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Add To Cart: Stylist George Papanikolas' Favorite Hair Products

george papanikolas' favorite hair products

We’re the first to admit it: Shopping for new beauty products is just as overwhelming as it is totally fun. Resisting the urge to stuff everything in your digital basket and take off running to checkout is one thing, but what products do you actually need to maintain your cut or hair color?

When in doubt, we trust the pros—one pro, to be precise. Colorist and Matrix ambassador George Papanikolas is the man behind the summer vacation highlights your favorite celebs and pop stars have been wearing for the last decade and—fair warning—the man knows how to pick a good hair product. Keep reading to shop all of his favorites.

Good hair day by @jamiedanahairstylist.

If You Need A Hair Oil Without Any Complications: Biolage R.A.W. Replenish Oil Mist

We’ve all been down the long dark rabbit hole of do-it-yourself hair oil blends. After one too many hours struggling to wash olive oil down the shower drain, however, we exclusively choose hair oils formulated by experts for hair to keep our cuts and hairstyles looking fresh.

Papanikolas feels exactly the same way.

“I love the Biolage R.A.W. Oil. That's a great night before you wash your hair, put it on your ends, if you're hanging out by the pool, on your ends. It's just super hydrating, it's plant-based, I like that. It doesn't have silicone in it so you really get the nourishment versus an effect. For me the real targeted performance is much more important. But this is also made for hair so you don't have to worry about is the pH wrong, is it going to fade my color? It's actually made for hair. And it comes out easily—sometimes oil can be sticky. This actually shampoos out.”

If softer, shinier, smoother hair is your goal, adding Biolage R.A.W. Replenish Oil Mist to your product arsenal can make all the difference!

Biolage R.A.W. Replenish Oil Mist, $24.00 MSRP

If Your Highlights Are Making Your Hair Feel Super Dry: Biolage HydraSource Shampoo

Adding dimension to your natural base is a fun—and easy—way to get a fresh start. But when your hair color starts leaving your ends feeling crunchy and dry, Papanikolas recommends switching up your shower routine to help out your hair with extra moisture.

“For highlighted hair, the Biolage HydraSource—the shampoo, conditioner, and mask...it's ultra hydrating...it doesn't have silicone. It's really light. It's great for highlighted hair that's really dry but it doesn't feel really heavy on the hair. It just gives you the softness without a lot of weight.”

Before you blame bleach for making your hair less touchable than normal, give HydraSource a try.

Biolage HydraSource Shampoo, $18.00 MSRP

Good hair day by @marcelcurlsyouon.

If Your Dark Hair’s Undertones Just Won’t Quit: Matrix Total Results Dark Envy Shampoo

There’s a new world of hair care products on the horizon and it’s got Papanikolas excited. Matrix’s soon-to-be-released Total Results Dark Envy collection (green shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask) is formulated just for those with dark brown hair who are constantly plagued by unwanted red tones.

“For brunettes, that's like the first-ever green-based shampoo which neutralizes red tones,” Papanikolas explains. “Most brunettes naturally have a lot of underlying red pigment and this is the first product that can really address that need.”

Get ready to see your darkest brunette hair ever!

Matrix Total Results Dark Envy Shampoo, coming soon

If You Only Keep One Thing In Your Bathroom: Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment

Papanikolas sees plenty of clients with absolutely no time to spare. To squeeze hair care into even the busiest days, he recommends Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment. Not sure where to start incorporating this wonder worker? Start after the shower.

“I think it's a great all-around detangler,” Papanikolas says.

With 20 big benefits packed into one little pink bottle, Miracle Creator boosts shine, minimizes the look of frizz and dryness, prevents split ends, soften hairs, and even shields against external aggressors like heat!

Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment, $17.00 MSRP

Inspired to refresh your routine? Use our salon locator to book a consultation with an expert near you.

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