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12 Long Hairstyles You Have To Try This Summer

photo of woman with long braided hairstyle and scarf embellishment

After months of covering your long locks to protect them from the harsh winter winds and rainy spring storms, it’s just about time to transition into summer styles. Every new season has its own set of hair woes, however, and summer is no different.

With hair as long as yours, chances are it can get really hot as the temperatures begin to rise. You’ll need to get a bit creative with your hairstyles. These 12 long hairstyles to try this summer will keep you looking—and feeling—cool all summer long.

Half Up Space Buns

Begin by parting your hair down the middle to the crown of your head. Working with one side at a time, apply a medium hold pomade to your edges and brush through them. Then, gather your hair in the desired location of your bun and secure the pigtail with an elastic. Backcomb or fluff the pigtail before wrapping it into a bun shape and securing it with bobby pins. Repeat the same steps on the opposite side.

Rope Braid

This braid looks sophisticated, but it’s super simple to pull off. Simply brush all of your hair toward the crown of your head and secure your hair into a ponytail with a hair elastic. Take a section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail, wrap it around the hair elastic, and secure it with a bobby pin for a polished look.

Separate the ponytail into two sections and twist each section around itself to mimic the look of a rope. Take both twisted sections and weave them together to create a two-strand braid. Secure the braid with a clear hair elastic.

Half Top Knot

If you’d like an upgrade from the simple half-up ponytail, consider swapping out your pony for a top knot. Gather the top half of your hair in a ponytail and fasten it with a hair elastic. Then, wrap your ponytail around itself until you form a bun and secure the style with several bobby pins.

Box Braids

Box braids are a perfect protective style for summer. Get them long, short, multi-colored—whatever way you choose, you’ll have a gorgeous style to last you through most of the summer. Goodbye daily hairstyling, hello extra hour of sleep!

Double Boho Braids

This style is perfect for anyone looking for a cute but casual style that will work as well at the beach as it does at the beach bar!

Textured Beach Waves

This easy, breezy hairstyle is perfect for a long day at the beach. Simply apply an air dry product for wavy hair like Matrix Style Link Air Dry Wild Boho Texturizing Hair Dry Cream throughout your locks and let the summer breeze handle the rest.

High Ponytail

To begin, apply pomade to your edges and brush through them to tame any flyaways. Then, gather all of your hair at the crown of your head and secure it in a ponytail. Elevate your look by covering your hair elastic with a trendy gold hair cuff.


Crimped hair is one of the hottest trends of the year and it’s absolutely perfect for summertime. If you think about it, crimped hair is just fashionable frizz. We don’t know about you, but we could definitely use some styles that embrace our frizz for summertime. An allover crimped look is not for the faint of heart, but those willing to take the plunge will be rewarded with a showstopper of a look. Your friends won’t be able to stop talking about it.

Scarf Embellishment

Hair accessories are the perfect way to take a drab style and make it fab! Tie your favorite headscarf or ribbon around your favorite hairstyle and you’ll be perfectly accessorized for summertime.

Bejeweled Braids

If scarves aren’t your thing, opt for some blingy hair jewelry instead. Adding bejeweled hair rings to your style is one of the easiest ways to create a glamorous look.

Undone Updo

The word “updo” usually brings teased, stiff, and tight styles to mind, but not all updos are created equal. If you’re looking for an elegant style that will keep your hair up and away from your face and neck in the hot summer heat, try an undone updo.

Lanyard Braid

Let your all-time favorite summer craft inspire your next hairstyle. This braid inspired by the classic Chinese ladder lanyard design will easily become one of your summer style staples.

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