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These 4 Questions Will Tell You Which New Hair Color To Try For 2023

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Coloring your hair a new shade is no small decision. After factoring in trends, your skin color, and how often you can make it to to the salon, you still may find yourself buried beneath a stack of aspirational hair photos.

If you want a fresh start, entrust your hair to seasoned professionals who can point you in the right direction! We tapped some of the top colorists in the game from L’Oréal Professionnel to walk you through a personalized hair color consultation. Although the idea of telling your detailed hair journey at length might seem overdramatic, Cassi Pinder, L'Oréal Professionnel artist, argues that it's the most important part of any hair journey.

"I think it's about the client being honest with the stylist about what their hair actually needs and what their desired looks are, what they like and most importantly what you don't like," she explains. "Telling your stylist what you don't like really helps the stylist to gauge what they should have deliver."

Whether you have an androgynous haircut or long dark brown hair, we’ll find the right color to make you look—and feel!—incredible.

What color do you ultimately want to achieve? 

A: Blonde 
B: Brunette 
C: Red 

What kind of color are you primarily looking for? 

A: All over color
B: Balayage or ombre 
C: Gray coverage 

What maintenance level are you comfortable with? 

A: Salon visits every 3 to 4 weeks 
B: Salon visits every 4 to 8 weeks 
C: Salon visits more than 8 weeks apart

What's your relationship with hair color? 

A: I have virgin hair
B: I primarily color my own hair at home. 
C: I primarily get my hair color done at a salon.

If you answered mostly A’s: Platinum Power Blonde

Jackie Epperson, L'Oréal Professionnel expert colorist, takes platinum to the next level with an icy shade she calls "power blonde." If your color is naturally bright, you might consider investing in the luxury of platinum. Make no mistake: This blonde is a commitment. If you can make it work, however, it's a real showstopper of a shade.

If you answered mostly B’s: Milk Chocolate Balayage

Min Kim, L'Oréal Professionnel expert colorist, recommends adding dimension to your hair with milk chocolate balayage. As an added bonus, you won't require frequent touch-ups to keep your brunette looking beautiful.

If you answered mostly C’s: Copper Penny

Suzie Bond, L'Oréal Professionnel master colorist, calls copper penny a "soft venture" into red hair color. It's perfect for first-time redheads. A balayage application will save you some time at the salon, although Bond recommends consulting with your stylist to ensure you color stays bright. Every eight weeks may be sufficient to keep your ends looking vibrant.

To book a consultation with a pro stylist near you, use our salon locator!

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