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The 10 Best High And Tight Haircuts For Men In 2024

man with slicked back haircut high and tight haircuts

High and tight haircuts have been a staple of the men’s styling world for years, but we’re looking to have a little fun with the traditional military-inspired cut in 2019. If high and tight weren’t on your radar before, the dapper look features the back and sides of your head shaved while the hair at the top of your head is kept longer. Whether you have curly, wavy, or stick-straight hair, there are tons of way to make the style work for you.

Interested in trying a high and tight chop for yourself? We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites to try in 2019.



Even the neatest of cuts can be made to look edgy. If you’re looking to try something different with your cut, opt for a spiked high and tight look.

Apply a firm-hold styling pomade like the Baxter Of California Clay Pomade throughout your hair and style it upward, pulling the hair up and back until you achieve a spiked effect.


Long Caesar Cut With High Fade

If you want to keep as much of your length as possible, try a long Caesar cut. The look features a high fade that transitions into a lengthier, layered cut at the top, leaving your hair with tons of natural texture.

Looking to add even more texture to your ‘do? Apply a few spritzes of the Baxter Of California Clay Effect Style Spray throughout your hair for a texture-rich finish with a strong hold.


Wavy High And Tight

Working with wavy hair? Lucky you! Embrace your natural texture with this lengthier, forward-sweeping cut that allows your waves to shine.


High And Tight With Detail

High and tight cuts are so common, you might be looking for a unique way to make you stand out from the crowd. If you want to be bold with your cut, ask your barber to incorporate a design into your fade.


High And Tight Quiff

When ranking the best classic haircuts of all time, quiffs are definitely at the very top. This modern take on the iconic, swept-back hairstyle is flattering for almost any hair texture and face shape.

To achieve a high and tight quiff, ask your barber for a clean fade that transitions into two to three inches of length at the top. Slick your locks back with a hair gel like the Redken Brews Holding Gel. This gel lightly locks men's hairstyles in place with medium hold and medium shine. Suitable for all hair types.


High And Tight Man Bun

Man buns are a bold style all on their own. If you’re looking to take your bun to the next level, however, buzz off the hair below your ears and leave all of your length on top.


Curly High And Tight

Curly cuts for men have come a long way in the past few years. If you’re finding that a full head of curls is too difficult to manage, why not try a high and tight curly cut? The shaved sides allow you eliminate some bulk and show off your curls at the top.


Skin Fade

A skin fade features completely shaved sides that smoothly transitions into a full head of hair on top. If you’re interested in a cut that’s trendy and low-maintenance, this one’s for you!


Hard Part

Opting for a hard part can take your look from bleak to businessman in minutes. The sharp line gives your ‘do an effortless sophistication that you’ll love. Ask your barber for a hard part with a tight fade for an extra clean-cut look.



Not all hard parts are created equal. If you want your final look to be a bit more exaggerated, ask for a hard part that completely disconnects the hair at the top of your head from the hair underneath the part.

Interested in trying a high and tight haircut? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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