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6 Last Minute Father's Day Gifts For Every Kind Of Dad

photo of father and son

There’s a certain type of dad out there who talks about his hair quite a bit. He likely has a beard and a lush head of hair, and he often brings up his latest pomade purchase over Sunday dinner. This Father’s Day, he’s practically begging you to buy him new grooming products.

If you know this person (whether he’s your own father, the dad of your best friend, or just an uncle you happen to like a lot), we’ve put together the best possible last-minute gift guide for him. Scroll down to see the latest in products he absolutely must have to keep his hairstyle or facial hair going strong.

Redken Brews Fiber Cream

If your dad is a man who’s constantly trying to stay youthful, gift him a hair product that’ll keep him looking trendy. Redken Brews Fiber Cream is a medium hold product designed to create a disheveled final product. If a messy, undone finish is just the thing dad needs to keep him looking hip, Fiber Cream is the way to go.

For an added touch, write dad a “coupon” for a one-on-one styling session with you. You can show him how to use the product and guarantee it doesn’t just collect dust on his vanity for the next six months.

Redken Brews Fiber Cream, $18.00 MSRP

Baxter of California Shave Tonic

For dads who shave every morning, products that help with irritation can be a godsend. Make your father feel a little bit more loved every morning with Baxter of California Shave Tonic. Designed for use both pre- and post-shave, the Tonic is formulated with menthol, rosemary, and eucalyptus for a refreshing finish.

Baxter of California Shave Tonic, $18.00 MSRP

Port Products Conditioning Beard Oil

Bearded dads will appreciate a classic-looking glass bottle and a formula that fits in travel kids. If your dad spends his free time visiting the barber and painstakingly trimming his facial hair, let him know you understand his passion with Port Products Conditioning Beard Oil.

Port Products Conditioning Beard Oil, $20.00 MSRP

Ursa Major Mister Shave Set

Does your dad fancy himself an amateur barber? Encourage him with the Ursa Major Mister Shave Set, which includes both Stellar Shave Cream and Fortifying Face Balm. The super-nourishing shave and aftershave combo will make him feel like the professional he’s always wanted to be.

Ursa Major Mister Shave Set, $54.00 MSRP

Baxter of California Travel Grooming Bundle

Some dads have the travel bug, whether it’s for work or his own sense of adventure. If yours is on the road more than he is at home, help him feel supported—no matter what zip code he’s in. The Baxter of California Travel Grooming Bundle combines deodorant, Sulfate-Free Daily Face Wash, Daily Fortifying Shampoo, and Daily Fortifying Conditioner in a navy bag.

Baxter of California Travel Grooming Bundle, $39.00 MSRP

Harry’s Post-Shave Balm

By the time you’ve reached fatherhood, you likely care less about quantity and more about the quality of the items and products you own. Harry’s Post-Shave Balm is formulated with aloe vera and cucumber extract to help calm, balance, and soothe delicate facial skin.

Harry’s Post-Shave Balm, $8.00 MSRP

For more customized product picks, book your dad a personalized appointment using our salon locator.