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15 Beard Styles You Have To Try In 2024

Wondering what beard style is right for you? We’ve got you covered! Read on for 15 of the top beard styles for 2024 and how to care for them.

Men—you’ve probably been growing your facial hair for as long as you can remember, but have you ever stopped to consider what you can actually do with all of that scruff? Sure, you’ve got your carefully selected grooming products and your go-to barber on speed dial, but chances are good you’ve never stepped out of your comfort zone when it comes to trying new looks.

Much like finding the perfect fade haircut, it can be difficult to decide which beard style is right for you (or which one works for your facial hair type). Luckily, we’re here to help! Whether you’re in search of a rugged bearded look or you’re aiming for something a bit more polished, read on for 15 of the hottest beard styles to try in 2020.

How do I choose my beard style?

Once you have your haircut down, choosing a beard should be easy, right? Not so much. Just like choosing a haircut, there are a few factors that go into selecting which beard style is right for you, including your face shape, how much facial hair you have, and how much maintenance you’re willing to commit to in your grooming routine.

Wondering which beard style is right for you? We’re breaking down 15 of our favorite looks below.

The Best Beard Styles To Try In 2024

Photo Credit: @hatzianestis_cutz.

5’O Clock Shadow

We’ll start with the easiest of facial hair looks: the 5 o’clock shadow. You know that subtle hint of facial hair that appears when you’ve missed your morning shave? That’s a 5 o’clock shadow. This style is optimal for men who struggle to grow much more than peach fuzz or those cursed with patchiness.

Instead of mourning your inability to grow a full lumberjack-style beard, embrace what you do have. As an added incentive, this “shadow” can help place emphasis on your jawline, creating the illusion of a well-defined chin—you’re welcome handsome.

Photo Credit: @ryancullenhair.

Second-Day Stubble

Once you’ve passed your first morning without shaving, you’ve moved from a mere hint of facial hair into stubble territory. Hovering around a quarter of an inch in length, these short beard hairs provide the same jaw-flattering effect we discussed above—with a bit more maintenance involved. To avoid your stubble becoming prickly and sharp, use a beard oil like Redken Brews Beard Oil. This product softens facial hair and the skin beneath, so your beard looks and feels great.

Photo Credit: @mikeyyyyyyy_.


The goatee has been around for years (as evidenced by some of our favorite 1990s stars), and the bearded look is still going strong today. This look is perfect for those who have spotty facial hair or prefer to avoid full-bearded looks.

Door Knocker

If a goatee and a mustache merged into one facial hair style, you’d wind up with a door knocker beard. Unlike full beards, door knockers don’t provide quite as much coverage. That makes them ideal for men who either can’t commit to a full beard or can’t grow a full one. Note that facial hair styles with very precise shape will always require more at-home maintenance than their untamed counterparts.

Photo Credit: @v.luciano.bella.

Short Beard

If your beard preference is more clean-shaven than lumberjack, opt for a short beard. This look allows you to try full-on facial hair while keeping the hair as tamed and close to the skin as possible. Even if you’re choosing shorter facial hair, you’ll still need to moisturize your beard regularly to keep it hydrated and soft.

Photo Credit: @ali_heydari_org.

Disconnected Beard

We’ve talked about some of the classic beard styles like stubble and goatee, but what if you want to get a bit creative with your facial hair? Look no further than the disconnected beard. Ask your barber to create a line down the hair at your jawline that connects your beard to your chin. This separation is perfect for those with sparse facial hair to accentuate the thicker areas of growth or to give your beard a geometric look.

Photo Credit: @cal_newsome.

Long Beard

Ahh, the long beard—while so many men (and women) find long beards irresistible, you’ll need to be ready for the maintenance if you opt for this bearded look. The key is to keep your beard perfectly shaped and moisturized, so it doesn’t get too scraggly over time. Use a beard oil like Baxter Of California’s Beard Grooming Oil Regularly to smooth, tame, and moisturize facial hair.


Oh, you thought the long beard was as long as it gets? It’s time to meet the yeard. For some, the thought of growing out their beard for an entire year seems impossible. If you’re completely committed to growing out your facial hair, however, consider the yeard. The yeard, a beard style with one full year of growth, will need constant upkeep to snip away any split ends or flyways. If you keep your facial hair shaped and nourished throughout the process, however, choosing this long-bearded style will pay off.

Use a beard comb like Baxter Of California’s Beard Comb to help you shape, tame, and untangle your beard daily.

Photo Credit: @virgiltb.

Faded Beard

You already know all about faded haircuts for men, which means it’s time to incorporate that same technique into your beard. Instead of keeping it all one length, your barber will gently taper the hair closer to your scalp right around the sideburns. If you already have a fade from the top of your head, it only makes sense to blend the two into a cohesive look.

Photo Credit: @the_texture_junkie.

Rounded Beard

If you want a long beard that’s a bit more precise, ask your barber for a rounded beard. The rounded beard features a gentle curvature along the bottom edge of your facial hair, creating a more polished look that’s completely wearable for the office.

Photo Credit: @los_cut_it.

Tapered Beard

Don’t feel like you have to maintain every single hair on your face just because you’re capable of growing it. A tapered beard is a facial hair style that proves less is actually more. Instead of grooming your natural beard, your barber will taper it into a more stylized shape. If you’re a man who’s serious about his edges and regular hair appointments, the tapered beard may be a good fit for you.

Photo Credit: @nicolas_alexandrehenry.


If you prefer a beard style with a more laid back vibe, look no further than the bushy beard. Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing wrong with letting your beard’s natural texture shine—as long as you keep it detangled and hydrated!

Photo Credit: @gilvenivici.

Balbo Beard

Who says your beard and facial hair have to connect? Instead, try a Balbo beard, where your sideburns are completely trimmed and your beard and mustache are disconnected. To ensure that you’re keeping your Balbo beard shape intact, visit your barber regularly.

Photo Credit: @iisakkinummi.

Chin Strap

If you consider your jawline your best asset, choose a beard style that accentuates it. Keep your facial hair tight and straight along the jawline for a look that instantly draws attention to the lower half of your face.

Photo Credit: @andyauthentic.

Jawline Beard

Much like the chin strap, the jawline beard works to accentuate your jawline but features a bit more length. If you have facial hair that grows curly or wavy, this style is perfect for showing off that natural texture.

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