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The Beginner’s Guide To Styling The Perfect Afro

photo of woman with afro hairstyle

You’re not alone if you’ve always dreamed of loving your hair au naturel, but can’t seem to accept your curls in their entirely natural state. But, with the expert advice of Céline Marquet-Gonzales, French hair expert for Mizani, you might just feel equipped to do so.

“With the right products and techniques, you can feel proud to sport your natural curls in all their glory,” Marquet-Gonzales urges.

Ready to learn how to style the perfect afro? Now is the time.

Arm yourself with effective products.

When it comes to choosing products to define your ’do, Marquet-Gonzales says it’s all about opulent products.

“If you want to leave your ’fro untampered with, opt for products that are teeming with rich oils that can define your natural curls—all the while providing deep hydration,” she explains. “If you want to leave your tresses in their natural state, it is especially important to use [Mizani’s] co-wash, the Cream Cleansing Conditioner, as well as their Style Refresher Milk, which tames frizz up to 24 hours after application.”

Use the right technique.

Along with selecting adapted products, it’s also necessary to dry your afro the correct way to beautify your natural curls.

“One of the most effective ways to naturally define your curls is the wash-and-go technique—as long as you do it right,” Marquet-Gonzales says. “Many feel that it is ineffective but as long as you are patient, it can work.”

Once you’ve applied all your products (including any leave-in treatments you choose to include), you’re ready to begin. Make sure that you leave your hair soaking wet to help lock in all that moisture. Then, use a silk scarf or microfiber wrap to create a “pineapple” with all your hair on top of your head.

This is the important part: It is essential that you do not take your hair down until it is completely dry, otherwise it may begin to become frizzy. You can use your fingers to rearrange your kinks but as a rule, the more you touch, the more you frizz!

Style it naturally.

Jazzing things up occasionally doesn’t mean that you lose your naturalista title. If you want to show off your natural curls but occasionally have some variation, opt for a style such as pigtails or a pony. You’ll feel that you’ve changed things up, all the while remaining true to your natural roots.

When styling your natural ‘fro, make sure to use a product to help tame those lingering rebellious strands—we love Mizani Edge Taming Gel. You’ll never think twice about allowing to let your natural curls shine through again!

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