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The 15 Hottest Fade Haircut Ideas To Try In 2024

Want to try a fade haircut? We’re sharing the best fade haircut ideas for every hair texture and type.

You’ve likely heard your best friends, gym buddies, or barber talk about fade haircuts, but have you ever tried one for yourself? When it comes to versatile looks, fade haircuts have stood the test of time—and they’re considered a new “classic” in the world of men’s grooming

Want to learn more about fade haircuts? We’re sharing everything there is to know about fade haircuts, including what they are, how long they last, and 15 fade haircut ideas to inspire you before your next barber appointment.

What is a fade men’s haircut?

A fade haircut gradually “fades” from shorter at the sides to longer at the top of your head. To achieve a fade haircut, a barber will use clippers to create the fade hairstyle variation of your choosing.

How long does a fade last?

A fade can last anywhere from one to three weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows and which type of fade hairstyle you’ve chosen. A tight fade haircut like a skin fade, for example, where the hair on the sides is shaved down to the skin completely, will need to be maintained every week or two to keep it looking its best. A more low-maintenance option like a low fade, however, can last up to three weeks between barber appointments.

Which fade haircut is best?

The fade is versatile and available in a range of lengths and shapes that play well with any hair type and texture. Certain fade haircuts can be more high-maintenance than others, so be sure to talk with your barber about which look is best for your lifestyle.

Looking for fade haircut ideas to try? Keep scrolling for 15 of the most popular looks to choose from.

Fade Haircut Ideas To Try Now

Good hair day by @hatzianestis_cutz

Taper Fade

One of the most on-trend cuts of the past decade is the taper fade. To achieve a taper fade, ask your barber to taper down the hair on the sides and back of your head while leaving the hair longer at the top. The result is a subtle gradient that can work with any hair type or texture.

Good hair day by @hair_by_luis

Taper Fade With Texture

When it comes to how long you should wear your hair with a taper fade, the choices are endless! Keep the top short or leave it long and play with texture and movement.

Good hair day by @barberbirdman

Low Fade

Hoping to subtly edge into a fade? Start subtle with a low fade haircut. For this look, your barber will trim the hair just above the ears very short, blending it with longer-length hair at the middle of your scalp. It’s a simple, easy transition into fades—one that freshens up your look without creating a lot of drama.

Good hair day by @borys_lee

High Fade

If you choose a high fade, expect a haircut significantly shorter on the sides than the kind you may be used to. For this look, your barber will fade out your strands around eye level.

Good hair day by @theloftfifthavenuegents

Mid Fade

As a literal middle point between a high and low fade, you’ll get the best of both worlds with this look: plenty of hair to run your fingers through, but all the flair of a trendy cut.

Good hair day by @hairbyjemina

Mid Fade With Curls

Balance and help tame heavy ringlets while showing off your natural texture by opting for a mid fade haircut.

Good hair day by @taylorcutz1

Skin Fade

Because the hair around the back and sides is almost all shaved away, this look is sometimes referred to as the bald fade. It’s also a look that takes regular maintenance—keep that in mind before scheduling an appointment to get your own.

Good hair day by @da_boda

Curly Skin Fade

Allow your curls to take center stage with this skin fade haircut. Not to mention: Leaving the hair at the top of your head long while adding faded edges can make natural curls easier to manage.

Want an easy way to style your curly fade? Apply a dime-sized amount of light-hold gel like Matrix A Curl Can Dream Light-Hold Gel throughout your hair. Then, let your hair air dry or blowdry it with a diffuser.

Good hair day by @barberbirdman

Drop Fade

Searching for a fade haircut with edge? Ask your barber about a drop fade. The fade line drops gradually as it goes behind the ear, creating a look that draws attention to the hair at the top of your head.

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Hard Part Fade

Ask your barber for a hard part fade if you want a cut that’s effortlessly neat and sophisticated. Your barber will create a sharp line on one side of your head that separates the top and bottom of your hair.

Good hair day by @silvapeluquero

Crop Fade

This look combines the style and length of a cropped caesar haircut with the uniformed shape of a high fade.

Pompadour Fade

Classics like the ‘50s-inspired pompadour never go out of style, but adding a soft low fade to the polished look gives it a modern edge. Note: You’ll need at least two to three inches of hair at the top of your head and a high-hold gel to create a pompadour hairstyle.

Good hair day by @salonatmosphhair.

Mullet With Low Fade

The mullet may not immediately come to mind when you think of modern-day hair trends, but the classic ‘80s ‘do has made its way back into barber shops around the world. If you’re bold enough to try a mullet, pair it with a low fade to give it shape and style.

Good hair day by @the_texture_junkie

High And Tight Taper Fade

Searching for a professional fade haircut? A high and tight taper fade is a dapper variation of the fade that works from the boardroom to the military.

Good hair day by @barberbirdman

Undercut Fade

If you have a thicker hair texture, an undercut fade can eliminate excess bulk while letting your remaining strands stand out. This cut eliminates all hair around the sides and nape of your neck, leaving a soft gradient that gradually connects to the hair at the top of your head.

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