create a messy bun you can actually leave the house in.

If you’re tired of unbalanced buns tugging at your scalp, this guide is a must.

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How To Do A Low Ponytail

We’ve been informed by many a girlfriend that low ponytails are one of the most difficult styles to master—too low, and you end up looking like a historical figure. Too high, and you look like you’re practicing for a varsity sport. Our expert says placement is the key to a gorgeous, work-appropriate style.

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