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Feeling Fresh: 14 Mint Green Hair Color Ideas For Every Skin Tone

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When summer hits, mint is all we can think about. The cool, earthy flavor dominates our cocktails and ice cream cones, offering sweet relief from the heat of the day. We love mint so much, in fact, that we even recommend it as a hair color.

Pastel hair colors like pink might get all the press, but we’re big believers in mint green hair as an extremely versatile look that suits all skin tones. It’s fresh and a little surprising, which means you should expect people to recognize you by your newly done hair color.

Feeling green with envy over the color, even if you're starting with dark brown hair or blonde? It’s time to find your very own perfect shade. 

The Best Mint Hair Colors To Try Now


If you’ve worn blonde hair, you’re ready to tackle pastel mint. The shade has a frosty blonde base, which makes it ideal for women with cool undertones to their skin. Instead of aiming for neon dye, choose a washed-out watercolor finish. The result is flattering and subtle, which makes it an ideal first attempt at green-blue hair.

Pastel Green

Unlike mint hair, pastel green includes fewer blue notes. As a result, it’s wearable for all skin tones. We particularly love pastel green on very short hair, where the punchy color makes a statement. Be sure to let your stylist know you’re erring on the side of washed-out with the color, not radioactive green.


Are you a brunette who’s itching to take a walk on the emerald side of the hair spectrum? Ombre hair is about to be your best friend. The transition technique will enable you to hold on to ashy brunette roots while still creating light green ends. We love this look on medium and medium-dark skin, particularly because you can keep your natural color around the face.


On both blondes and brunettes, mint highlights can be surprisingly wearable. We love when the accent color is applied in subtle streaks throughout the ends of the hair. The shade looks lovely on all shades of hair, but we’re obsessed with the way it looks alongside silver locks on pale or medium skin.

Dip Dye

Unlike ombre hair, dip dyed manes don’t transition subtly into a new color. The accent color begins in a blunt line across the hair, making it a bold move for ladies who’d like to show off an unconventional shade. If you’re looking to make a statement, try the technique with mint green hair. While anyone can try the technique, we recommend it for our extra long-haired ladies. Dip dying your mane will visually break up the hair, turning your strands into something close to wearable art.


If you work in an office with a dress code or find yourself nervous about bleaching your entire head, that’s totally fine. Peekaboo mint hair will sneakily evade all but the strictest of HR departments. With this technique, your stylist will dye one strand from the bottom layer of your hair green. If you pull your locks into a bun, the dazzling shade will be visible.

Mint and Lavender

Like sugar, spice, and everything nice, mint and lavender are simply made for each other. If you’re thinking of taking your green hair to the next level by pairing it with another pastel, purple is always the way to go. The twin pastel shades will have your friends wondering if you’re becoming some kind of fairytale princess. As a bonus, they’ll look incredible during festival season.

Before leaving the salon, make sure you have clear instructions from your stylist about how to keep the duotones from becoming muddled-looking.

Gray and Green

Green and gray aren’t just a wedding color scheme anymore. The ever-popular duo has made its stunning debut on hair. We love gray roots that fade into mint, as well as highlights of both throughout your strands.

Visible Roots

Here’s the thing about grown-in roots: They’re either very chic or very lazy. We happen to be in love with the look, particularly since it helps extend the length of a dye job. If you’re in the market for mint hair, ask your stylist to maintain your natural dark or light roots.

As an alternative to your natural roots, try mint green roots that fade into your natural color. The dye may grow out quickly, but you’ll look striking while it lasts.


If you like the idea of mint green hair but don’t find the shamrock-inspired shade to be very flattering, try a blue-tinged alternative. Because  can run either warm or cool depending on its undertones, we love the shade for all skin colors. A color this vibrant will take extra care, so be sure you’re committed to a serious hair routine before you take the teal plunge.


For an even brighter take on blue-green hair, take aqua locks for a spin. The luminescent color gives us serious vacation vibes, and that’s probably because it’s the exact shade of a tropical bay. We love the way it looks on medium and dark skin tones—summery and effortless. If you’d like added depth for your look, ask your stylist for dark blue lowlights throughout your hair.

Blue With Green Babylights

True blue is a trend that just won’t fade, and it’s a great color option for women with pale skin. If you’re looking to incorporate mint notes into your blue ‘do, ask your stylist for green babylights (read: very subtle highlights) throughout your mane.

Smoky Mint

Although it’s not often you see the words “smoky” and “mint” combined, we’re in love with this gorgeous shade. The color is actually mint blended seamlessly into ashy silver hair, creating a green-gray that’s wholly unique. We love the shade for women of pale and medium skin tones.


Here’s yet another take on the gray-green hair phenomena. By using a technique similar to the one applied in holographic hair, your stylist can add mint to silver-blonde hair in such a way that it reflects the light. The result is hair that looks shiny beyond belief and catches the light brilliantly.

Looking to get some mint green going on your own mane? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a salon near you.

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