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5 Manly Hair Ties That Prove Scrunchies Aren’t Just For Women

hair ties for men
With barrettes, banana clips, and scrunchies all making their way back into the hearts of hair accessory lovers, it may seem like women get to have all the fun. Men, we have a secret for you: There are tons of stylish accessories out there for you to try!

Don’t believe us? This past week, one of our favorite superhero movie stars wore a velvet scrunchie around his wrist to the biggest red carpet of the year, leaving us with instant men’s accessory inspiration.

If you’re still intimidated by the mere mention of hair ties for men, don’t worry! Whether you have long dark brown hair or shorter strands, we’re breaking down five picks you’re going to love.


The Best Hair Ties For Men

hair ties for men

Claire’s Black Oversized Scrunchie

Whether wrapped around your wrist or tied into a ponytail, a black scrunchie is a staple of any accessory collection. If you’re a scrunchie newbie, a black oversized variation is essential to upping your accessory game.

The best part? You can purchase the item directly from the company’s website—if you’re hoping to avoid any potential stares while purchasing in-store, we’ve got you covered!

Claire's Black Oversized Scrunchie, $5.50 MSRP

hair ties for men

Slip Large Slipsilk Scrunchies

Women aren’t the only ones to deal with creases from traditional hair ties. Not to mention: The pulling and tugging of regular hair ties can potentially leave you with hair damage or breakage. If you’re sporting a man bun, you could use a crease-free accessory like the Slip Large Slipsilk Scrunchies in your life. Similar to the accessory seen on the red carpet, this variety pack comes with three scrunchies—so you’ll have color options to choose from!

Slip Large Slipsilk Scrunchies, $39.00 MSRP

hair ties for men

The Longhairs The Black Ties Collection

Got your suit and tie ready for your next formal affair? Good. Now all you need is a killer hair accessory to top off your look. We love The Black Ties Collection from The Longhairs to accentuate any formal attire.

The Longhairs The Black Ties Collection, $12.00 MSRP

hair ties for men

The Longhairs The Island Vibes Collection

Accessorizing is all about having fun with your look, and what better way to do that then opting for something colorful and vibrant? Whether you’re hitting the Caribbean for a week-long getaway or just want to add a touch of tropical vibes to your look, pick up the Island Vibes collection from The LongHairs.

The Longhairs The Island Vibes Collection, $12.00 MSRP


hair ties for men

Claire’s Black Accordion Headband

Talk about a throwback hair trend! These ‘90s-inspired headbands have made a major comeback this year. Whether you’re hitting the gym or simply looking to keep your hair away from your eyes, you’re going to want to invest in an accordion headband. For a more firm hold, try applying a dime size amount of Baxter Of California Clay Pomade to your mane.

Claire’s Black Accordion Headband, $2.00 MSRP

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