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Searching for on-trend long hairstyles for men? We share 55 of our favorites, plus our best tips for long hair care and styling.

Long Hairstyles for Men: 55 Looks to Try Plus Care Tips

Searching for on-trend long hairstyles for men? We share 55 of our favorites, plus our best tips for long hair care and styling.

While you may think men with long hair belong on a set of a Viking movie or a thing of the pandemic past, think again. Although many opt for a short back and sides, the long-haired look is here to stay. The trouble you may have is believing the only long styles out there for men are: 1. The man, the myth, the man bun, or 2. Down. But, in fact, there is so much more to explore.

We've combed through (pun intended) an array of men's hairstyles and collated 55 glorious styles for you to try in 2023. Whether after a relaxed, wavey vibe or a sharp, tapered fade, you're bound to find a style you love.

Searching for long hair for men's styles? We're sharing the most popular ones to try this year and how to fit long hair maintenance into your grooming routine.

Is Long Hair on Guys in Right Now?

In short, yes. We're seeing guys rocking the long hair look now more than ever. Even with the pandemic being a thing of the past and barbers now open for buzzcuts, many men opt to keep those longer, luscious locks. And we're not surprised why, with an influx of celebrities – from film stars to footballers—embracing their inner Tarzan, there's no reason why you can't too.

What Haircut Should a Guy with Long Hair Get?

Well, ultimately, it's your hair, so it's your choice how you want to get it cut. But some things we would consider are your hair type, texture, and current length. For instance, if you have long straight here, consider getting face-framing layers to add volume and movement to your hair. Alternatively, if you have thick curly hair, cut it all one length and let the ringlets free.

Searching for on-trend long hairstyles for men? We share 55 of our favorites, plus our best tips for long hair care and styling.

How to Style Long Hair for Men

The first step in working out how to best style your long hair is identifying your hair type and texture to find the most effective styling products for you. For instance, for straight, wavy, or curly hair types, you'll want to get your hands on a texture product like Redken Brews Outplay Texture Pomade. A maximum-hold formula like this will help you create plenty of classic men's hairstyles, including a structured side part or a sleek quiff. If you have finer hair, you can amp up the texture with a thickening product like Redken Brews Thickening Shampoo. It strengthens your hair fibers from within to improve the appearance and strength of thinner hair.

How to Grow Long Hair for Men

Well, the main ingredient for growing long hair is patience. While there's a lot of information about how to sustain fast hair growth, it still takes time. Our next top tip is maintaining a healthy and sustainable hair routine to keep your strands long and strong. Part of this routine should be paying your barber a visit every few months to keep split ends at bay. As for the best products to help keep your hair healthy, keep reading to find our top picks.

How to Care for Long Hair for Men

So, as well as popping in to see your barber regularly, you also need to care for your hair yourself the rest of the time. First, for the bread and butter of hair care: shampoo and conditioner. For those with busy lifestyles or who are always on the go, we couldn't recommend an all-in-one formula more multi-tasking than Redken Brews 3-In-1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash. This bad boy will both nourish hair and soften skin all at once.

And while you absolutely can get by with just the one product, if your hair feels a little dry or in need of some extra TLC, you should try the Genesis Anti-fall bundle for dry, weak hair by Kerastase. These products both nourish and fortify your hair to keep it healthy and smooth.

Alternatively, if you can't get enough of your favorite gel, matte, or mousse, you might find that sometimes your hair feels dull and dirty due to product build-up. Luckily, Redken is to the rescue with its fabulous Hair Cleansing Cream Clarifying Shampoo. It removes excess oil, pollution residue, product build-up, and hard-water minerals to purify and refresh your hair.

Long Hairstyle Ideas for Men

Are you ready to upgrade your hair like never before? That might be a little dramatic, but keep scrolling for a list of the trending hairstyles for men with long hair. These styles range from super-simple chilled vibes to party-ready masterpieces, so you'll be sure to find a style that suits whatever your day brings. So, whether it's a big night out or a WFS (work-from-sofa) day, we've got your hair game sorted.

Classic Man Bun

Let's start with the classic, the man bun. This simple look is a rite of passage for long-haired fellas. You simply need a brush, a hair elastic, and some product to keep it all in shape. We love running some Redken Brews High Hold Pomade through the hair before assembling to achieve extra shine and keep on top of flyaways.

Skin Fade Man Bun

If you want both the look of long hair and the breathability of a buzz cut, then the skin fade man bun gives you the best of both worlds. A short fade on the sides is cool and low maintenance, while the top knot creates the illusion of a full man bun. This look is great for holidays or warmer months.


Good hair day by @cvlrvberts.

Space Buns

Opt for space buns if you're after something a little creative and out of this world. Simply part your hair down the center, create two high ponytails on either side, and spin each into buns, securing with bobby pins.

Good hair day by @mattloveshair.

High Ponytail

No long hair article would be complete without mention of a high ponytail. This classic style is so simple to create and is both flattering and practical. The easiest way to get a good tail without rogue lumps and bumps is to give your hair a good brush and then flip your head upside down to get gravity on your side. Then once assembled, flip back over and use a spritz of Matrix Builder Wax Spray to get a smooth finish.


Good hair day by @cvlrvberts.

Half-Up Half-Down Bun

Once you've mastered the basic bun, you're qualified to take it up a notch. We love the half-up half-down style on men because it's the best of both worlds. You can show off your length without having your hair hang in front of your eyes all day.

Good hair day by @frank_barber0990.

The Classic Mullet

Men are embracing mullets like it's 1980 all over again, so let's start with the classic look. The mullet is an iconic look consisting of shorter hair on the sides and longer on top and down the back. It's a great option for men wanting to show off their voluminous length while keeping cool.

Good hair day by @jeremy_wilde.

The Modern Mullet

More mullets, I hear you say? Yes! We have a few more variations to share. The modern variation of the throwback haircut is super wearable. With this look, you can embrace a long hairstyle for men while keeping some of your length shorter.

Good hair day by @timpascoe_hair.

The Long Mullet

For those really wanting to show off their length, look no further than the long mullet. Whether it's straight down your back or loosely falling curls, this classic look works well with most hair types.

Good hair day by @hair_by_andreaantoinette.

Slicked-Back Mullet

Looking for a 'business in the front, party in the back' style? Well, this is it. Slick your hair into a neat quiff using a comb and plenty of gel. We recommend trying Redken Brews Grip Tight Holding Gel. Then how you want to style the back is up to you. You could slick it straight into a neat tail or let your hair run free.


Good hair day by @cvlrvberts.

Piecey Bun

The pieces bun is simply a bun with a few loose pieces. This relaxed style is perfect for the everyday. Simply pull your hair back into a ponytail and pull it through to create a bun. Then, draw a few pieces of hair from the front to create long face-framing bangs.

Good hair day by @said_zreik.

Undone Curls

When it comes to long curly hair for men, we're all about showing off your ringlets, even if they're messy and undone. To get the most from your natural curly style, try using an invigorating shampoo, like Redken Brews Mint Shampoo.

Good hair day by @hairbybritanyb.

Long Quiff

Let's start with a look for men with hair that's long enough to reach their shoulders but not lengthy enough to tie into a braid. For this style, you'll want to have a working relationship with products like hair pomade—you'll need to use plenty of it to sweep your strands into the perfect quiff. We recommend Redken Brews Maneuver Cream Pomade for medium control with a smooth finish. Because this style sweeps back directly from the forehead, this cut is best for men who feel confident in their hairlines.

Side Part

Sometimes, the best hairstyle is the simplest one. Using a long-tailed comb, create a sharp, deep side part. Comb away from the part, keeping your hair as sleek as possible. If you're comfortable using a blow dryer, the side part is a great place to break it out. Pointing the airflow down, focus heat on either side of your part to smooth your strands and minimize frizz. Use a heat protectant spray, like Matrix 20 Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Hair Treatment, to boost shine and protect your hair simultaneously. Just a few minutes under the dryer should get the job done.

Good hair day by @mel__hastings.

Glossy Waves

We love the glossy waves look, as it's classic, sophisticated, and works well for so many occasions. If your hair is colored, opt for Kérastase Soin Acide Chroma Hair Gloss to give your glossy waves extra shine. Its lightweight formula containing lactic acid helps to enhance your color, making your waves vibrant as ever.


Good hair day by @cvlrvberts.

Messy Pull-through bun

Keep your hair off your face with ease. The messy pull-through bun is super simple to create, and although we wouldn't normally recommend it, you can scrape your hair through your fingers to help create the messy rustic look.

Wedge Cut

The wedge cut is better suited to medium-length hair than the long one, so we cheated a little. Instead of cutting your strands straight across, your stylist will lift your hair straight from the scalp and snip it at an angle. The result is a look long at the top but tapered near the neck, like a '90s movie star.

Good hair day by @ashleythehairwitch.

Long on top

This slick look is great for building volume without the weight of a full head of hair. This look works well with most hair types and can be styled however you wish – neatly combed back, with a side part, or just au naturale. We love the contrast between the bouncy longer hair on top and the shorter, sharper back and sides.


Good hair day by @cvlrvberts.

Sleek Top-Knot

The top knot can work with any hair texture, provided your hair is long enough to pull into a bun shape. While you can keep this relaxed and messy, we love the slick-back style for smarter occasions. Opt for Redken Brews Work Hard Molding Paste to hold your bun in place all day for that extra clean and sleek look.

Bob Cut

There's a reason why edgy actors and punk superstars traditionally wear bob haircuts. The look is unexpected but flattering, especially if you're already wrangling waves or texture. Ask for a length that just hits chin level, so you can tuck it behind your ears.

Medium Length

If you want a fresh style, consider swapping your lengths for a sharp, shoulder-length cut. Long strands can get weighed down or dry, resulting in a mane that looks less than healthy. With sharp, freshly cut ends, you'll be surprised at how shiny and manageable your strands feel. And for extra softness and shine, use a shampoo like Matrix Mega Sleek Shampoo.

Shoulder Length

While we're on the subject of flattering haircuts, we must mention the shoulder-length cut. Your strands will be naturally voluminous at this length while still long enough to fit into a short ponytail. We're big fans of the versatility that comes with shoulder-length hair. Braids, buns, and tails are all within reach, providing you with a million reasons not to wear the same style every day.

Shaggy Cut

Women's long hairstyles are all about flattering the face, but we like to see an emphasis on effortless texture when it comes to the male equivalent. If you prefer to hop out of the shower and go, the shaggy look is perfect for you.

Textured Lengths

If you're working with curly or wavy strands, why not do the thing in the biggest, boldest way possible? Grow your hair all the way down your back at least once in your lifetime.

Sleek Center Part

On long hair, we love the look of a pin-straight part. The style is simple and classic, keeping your mane from hiding your face. Ask your stylist for face-framing layers to add movement to your hair for an added style statement. Use a shine spray like Redken Shine Flash Hair Spray to give your 'do a lightweight, high-shine finish.

Curly Cut

Whether you're working with chin-length hair or a full mane of curls, do yourself a favor and see a stylist specializing in curls. He or she will cut your hair dry, crafting the most flattering look for you. Searching for a product to help keep your curly mane intact? We recommend a hair gel like Matrix A Curl Can Dream Light-Hold Gel.

Good hair day by @barberbirdman.

Long spikes

You'll need some strong gel or paste to achieve height on these spikes, and we can't recommend L’Oreal Professionel Techni.Art Transformer Lotion any more highly. Add a generous dose to your hair and work through it in an upwards motion to build the height. This look is sure to catch some attention.


Cornrows are one of the most well-known ways for men with textured hair to wear their manes long. And while we love the classic style, if you're looking for a way to freshen it up a bit, we recommend mixing a few French braids in too.

Long and Sleek

There's nothing more attractive than a man who knows his way around a blow dryer, especially one with long hair. If you're working with mid-back length, don't be afraid to wear it straight and shiny.

Pro tip: To minimize frizz, point the air stream of your blow dryer straight down while finishing up your look.

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Emo Swoop

For the nostalgic heartthrobs, this classic emo hairstyle brings back all the good memories of pop music in the early 2000s. While it may seem popular to have hair slicked off the face these days, there will always be room for this swoop across the forehead.

Good hair day by @timpascoe_hair.

Raised Curls

Turn up the volume with these stunning raised curls. We love it when you can achieve maximum effect with minimal effort, and this look does just that. For the guys out there with naturally textured or curled hair, simply run some volume mousse through your locks and style as you wish. We recommend Kérastase Couture Styling Mousse Bouffant.

Chin Length Cut

Here's a timeless style that's flattering on anyone with a solid hairline. Using hair gel or pomade on medium-length hair, comb the strands straight back. Tuck any excess strands behind your ears, creating volume at the crown of the head. With any luck, you'll be mistaken for an A-list actor.

Rock And Roll

If there's one theme we consistently see in celebrity styling, it's rock-inspired male hairstyles with an unkempt vibe. We love this style for men with some natural texture to their manes, whether a wave or full-on curls. A curl-boosting cream, like Shu Uemura Art of Hair's Styling Kaze Wave Curl Mousse, can help enhance your curl pattern and set you up with waves that will last all day.

Sleek Lengths

Like we mentioned earlier, one of the most underrated skills in male hairstyling at home is the ability to wield a blow dryer with confidence—a flat iron, even more so. This hot tool isn’t a ladies-only affair—it’s one of the easiest ways to ensure your long mane looks good every day. Always remember to spritz your mane with a heat protectant like Shu Uemura Art of Hair Yūbi Blonde Anti-Brass Purple Heat Protecting Hair Serum before applying any heat to your hair.

As far as straightening tools, we are partial to the L'Oréal Professionnel Steampod Hair Straightener + Curling Iron for its ability to instantly transform hair with up to 91% less breakage over time and two times smoother results compared to other tools like it on the market. You’ll be left with a finish so sleek it’s practically reflective!

Low Man Bun

If you washed yesterday and can’t bear the thought of having to create a fresh blowout situation, opt for a low man bun. This practical updo can be worn on fades, undercuts, and as a half-up style.

Long Natural Curls

While keeping your hair long and natural requires some extra TLC on your part, we love the look. These long, tight ringlets cascade from a deep center part and rest on the shoulders—the perfect, versatile length for rocking your hair up or down.

Tight Ringlets

Natural texture is having a real moment, which is why you should be working on understanding how to enhance your curl pattern. The golden rule is to pay a visit to a salon that specializes in curly hair. The right cut will free your ringlets of extra weight, allowing them to bounce up. Ask your stylist for customized tips to ensure your curls look frizz-free and defined every day. And if you’re a fan of Mizani products and searching for a curly cut, we suggest you locate a salon near you that serves up the Mizani AirCut—the brand’s signature method for cutting that’s customized to your coils.

Good hair day by @nicolas_alexandrehenry.

Voluminous Ringlets

This is for the days when you just want to let your inner beast free. Let that magnificent mane of yours be out on show in all its glory. For those of you with naturally curly hair, you can elevate the volume with Matrix’s Vavoom Extra Full Freezing Spray.

Classic Locs

Expert barbers report seeing a serious jump in the popularity of locs for men, making this dramatic style one to try. Although it takes a bit of work to create locs, the style is simple to maintain. When you’re tired of wearing the style, your stylist can snip them off — enabling you to start fresh.

Good hair day by @keys.cutz.

Short Locs

A cool variation of the classic loc look is opting for a shorter version. This is much lighter to carry around and still provides that lovely quirk that the loc-look gives. And what we love most about this look is you can adapt it to make it suit you. If you want the full head of locs—go for it. If you just want the top locked up and the sides shaved—go for that instead!

Man Bun With Locs

Any man who’s worn locs will know it’s a real commitment. The style is timeless, sure, but it’s also weighty and challenging to pull back. Another way to overcome the weight of full locs is by trying out a low-maintenance man bun.

Colorful Locs

Our final version of the luscious locs is mixing it up with color. Give your locs some extra flair by asking your colorist for a vibrant hair color to pair with your new look. It’s up to you what color you decide or whether you want to go for a dip-died or balayage look, but we recommend checking with a pro first rather than attempting this at home alone!

Surfer Waves

We love a man with waves, which are easy to achieve whether or not you’re blessed with natural texture. If you love the style but aren’t sure how to achieve it, try tying damp, clean hair into a loose top knot or braid before heading to bed at night. By morning, you should have a full head of effortless waves.

French Braids With Hair Bows

If you’re up for a bit of a challenge give French braids a try. The braiding technique is simple: Three strands of hair wrapped over each other in opposite directions, repeat. They stick best on slightly greasier hair. We recommend trying this on second-day hair, or if you have freshly shampooed locks, add a little texture spray to help grip your hair while forming this ‘do. And for the extra pizazz, weave colored ribbons or threads into the braid for a full-on festival-ready look.


Don’t be put off by the fancy word. A chignon really just a twisted bun made by wrapping your hair around itself and securing it with a hair elastic. You can create this high or low, depending on what look you want to go for. We recommend using a mousse-like product like Biolage Professional’s Styling Whipped Volume Mousse to keep it all in place.

Cornrow Man Bun

For the guys out there with curly or textured hair and an undercut, finding how best to style it can be difficult. Cornrows are a great way to show off your length while keeping your mane out of your eyes. Since these are a little tricky to get right, we’d recommend getting a professional braider to help you achieve this look.

Good hair day by @mattloveshair.

‘90s Claw Clip Man Bun

The ‘90s claw clip craze is back, and we’re so pleased about it. This man-bun requires longer hair and may take a couple of practice runs to get right, but it’s oh-so-worth-it. First, whip your hair into a ponytail, bunch it back over itself, and clip it underneath. Then extend your hair on either side to cover the clip. Use a maximum hold hairspray like Pureology Style + Protect Lock It Down Hairspray to keep it all in place.

High Man Bun

The high man bun is an excellent solution for second (or third) day hair or warm, sweaty days. Simply tieing a top knot at the top of your head will leave you looking (and feeling) effortlessly cool and chic.

Good hair day by @seaonthegoldenchild.

Waxed Wet-Hair Look

We love the wet-hair look this season. And contrary to popular belief, your hair shouldn't be drenched wet to achieve this look. You need your hair to be partially dry (around 60%), and then use a combination of products, including hair gel, mousse, and hairspray, to help the wet look last all day. How you wish to style is up to you, but we love these effortless loose spikes.

Good hair day by @barberbirdman.

Long Pompadour Fade

Don't be put off by the term 'pompadour.' It's just when you comb your hair into a high mound at the front, with tapered back and sides. We love the versatility of this look, as you can go as sharp or chilled as you wish. But the basics are first to blow dry using a heat-protective spray in diagonal sections to achieve this look. Then use a mousse or cream to create the voluminous shape on top.

Good hair day by @moohammad_hamze.

Flawless Pompadour

This is what we mean when we say that you can go as sharp as you wish with the pompadour. This look is so sharp you could slice butter with it. We recommend getting a fresh trim before achieving this look, as you ideally want a nice short fade on the sides and equal length on top. Then use a robust holding product, like Redken Brews Outplay Texture Pomade, for achieving maximum hold and texture with a matte finish.

Good hair day by @jamiedigrazia.

Textured Mohawk

The Mohawk is a classic, short on the sides and longer on the top and back, combed upwards to create a central ridge down the middle of your scalp. You'll need to work a fair amount of hair gel into your locks to achieve this look—we love Biolage Professional Gelée Styling All Purpose Gel. Then spritz your hair with a spray like Kérastase Ciment Thermique Blow Dry Primer to keep the voluminous shape intact.

Tucked Behind Ears

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we can't get enough of the ‘90s. Channel the leading men of the decade with a crisp middle part, tucking your long locks behind your ears. Rather than using your fingers to define the part, drag a fine tooth comb from the crown to the hairline. A shine spray or light hold gel can help tame any flyaways.

Long And Layered

Shoulder-length hair falls at or just below the shoulders, highlighting your face and giving you enough hair to pull back into a ponytail. If you’re a fan of air drying but like some volume, a cut like this will take you far. Ask your stylist for subtle long layers throughout to ensure movement throughout the hair.

French Twist

Ooh la la, the French twist has entered the building. This timeless look has flair, has body, and is one you should try with your long hair. Start with a revitalizing shampoo, like Kérastase Bain Régénérant Shampoo, as you’ll want to start with fresh locks. Then blow dry to give some volume using a spray like Shu Uemura Art of Hair Wata Wave Texture Spray. Finally, twist up your hair into the twisted shape and secure it with pins.

Good hair day by @mikeyyyyyyy_.

Spiky locs

We’ll leave you with our 55th and final long-haired look, and this one is a real showstopper. The long spiky locs are such a cool and alternative way to wear long textured hair, and we’re here for it.

Use our salon locator to book an appointment and find out how we can help you find the best hair care routine for your long mane.

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