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Brighten Up Your Look With Marigold Hair Color

photo of woman with marigold hair color

In case you hadn’t heard yet, signs of fall are popping up all over the place. With the leaves and wind comes a whole new wave of colorful hair colors, keeping us inspired while we watch temperatures to drop. Among the latest and most exciting shades is marigold hair color, inspired by the frilly flower that your mom has probably planted in her garden at least once.

We’ve already seen lilac and rose have their time in the spotlight, so it makes sense that the next great wave of vivid hair color would be similar. Looking to learn more about this sunny fashion statement? Read on.

What is marigold hair color?

Marigold’s rise in popularity echoes the return of ‘70s-inspired colors: Browns and golds are ruling the runways, so it only makes sense we’d wear them on our hair.

It isn’t just social media that’s excited about marigold hair, either. Amanda Epstein, Matrix brand ambassador and stylist, is all about the yellow-orange trend. In the past, her clients have tended to go either full-on blonde or somewhere in blue-hued. In 2018, we’re dipping into a color family that’s rarely been explored with the thrill of something new driving us.

“In the past, people usually tended to shy away from yellows and oranges. It’s always kind of been something we had to get rid of,” Epstein explains.

Notably, a shade like marigold can actually mean more nuance and customization than a pastel blue or pink. Though it may seem counterintuitive, colorists often lift the color from hair completely so that a very pale shade is visible. With a shade like marigold, they can embrace the yellow tones instead of lifting them away.

“The great thing about yellows and oranges is you can lift the hair to those levels and just enhance what is already there,” the colorist says.

Enhancing opens many creative windows for your hair pro, enabling them to play with the tones that are already present in your hair. Because they’re spending less time worrying about the integrity of your strands, they can focus on adding nuance and gradation.

Interestingly, Epstein says all that flexibility means your hair color is more likely to enhance your complexion.

Endless possibilities? That’s a hair train we’d like to catch a ride on. Whether you choose an orange-flecked shade to bring out your tan or a vibrant golden balayage, you’re sure to be wowed by the result.

How much maintenance does marigold hair require?

It always seems like a one-two punch with fantasy hair colors: You fall in love, and then you learn the upkeep is practically a full-time job. As if you needed another reason to consider marigold, the color fades less quickly than many of its trendy alternatives.

According to Epstein, that’s because you’re holding on to the integrity of the hair by using less bleach than you would for silver or pastels.

“The great thing about the marigold hair color is it’s in the yellow-orange range, so you’re not having to overly lift the hair—which in turn keeps the hair healthier, so porosity isn’t as big of an issue. That will help to keep the color lasting longer,” she says.

Healthier hair with a truly vibrant color is the Holy Grail of color goals. Once you’ve attained it, there’s no turning back. Even though you’re less prone to fading, Epstein still advises her clients adhere to a salon quality care routine.

First, she recommends getting used to the idea of washing your hair under cool water to help maximize your color for as long as possible. While we’re at it, it’s also a good idea to rethink how frequently you shampoo and condition.

“The less, washing the better,” she adds.

When you do finally scrub down your mane, Epstein advises using a system like Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Color Care. It’s specifically formulated with ingredients like coconut milk and meadowfoam to help keep your marigold hair color looking lively.

One last element to consider is heat styling because high temps can cause your hair color to fade. If you’re big on the blow dryer, consider taking a few days a week to air dry your ‘do. Ultimately, your stylist is the best person to point you toward a hair care routine that will leave you hair feeling beautiful and looking healthy.

Ready to try marigold hair? So are we. If you take the plunge, tag us in your social media selfies using the hashtag #hairdotcom.

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