Inspired To Grow A Beard? Here Are The Best Beard Styles To Try Now

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If you’ve ever thought about growing a beard but didn’t want to deal with that awkward growing out stage, now is the perfect time. I mean, you’re not seeing anyone anyway, right? With all the time we’re spending indoors, you won’t have to face the judgment and nagging of those around you (unless you’re quarantined with them). This makes it the perfect time to experiment with your facial hair and see if a beard is right for you.

Let us help by giving you some guidance on what to consider when contemplating growing a beard. Keep scrolling for what you need to know and some beard styles and products for inspiration.

The Decision Making Process

There are a ton of things to consider before you grow a beard (aside from whether or not your partner will like it). First, consider your face shape. Not every beard will flatter every face shape, and there are many beard styles to choose from. The right beard style will accentuate your favorite features and soften your not so favorite ones. If you have a round face, consider a full or square beard to give your face definition. If you have a square face, a beard style that has longer hair on the chin and shorter on the sides would be best to accentuate your strong jawline.

The texture and the way the hair grows (straight, wavy, or curly) gives way to what your beard can look like. If your facial hair is more coarse, you can expect to have a thicker beard. If you have more fine facial hair, it might be harder to grow a beard and get past the stubble.

Patience is something you’ll need to practice when attempting to grow out a beard. It can take a while to get past the awkward phase in growing out your facial hair. Uneven spots will eventually fill in, and you’ll reach the length you want. Facial hair, being naturally coarse, can initially be itchy growing in since a freshly shaved beard is growing against the hair follicle.

Growing a beard is only half the battle. Once you finally achieve the length you want, it’s time to think about upkeep. Whether you decide to opt for at-home grooming or touch-ups from your barber, your beard will need constant maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. Consider whether you’re ready and willing to take on this commitment before taking the plunge and growing out your beard.

You decided to grow a beard, now what?

If you’ve officially decided to grow a beard, here’s what you need to know to give your beard some extra TLC. Invest in products that can help tame and care for your beard. Cleaning your beard with shampoo just won’t cut it. Redken Brews Cleansing Bar is perfect for washing your facial hair. Start fresh with a daily dose of pH-balanced cleansing bar that refreshes and conditions the skin. Work the soap into your beard and lather so you are able to clean the skin underneath along with your facial hair. This should be followed by conditioning your hair. We recommend Baxter of California’s Beard Grooming Oil. This beard oil moisturizes and conditions not only your hair but also the skin underneath that is commonly forgotten in all beard styles. Adding these extra steps to your daily routine may be a nuisance, but well worth it when your beard looks as clean and healthy as ever.

Depending on what length you’re aiming for, regular trims may be a part of your maintenance routine. A professional barber will be able to shape your beard better, snip uneven ends, and give you advice on what they think is best for you. Until your barber reopens, however, you’ll have to keep your beard under control at home. You may not have the confidence to snip your own facial hair, but a product like Baxter of California’s Beard Line-Up Shape Gel can help. This clear, non-foaming shave gel allows you to see where you are shaving so that you can cut with ease.

Remember also to shave your neck hairs when you’re shaving your beard on your own. The standard way of shaving your neck hair is finding you Adam’s apple and placing two fingers above it. Create an imaginary line that follows this finger up your jawline. Trim up to your top finger and this imaginary line. A small pair of scissors can also be used to clip out of place facial hairs and split ends, as well as prevent your beard from having a mind of its own.

Still convinced you should grow a beard? One of these five looks might be perfect for you!

Your Beard Inspiration

Photo Credit: @barberbirdman


Who knew a 5’o’clock shadow could look this good? It’s an effortless, yet cool look for when you’re still considering if you want to dive into the commitment of a beard itself.

Photo Credit: @virgiltb

Faded Beard

This style gives off a clean and shaped look by having a gradual transition or “fade” into longer hair from the chin to cheek to sideburn if it goes up that far. This type of beard is perfect for square faces. A fresh faded beard is easier to maintain on your own but may require some well-worth-it upkeep to keep the fade looking its best.

Medium Length Beard

A medium-length beard allows you to shape and style your beard because you finally got some length to it. There is a bit more maintenance that comes with these longer styles, but the sophistication that comes with a medium-length beard is worth it.

Photo Credit: @v.luciano.bella

Clean Cut Beard

A clean-cut beard should be your go-to if you have thinner or lighter facial hair. It’s a classic, dapper beard style that you can’t go wrong with. You can even style it with a fade haircut of your choice!

Photo Credit: @xbigwesx

Long Beard

Like a medium length beard, you can shape and style this one however you choose. The longer the length, however, the more upkeep. If you’re up for a challenge, give a long beard a try!

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