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The At-Home Guide To Starting Fresh After A Bad Hair Day

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We’ve all had one of those days when no matter what you do, you just can’t get your hair to look right. You spend 30 minutes in front of the mirror perfecting your go-to ponytail, but your hair won’t cooperate no matter what you do. Surrendering, you throw on a hat before walking out of the door and giving in to the bad hair day.


It’s easy to let a bad hair day spiral into a bad hair week, but we’re here to put an end to all those bad hair vibes. We’ve rounded up six common bad hair day culprits, revealing how to refresh your strands and the products you need from the L'Oréal portfolio of brands so you know how to fix a bad hair day.

If your hair is too oily:

If your strands feel greasy and limp from product and oil buildup, you may need a clarifying shampoo. Like your regular shampoo on steroids, clarifying shampoos help your hair feel cleaner and can aid in ridding your mane of buildup. Only use your clarifying shampoo on a biweekly basis so that you’re cleansing your hair without making it feel dry. Once your hair is properly cleansed, your hair will feel light, bouncy, and ready for endless selfies.


Try: Pureology Purify Shampoo, MSRP $28.00

If your hair is too dry:

Healthy hair is the foundation of every good hair day, so a bad day hair day is all but inevitable if your hair is dry and brittle. If parched locks have you wishing you could hide under a hat all day, pick up a deep conditioning treatment to help bring your strands back to life. If the treatment alone still isn’t providing the moisture your hair desperately needs, consider investing in an at-home hair steamer to help the mask sink into your strands.


Try: Kérastase Nutritive Masque Magistral, MSRP $63.00

If you’re battling frizz:

One of the many reasons frizz happens is because your locks are dehydrated and begin to seek moisture from their surrounding environment. To beat frizz, you need to hydrate your hair before it starts looking for moisture elsewhere. A deep conditioning hair treatment should provide your strands with all the moisture they needs. If your hair is already frizz,y a shine serum can help turn a bad hair day into a good one in no time. The serum will temporarily give your locks a smooth appearance.


Try: Redken Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate, MSRP $22.00

If your roots are showing:

If your roots are grown out but you can’t possibly head to the salon before your next big event, a root cover up product should do the trick. Root cover up usually comes in spray formula and will help keep you from having accidental ombré before your next appointment.


Try: L'oréal Professionnel Hair Touch Up Root Concealer, MSRP $25.00

If your curls lack definition:

Styling curly hair is like a game of roulette—you never know what you’re going to get. One day you have the beautifully defined curls and the next day your hair feels like mush. If your natural curls are lacking definition, it may mean that your hair is in need of protein. Swap out your regular moisturizing hair treatment for a protein treatment to help bring your hair back to life.


Try: Redken Extreme CAT Anti-Damage Protein Reconstructing Rinse-Off Treatment, MSRP $19.00

If you’ve got split ends:

Unfortunately, there is no way to repair split ends—meaning the only way to get rid of them is to cut them off. While you impatiently wait for your next salon appointment, pick up a split end cream to help create ends that appear smoother. When you finally make your way to the salon, ask your stylist for a dusting. It’s a quick cut designed to rid you of your split ends without losing any length. After you’ve banashed your frayed ends, there will be nothing stopping you from having a flawless hair day.


Try: Pureology Strength Cure Split End Salve Treatment, MSRP $10.00

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