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Matrix Announces Top 30 Stylists Who Could Color Fergie's Hair

photo of Fergie for Matrix SoColor Cult Contest

After three months and countless entries, Matrix is excited to announce the top 30 finalists in the Fergie and Matrix SoColor Cult social media contest. The contest—first announced in January at Matrix Destination 2018—invites hair stylists from around the world to submit their best vivid hair color looks for a chance to work alongside a Matrix celebrity stylist for an upcoming Fergie concert in New York. Artists submitted their entries via Instagram using the hashtag #SoColorCult and #FergieXMatrix, and were encouraged to include a special message for SoColor Cult icon Fergie.

Matrix will conduct interviews with the top 30 finalists to pick 10 potential winners for one of two prizes.Two winners of the grand prize will each receive a trip to New York City to assist a Matrix Celebrity Stylist using Matrix SoColor Cult to create fun, flirty, fierce look on Fergie and attend a Fergie concert. Eight winners of the first prize will receive a trip to New York City to create fun, flirty, fierce looks using SoColor Cult and other Matrix products on dancers, band members, and celebrity guests and attend a Fergie concert.

Continue reading to learn about the top 30 finalists and take a glimpse at their breathtaking work. Be sure to click that follow button as these talented artists will be the ones to watch over the next few years.

Jenna Acquisto

Jenna is a self-described “balayage inspired artist” who works out of the Kristina Michele salon in Hackettstown, New Jersey.

See More: @jennaa_hair

Amy Ramos

As the owner of Pink Nouveau Studio in Riverside, California, Amy specializes in creating custom vivid hair colors.

See more: @pink_noveau

Eli Mancha

Eli is a hair stylist and educator who has presented his work all over the world for the last 20 years. As the owner and master stylist of Bang Salon in Chicago, Illinois, he is known for his creative styles.

See more: @elimancha

Rebekkah Wekerle

Rebekkah is known for her creative hair colors and styles, but she considers herself a jack of all trades. In addition to being a master hair stylist, she is also a makeup artist and skin therapist.

See more: @bekkah_stlhairstylist

Zoe Kilthau

This may be Zoe’s first year as a hair stylist, but she’s already cemented her spot among the pros because of her willingness to take chances and experiment with trendy cuts and colors.

See more: @hairby.zoe

Monica Gajdos

As the co-owner of Salon Deadly in Cypress, California, Monica is able to live out her passion for creating fantasy colors.

See more: @monicacolor

Megan Schipani

Megan is known for creating high fashion vivid hair colors and flawless balayage.

See more: @shmeggsandbaconn

Naira Rivera

Naira is not only a hair stylist specializing in coloring and highlights, but also a makeup artist!

See more: @nairashair

Leanna Gonzalez

Leanna is a master cosmetologist, makeup artist, and hair stylist. She loves experimenting with colors from soft hues to bold shades.

See more: @lea_lea_lox

Karina Martinez

At age 21, Karina is already a talented hair stylist, colorist, and barber.

See more: @kaikarx

Shadara Lindsey

Shadara specializes in flawless wig and hair extension installations. From multi-colored wigs to faux locs, there’s no such thing as a style she can’t create.

See more: @Shadaravictoria

Pamela Kibby

Pamela is an award winning hair stylist who specializes in vivid color balayage.

See more: @pamkibby123

Carol Chao

Carol is a hair stylist who specializes in balayage, ombre, vivid colors, and updos.

See more: @stylesbycarol

Mackenzie Edmonson

Mackenzie is a level three stylist at Texture Salon in Palm Harbor, Florida, and an accomplished makeup artist.

See more: @beautyby_mackenzie

Rian Cockrell

Rian is a talented hair stylist who loves to experiment with trendy colors as well as timeless styles.

See more: @hair.rian

Mandy Catlett

After seeing Mandy’s rainbow looks, there’s no denying her raw talent.

See more: @mandycatlett

Georgina Barnes

Whether Georgina is simply highlighting her client’s locks or painting them a vivid fantasy color, she lives to create visually stunning hairstyles.

See more: @ginabarnes_

Tiffany Hallmark

Tiffany creates so many breathtaking hairstyles and colors that she calls herself a hair illusionist.

See more: @coiffeuseextraordinaire

Amanda Stone

Amanda is the owner of Your Favorite Salon in Orlando, Florida, and is an internationally published and award winning hair stylist.

See more: @yourfavoritehairstylist

Dawn Reece

Based in Colorado, Dawn specializes in precision haircuts and hair extensions.

See more: @sachikoshairstyling

Lisa Wagner

Lisa is a self-employed hair stylist who is known for her vivid hair colors and intricately braided styles.

See more: @lisa.loves.hair

Nancy Gomez

Nancy loves to experiment with bold hair colors, including glow-in-the-dark hues!

See more: @iamladygomez

Cynthia Lumzy

Cynthia is a celebrity hair stylist who specializes in created custom multicolored wigs for her clients.

See more: @cynthialumzy

Chelsea Alva

Chelsea is a celebrity stylist and owner of the award winning Salon Adair in Carlsbad, California.

See more: @mrshairstylist

Francine Benoit

Francine is a master hair stylist and colorist at the Salon Beauté Design in New Brunswick, Canada.

See more: @francinebenoithairstylist

Joel Goyco

Joel is a hair stylist, educator, and colorist who specializes in color correction.

See more: @joels_canvas

Jennifer Cook

Jennifer is a hair stylist and colorist who works with clients of all ages.

See more: @jenniferpalmer_hair

Sabrina Shue

Sabrina is a licensed hair stylist and colorist who specializes in safely lifting hair color.

See more: @sabrina_shue

Morgan Burnett

Morgan is a self-proclaimed cosmetologist, makeup artist, and hair magician.

See more: @hairbymorgan11

John Anthoney

John is a UK-based hair stylist with a passion for creative color.

See more: @johnanthoneyhair