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How To Get The Perfect Hard Part Haircut, According To A Barber

An expert breaks down everything you need to know about getting a hard part haircut and how to maintain the style.

When it comes to men’s haircuts and styles, it’s easy to fall into a rut. Whether you always opt for a buzz cut or prefer to throw your long hair into a man bun, we’re big believers in trying something new and taking a hair risk.

There’s one extra step you can take at your barber appointments that will shift your cut from bland to right on-trend: the hard part. We spoke with Evan Georgopoulos, Baxter of California barber and brand ambassador, about what this simple shaved line can do for your look (and your confidence). For everything you need to know, including what a hard part is, how to maintain the cut, and style inspiration, keep scrolling.

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What is a hard part haircut?

The part you’re most familiar with might be a dividing line between two sections of hair, but the hard part amps up the impact quite a bit with an actual line shaved into the hair for dramatic effect.

"The hard part, in barber terms, is a shaved line on the side of your head that separates two—usually different—hair lengths," Georgopoulos explains. "The hard part can be a great addition to any traditional or non-traditional style, but it must be executed well by your barber."

Think of the hard part as the focal point of your cut. It can elevate even the most classic taper fade or crew cut.

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Are hard parts out of style?

On the contrary, hard parts are still one of the most popular modern looks you can ask for—particularly when it’s paired with short sides and a longer top. It also looks great paired with any hair length and texture, which makes it totally versatile.

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How do you cut a hard line haircut?

If you’re looking to achieve a hard part haircut, we always recommend leaving it in the hands of the professionals. This cut requires precision, so it’s best to book an appointment with your barber to avoid any mishaps.

First, your barber will choose the exact spot on your scalp where the line should be created. Next, they’ll use a straight-edged razor to create a hard part line on either side of your head. There should be a clear marking to show exactly where the part begins and ends. Then, they will trim up the hair surrounding the part to emphasize it.

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How long does it take for a hard part haircut to grow back?

This all depends on how fast your hair grows, but most men will begin seeing regrowth within a matter of days and notice the part has fully grown-in within a few weeks. To maintain a hard part long term, you'll either require regular visits to the barber or some savvy with a razor at home.

Here’s the crucial thing to remember about the hard part style: Shaved hair only stays so for a few days at best.

“People see different variations of hard parts all over the internet, TV, and sports,” Georgopoulos says. “People like what they see. If you notice, though the haircuts are all no older than a couple of days [old].”

Because hard parts require regular maintenance, they’re an excellent fit for men who have a close relationship with their barber and don’t mind scheduling regular appointments for a trim.

“You can make a haircut last as long as you want, but a hard part always looks best within the first few days,” the barber adds. “If it’s convenient to get it cleaned up less than every two weeks, do it!”

It’s not just the frequency of appointments that matter, either. Georgopoulos stresses the importance of visiting a barber who takes the time to figure out the most flattering placement for your hard part. He or she must factor in any cowlicks that might cause hair to cross over the line. If this all sounds complicated, don’t worry.

“This is kind of on your barber to make it look good,” Georgopoulos says. “Also, let me add, if you're confident in your barber, just give him free rein and allow him to do what he thinks will look best. He's most likely right.”

If you need inspiration before you head to your barber, keep scrolling for the best hard part haircuts.

Why get a hard part?

Like all the best hair decisions, you get a hard part because it looks about as cool as any cut can.

“People get them for a couple of reasons. One, the assumption it makes your hair easy to style. Two, to make your haircut pop,” Georgopoulos says.

Have you ever seen a man wearing a seriously bold print? Just the slightest accent makes him look confident and stylish. Wearing a minimalist but impactful hard part leaves others with the impression that you’ve got this personal style thing on lock.

If you need inspiration before you head to your barber, keep scrolling for the best hard part haircuts.

The Best Hard Part Haircuts To Try Now

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Ivy League Hard Part

Surprisingly, a hard part haircut even plays well with a preppy Ivy League cut. Think of this like the cut you actually had while you were enrolled in classes, but upgraded! Using a fine-tooth comb, make sure every hair is combed into place to ensure you’re helping your hard part look its best.

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Subtle Hard Part

One way to minimize the visual impact of a hard part is to pair with hair that’s longer on top, like a pompadour or quiff style. Particularly suitable for men with strong hairlines, the subtle hard part is part of a cohesive overall style—not just the one thing your boss notices about your new ‘do.

Good hair day by @marcelcodina.

Straight Edge Hard Part

We’d call this hard part the perfect design for a man who knows what he wants. The hard part is thin but apparent, and a second complementary cut makes the whole style feel fresher. Like all hard parts, you’ll need to touch up this style every few days to ensure it continues to feel smart. Before leaving your barber’s chair, be sure you’ve set up your next appointment.

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Extra Thin Hard Part

Most men avoid having their hairstyle be the central focus of their overall aesthetic. If that hits home, an extra thin hard part may be the ideal way to take your cut to the next level. This skinny line looks polished and smart without overwhelming the rest of the look. It takes a barber with a steady hand to pull this one off!

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Crisp Hard Part

There’s a very distinctive kind of man who cares about every aspect of his aesthetic being pristine. From his all-white kicks to his hard part haircut, there’s not a single hint of disarray. That’s why he’s a perfect candidate for a short but crisp hard part, one that makes a clean, minimalist statement.

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Double Trouble Hard Part

Here’s the thing about hair: It should be treated as a creative outlet. We love this double line design for the way it plays with the traditional idea of a hard part haircut, poking fun at it by adding a diminutive second line to the style. To get the most out of the look, make sure it’s slightly angled rather than straight down the middle of your head.

Good hair day by @javi_thebarber_.

Swoopy Hard Part

Parts for men come in many shapes and sizes, so feel free to let your barber play with the design of your hard part haircut. We’re in love with this slightly curved part, which creates a more organic feel because it curves to match the shape of the head. It also means your style will be wholly original, created by your barber to flatter your unique look.

Good hair day by @edouardclipperhand.

V-Shaped Hard Part

If you have a creative career or somehow managed to escape an office dress code, why not treat your hair like wearable art? We’re in love with this V-shaped hard part, which falls somewhere between a traditional part and hair design. This look mimics the taper from the widest point of the head to the nape.

Good hair day by @r.braid.

Zigzag Hard Part

We’re fully into design-centric territory here, but it’s a great place to be if you’re comfortable experimenting with your hairdo. Rather than make your part the divide between two sections of thick hair, trust your barber to incorporate it into a stylish fade. There’s no such thing as boring hair when you’re wearing a hard part haircut.

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Barely There Hard Part

Make a haircut part of a more classic style by ensuring the hard part stays minimal. Ask your stylist for a smart fade, which can help make your look seem more modern and exciting.

Good hair day by @gimessdi.

X-Shaped Hard Part

If your barber can carve one statement line into your hair, they can certainly do two! The X-shaped hard part is unexpected and youthful…just like you!

Good hair day by @alan_beak.

Eyebrow Hard Part

We basically squealed out loud upon seeing this fashion-forward take on the hard part, which curves over the scalp and straight through the eyebrow. Want to look more like a battle-scarred warrior king but also comfortably sit on your sound in your pajamas? The eyebrow hard part is perfect for you.

Good hair day by @barbaruivabr.

Micro Hard Part

It takes a master to create a micro hard part that’s needle-thin—which is all the more reason to go see a master! We love the way this part adds detail and modern vibes to an otherwise classic style.

Good hair day by @spukthebarber.

Wide V Hard Part

Obviously a traditional part doesn’t live on the back of your scalp, but this V-shaped hard part design really spices up your look. While the hair will grow back within a few days, it’s a low-key (but high impact) way to make a statement before a big event.

Good hair day by @cal_newsome.

Buzzed Hard Part

If you think of hard parts as a style reserved for guys with long hair, you’re sorely mistaken.Keep your beloved summer buzz cut and try something new by combining both styles.

Good hair day by @fethexiii.

Curly Hard Part

Embrace your curls, but don’t feel stifled by them! We love the way a short hard part adds edginess to a seriously curly ‘do.

Crew Cut Part

When it comes to classic looks for men, nothing beats a crew cut. Ask your barber for a shorter length at the sides with a hard part while keeping the length just a bit longer at the top.

Good hair day by @anthonythebarber916.

Hard Part With Waves

Whether you’re working with natural wavy hair or want to try a wavy hairstyle for yourself, a hard part can add edge to your look.

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Hard Part With Volume

If you’re a man who loves volume, use a volumizing hair mousse like Redken Full Frame 07 All-Over Volumizing Mousse to give your look extra body with a soft finish.

6 Products You Need To Style A Hard Part Haircut

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Redken Brews Molding Hair Paste

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Interested in trying a hard part haircut for yourself? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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