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Greige Hair Color Perfectly Blends Cool & Warm Tones

Looking for a hair color that’s equal parts warm and cool? Look no further than greige hair color by Redken Shades EQ.

There’s a new hair color taking over in 2022, and it’s a total smoke show. We’re talking about greige hair color, a perfect fusion of gray and beige tones that offers the right balance between cool ash and warm gold tones. 

“Greige is a perfect color for all year round,” says Denise Welsh, Redken artist and artistic director at Studio H in Covington, Washington. “This gorgeous, creamy, smokey beige, shiny blonde is sure to catch eyes giving all the ‘expensive hair color’ vibes this year!”

For the full rundown on why greige color is sure to be one of the hottest 2022 hair color trends, keep reading. We’re also sharing some inspirational photos you can take to your colorist, so you can go ahead and text them right now to set up your appointment.

What Is Greige Hair Color?

Greige is a mashup of the words “gray” and “beige,” and that’s exactly what the color delivers, as well. Some might also call this hair color a smokey bronde, silvery beige, or even an ashy gold. There’s a spectrum of greige color, but wherever you land, it’s a flawless melding of warm and cool tones. This makes it a versatile option that’s flattering on all complexions.

“Greige is pretty much achievable for anyone that is looking to go lighter,” Welsh says. “It is especially great for the clients with the warmer undertones that want more of a cooler ashy toned blonde that compliments them rather than making them feel drab and washed out.”

Good hair day by @HANDLE.

How Do You Achieve Greige Hair Color?

We’ll let you in on a secret for how to get that perfect blend of ashy and cool tones: the Redken ShadesEQ Ash Gold Series! Redken ShadesEQ are in-salon glazes that subtly manipulate your hair color to infuse warm or cool tones. The Ash Gold series is new to the Redken ShadesEQ family, and they really lean into the fusion of cool and warm to help achieve that striking greige color. 

“Formulating the seamless balance of gold and ash is one of the trickiest parts of toning. A stylist can mistakenly combine colors that turn out too warm—where it leaves brassy tones—or end up adding way more ash than needed, [which] darkens the hair to a muddy green-blue tone,” explains Redken artist Jasmine Chang. “This new Ash Gold family is on the money! The results [are] out of this world—the perfect balance of cool and warm does exist!”

If you’re thinking about trying this 2022 hair color trend yourself, the first step is to look through some inspiration photos. 

“You want to ideally find pictures that have the same starting point of lightness or darkness as the hair you have. This will help set up a more realistic expectation,” advises Welsh. 

Next, she says to reach out to a Redken colorist who can help you narrow down your choices and offer some insight on what’s going to make you look best and how to get to where you need to be. 

How Do You Care For Greige Hair Color?

Maintaining your greige color at home is all about preserving the color with the right products. 

“Having a color protectant shampoo and conditioner—like Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics line [will help] keep the color from premature fading,” Welsh says. That includes the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-Free Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair and Color Extend Magnetics Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair

“Follow up with Redken’s One United [Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment Spray] to prime and protect against environmental and chemical damage, and Redken’s Quick Blowout Heat Protectant Spray for heat protectant up to 450 degrees.” 

10 Greige Hair Colors To Inspire Your Next Salon Visit

Ready to try one of the chicest 2022 hair color trends? Here are some greige inspiration photos to get you thinking about your next dye job.

Dark Greige Color 

This greige hair color is the perfect option for those with a darker base. A dark root smudge will help the color grow out nicely, as well.

Good hair day by @konstantinos_hair.

Balayage Greige 

This multidimensional hair color gives you the best of both worlds: a dreamy balayage with a gorgeous greige tone.

Good hair day by @samorwellhair.

Ashen Rose Gold

If you're keen on leaning more blonde but still want that greige goodness, this is the color for you. It's a smokey, creamy blonde that edges rose gold.

Good hair day by @unitfour4.

Smoked Butterscotch

We’re obsessed with the golden butterscotch tones and smokey platinum that are flawlessly woven together in this greige hair color. And let's also call out the fact that Redken Shades EQ also boosts strength and shine. What a transformation!

Good hair day by

Iced Caramel

For a greige that embraces lots of warmth, consider this iced caramel hue. It has a strong golden-toned base with silvery hints to cool it down a touch. 

Good hair day by @chanelstylez.

Sunkissed Greige 

This variation on greige color leans brighter while still achieving that perfect blend of cool and warm tones. The result is a shimmering, iridescent sunkissed effect.

Good hair day by @ericmichaelhair.

Dimensional Greige 

Can’t choose between dark or light? Why not both? This dimensional approach combines both light and dark shades with cool and warm tones.

Good hair day by @kathynunezhair.

Pinkish Greige 

You don’t have to abandon your pink dreams when going greige. The pale pink tones have a natural warmth to them that achieves that warm-meets-cool vibe of greige hair color.

Good hair day by @jenny_hardy_.

Pearly Greige

How dreamy is this pearl-like greige color? It combines Gilded Taupe, Mother of Pearl, Ivory Pearl, and Lavender Ice from the Redken ShadesEQ family. 

Good hair day by @taylorhardeehair.

Creamy Pale Greige 

If you’re already light, you can still enjoy the greige hair color trend. This color fuses platinum and lavender tones with a touch of creamy gold.

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