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10 Ways To Embrace Dark Blue Hair In 2024

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Whenever I think of the color dark blue, my mind instantly takes me to moody days or cloudy weather. When it comes to dark blue hair, however, I’m a huge fan—and I’m definitely not the only one. While this is technically the year of the brunette, I'm already seeing tons of hype about dark blue shades. In fact, a vibrant cerulean blue has been dubbed this Pantone’s Color Of The Year for 2020.

Thinking of taking the plunge into dark blue hair color? From denim to gray blue, these are 10 of the best dark blue shades you need to know about.

The Best Dark Blue Hair Ideas To Try Now

Classic Blue

2020 is the beginning of a new decade and classic blue, Pantone’s official color for 2020, symbolizes new beginnings. Whether you opt for a full head of classic blue or a few highlights to get you started, you can do no wrong with this calming dark blue hue.

Dark Blue With Turquoise Highlights

Any dark blue hair color can benefit from a few highlights! If winter blues have you feeling down, add a few turquoise highlights throughout your dark blue hair for some serious aquatic vibes.

Mermaid Hair

Speaking of aquatic vibes, who could forget about mermaid hair? Just like the aquamarine princess you’ve always wanted to be as a kid, mermaid hair incorporates shades of vibrant blue, purple, and teal. The addition of dark blue adds depth and mystery to any mermaid look. While anyone can try mermaid hair, we recommend this look for those with longer hair.

Dark Blue Dip Dye

Want to try dark blue hair without committing to a full head? Dip your ends in dark blue to reap the benefits of the shade with half the maintenance.

Navy Balayage

Color-phobes out there, this one’s for you! The more your dark blue hue blends with your dark base color, the more natural it will look. That’s why we recommend asking your colorist for a balayage paired with a toned-down dark blue shade like navy. Your colorist will paint the navy color from your mid-lengths to ends while leaving your roots natural for a look that’s slightly less flashy.

Dark Blue With Pops Of Color

Can’t get enough of color? Don’t stop at dark blue! If you’re inspired by hair colors with a variety of shades, try adding a gradient rainbow throughout your dark blue hair.

Dark Blue Roots

If you’re starting out with platinum blonde hair, dark blue roots give new meaning to the smoked-out roots trend. Unlike using a neutral color, dark blue roots create an stunning contrast between the color at your roots and your blonde hue.


If you love your favorite jeans so much, why don’t you use them as color inspiration? This dusty metallic hue looks stunning on fair skin tones.

Glossy Blue-Black

If you’re considering a color change, but you’re not entirely sold on giving up your dark hue, give blue-black a try. Your colorist will add a tint of dark blue throughout your black base color to create a hue with tons of depth. Similar to traditional black hair, blue-black looks best with tons of shine. That’s why we recommend adding a shine-enhancing hair oil like Kérastase L’Huile Original Hair Oil to your styling routine.

Gray Blue

Gray and dark blue might seem like a moody combination, but this ashy, toned-down hue has us feeling anything but sad. If you have cool undertones in your skin, gray blue hair will be perfect for you!

Interested in trying a dark blue hair color? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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