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Big Hair Energy Is Our Whole Mood For 2021

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We know the start of a new year is all about looking forward, but if you’ll indulge us for just a moment, we need you to think back, way back to the beginning of last year. A certain teeny, tiny pop star was dominating the charts after well-deserved hiatus, but it wasn’t just her music making headlines—everyone was obsessed with her comedian fiancé, and thus BDE was born.

We won’t get into exactly what BDE is (Google it, you won’t be disappointed), but we have to admit it’s influenced our vibes for 2020. This year, we’re all about big hair energy—BHE if you will. From larger than life hairstyles to over the top hair accessories, in 2020, the bigger the hair, the better. Looking for ways to embrace your big hair energy this year? We’ve got you covered. We’re breaking down our favorite big hair trends that will help you cement your place as the trendsetter for the new decade.

Good hair day by @pekelariley.

Big Volume

It may be 2020, but when it comes to big hair, we’re taking our inspiration straight from the ‘80s—teased, larger than life hair as far as the eye can see! The easiest way to embrace big hair energy this year is to pump up the volume on all of your favorite styles.

Not sure how to give your hair the volume is so desperately needs? Let’s start with the basics. Check out our easy to follow guide about how to tease hair in 9 simple steps.

Now that you’ve got hair teasing down pat, it’s time to upgrade your hair care routine and fill it with volumizing products that will make creating voluminous hairstyles a breeze. From shampoos to texture spray, we’ve rounded up 21 of the best volumizing products to beat bed head.

Volumizing shampoo and backcombing not cutting it for you? It’s time to break out the big guns. Check out our guide for the 18 expert tips and products to add more volume to your hair.

Good hair day by @ashlemaster.

Big Accessories

Sky-high hair isn’t the only way to embrace big hair energy. If you like to keep your hairstyles simple but are looking to turn a few heads, rely on a few hair accessories. Long gone are the days of subtly accessorizing with a strategically place hair pin, we’re making accessories the star of the show and piling them on for jawdropping looks.

Not sure where to start? 2020 hasn’t even been around a whole week, and pearl accessories are already one of the hottest hair trends of the year. If your aesthetics is more boho than buttoned-up, you’ll love these seashell hair accessories.

Afraid pearls and seashells may get tangled in your ringlets? Check out our guide for the perfect hair accessories for curly hair.

Good hair day by @jamesgalvinhair.

Big Length

Anyone can create the illusion of sky-high hair, but if you want larger than life hair all of the time, you’ll need the strands to back it up. Over the top hairstyles usually require princess-length strands to create them, and lucky for you, we’ve got just the thing if you’re trying to grow down-to-there locks: the Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste range.

Complete with a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning mask, serum, and blow dry cream, the Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste range has everything you need to grow longer, stronger strands than you ever imagined. Extentioniste targets hair fiber from root to tip to keep it fortified while repairing split ends and breakage. When used as a system, the Extentioniste range reduces breakage by 99 percent, and split ends by 78 percent. No breakage and split ends = longer, stronger hair.

Looking for more tricks and tips about how to grow long hair fast? Check out our guide for 12 tricks that actually work.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the patience to wait for your strands to reach mermaid-like lengths. With the help of hair extensions, you can slay down-to-there-hair, and only you will know your secret. Equipped with a few clip-in extensions, you can embrace your big hair energy every day or save it for special occasions.

The key to making sure your extensions look and feel their best? Caring for them the same way you care for your hair. If you’re new to extensions or are looking to upgrade your extension hair care routine, Matrix is making it easier than ever with their Total Results Length Goals line. Designed to help meet the biggest goals of extension-wearers everywhere, the line preps, maintains, and revives every kind of extension.

Sound like the Matrix Total Results Length Goals range is perfect for you? Check out our complete guide.

If you can’t get enough of the Matrix Total Results Length Goals line, today is your lucky day! From January 6 to 31, is hosting a private liter sale, where logged-in, registered users can snag some of their beloved shampoo and conditioner liters for up to 25 percent off.

Interested in more professional tips about how to embrace larger than life hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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