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Why You Should Always Buy The Conditioner With The Shampoo

photo of woman getting her hair washed at a salon

For many women, taking care of their hair is something of a passion project. The long sessions in a colorist’s chair, the product routine, the weekly masks—it’s all for healthy-looking, happy hair that makes its owner proud.

What if we were to tell you that your shampoo and conditioner may not actually be fulfilling all of the promises on their packaging? Your hodgepodge of products might be preventing the individual formulas from working properly. That means undernourished hair, dollars down the drain, and wasted time. It’s certainly not an ideal situation. Luckily, it’s one that’s easy to remedy.

In order to understand this, it’s important to read the back of the bottle. What is your shampoo actually claiming to do? If it’s designed to provide volume, then keep reading. Does the packaging recommend pairing it with the same brand’s conditioner and weekly hair treatment? If so, that’s the way the brand tested the product to track the results the formula claims to provide. It’s not just marketing—results will be difficult to attain if you’re only using half the product line.

Ruth Roche, Pureology global artistic ambassador, sheds a little light on the situation.

In other words, every hair care brand has a different solution to the problems you may be experiencing with your mane. On dry hair, for example, the shampoo and conditioner from one brand may include key ingredients to boost moisture. A different brand’s formula will include an entirely different formula. If you’re cherry picking products from both lines, you may wind up nullifying both, according to Roche.

“Hair care systems are designed to work together to provide a multi-targeted solution to the specific concern like volume, density, damage repair, or frizz control,” Roche says.

If you’re experiencing multiple issues with your hair, it may feel like no single line can address them all. That’s not always the case, according to Roche.

“Most people can tell when their hair is dry or flat, but many times their hair also needs protein and moisture,” she says. “All of Pureology’s systems contain color protection and target a specific hair concern. Multi-benefit Colour Fanatic spray then provides additional benefits beyond the hair care system.”

When in doubt, look for product packaging that specifically mentions the issues you’d like to address. If you’re still not seeing the results you’d hoped for, it’s important to give your trusty stylist a call or schedule a consultation. No one knows formulas quite like the professionals.

“Following the advice of a professional stylist can help you decide which system is best for your hair needs,” Roche adds.

Once you’re working within a single system, you should start to see a change in your mane. There’s no feeling quite like investing in your hair and seeing serious results.

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