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How To Get Glossy Hair Just Like An Instagram Model

photo of woman with dark shiny hair how to get glossy hair
As much as we love social media, we’re not ashamed to admit that we get Instagram envy every once in a while. From fancy trips to flawless outfits, it’s hard not to feel like you’re missing out. While we may not be able to make all of your social media dreams come true, one thing we can do is reveal the secret to your favorite influencers’ insanely glossy manes.

Whether you have an androgynous hairstyle or long layers, you’ll have glossy Insta-worthy hair in no time if you follow these simple steps at home or in the salon.


How To Get Glossy Hair At Home


If you have straight hair:

If you have straight strands, glossy hair is easy to achieve as long as you have the right hair products. Begin your styling routine by washing your hair with the Biolage Sugar Shine System Shampoo followed by the Sugar Shine System Conditioner. The shampoo creates a gentle, silicone-free lather that removes dulling impurities and the conditioner adds lightweight, silicone-free moisture to leave hair supple and nourished. When used together, the Sugar Shine System polishes away dullness for a lightweight finish and brilliant shine.

After you wash and condition your hair, wring out any excess water and spray the Biolage Sugar Shine System Illuminating Mist throughout your damp strands. The Illuminating Mist imparts a lightweight mist to help seal in shine. This shine-illuminating formula helps smooth hair, tame flyaways, and provide heat damage protection from styling tools for a brilliant, glossy finish.

Next, use a vented brush to blowout your hair until it’s completely dry. Work with 2-inch sections of clean, dry hair at a time, beginning at the back of your head. Slowly pass over each section with a flat iron followed by a comb. If necessary, do an additional pass with the flat iron to get your hair as straight and sleek as possible. Continue flat ironing 2-inch sections of hair until you’ve completed your entire head.


For an ultra-glossy finish, spray your straightened mane with Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Finishing Hairspray. The fast-drying, ultra-fine mist leaves hair protected from static, shiny, and manageable.


If you have curly hair:

Every curly girl knows how difficult it can be to make your ringlets appear glossy. Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough shine spray in the world to make your mane Instagram ready. It’s not your fault. Curly hair is often porous, meaning lifted hair cuticles can make your strands look dull. Lucky for you, Matrix has a whole line of products that directly address this issue.

Porous hair can benefit from protein and oils like soybean oil found in the Biolage Advanced Oil Renew System. They help to seal the cuticle so that your strands can retain the moisture it needs. After just one use, the Oil Renew System strengthens hair with two times less breakage, replenishes strands with 24-hour moisture, shields hair from the daily stress that causes cuticle damage, reduces porosity and frizz, and increases manageability and softness.

Begin your hair care routine by washing and conditioning your hair with Biolage Advanced Oil Renew Shampoo and Conditioner. After you’ve washed, conditioned, and gently wrung out any excess water, apply Biolage Oil Renew Multi-Tasking Oil-In-Cream Leave-In Treatment throughout your strands. The Multi-Tasking Oil-In-Cream lubricates the hair for instant protection, enhanced manageability, increased nourishment, and reduction in the look of frizz and split ends.

If you want your strands to look extra glossy, layer on Biolage’s Styling Smooth Shine Milk. The lightweight mist smooths hair and adds shine for a glossy finish as it controls frizz and flyaways.


How To Get Glossy Hair In Salon

If at-home techniques aren’t producing the blindingly glossy hair you’re looking for, it might be time to bring in the professionals. There are several in-salon services your stylist can apply to your mane to make your strands appear more glossy.

If you’re looking for some shine and a killer color, ask for a gloss. A word of advice: While the name “gloss” might sound like it’s a hair service that merely makes your strands appear shiny, it’s actually a demi-permanent hair color.

A gloss can help to change or enhance your hair color or tone, as add shine. While making your hair appear shiny is not the primary purpose of a gloss, the name is inspired by the fact that the service is usually acid-based. It helps seal down the hair cuticle to create a reflective surface.

If all you’re after is glistening locks and not a new color, Biolage offers an in-salon Sugar Shine Mega Gloss Treatment. The professional service is a high-gloss treatment that coats the hair surface, giving a lustrous finish. You’ll be glad you trusted your beloved strands with a professional when your favorite Instagram influencer asks you for glossy hair tips!

Interested in a professional gloss treatment? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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