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Mizani’s Latest Global Campaign Embraces All Hair—No Matter The Texture

Mizani Models with Textured Hair

For centuries, the beauty industry has debated what is considered good hair versus what is considered bad hair. For as long as we can remember, straight hair was the only type of hair considered to be good, forcing women with varying hair textures to alter their natural manes. These days, women are embracing their textured hair more than ever before but that doesn’t mean the “good hair” stigma is completely gone. 

Whether you wear your dark brown hair naturally, chemically alter it, or hide it underneath wigs and weaves, chances are good you’ve heard mixed messages about how to care for your hair. Mizani is here to put an end to that once and for all, and their latest campaign is going to make you feel better about your hair than ever before. 

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Mizani Assistant Vice President Tumi Soyinka, Global Artistic Director Pekela Riley, photographer Itaysha Jordan, and video consultant Jean Paul Dia teamed up to create a video showcasing why texture diversity is so important. As Mizani gears up to launch new products in the coming year, Riley thought it was important to show that Mizani is a brand for every head of hair—no matter your texture. 

“The heart of Mizani is to empower our users to stay true to their authenticity and to champion the unlimited possibilities that the beautiful fabric of our textured hair lives for,” the stylist explains. “This campaign brings our mission to life and that mission is, ‘no matter the texture, no matter the #hairgoal, we’ve got you covered.’ So whether she wants to wig it, sleek it, braid it, twist it or wash ‘n’ go it, the point is, MIZANI’s got it.”
In a marked change from the past, Riley shied away from over-the-top runway styles in favor of more attainable for everyday wear. 
“We believed it was time to refresh the look and feel of our beloved brand Mizani; from the models’ hair looks, to our new vivid color palette and fresh tone of voice,” Riley says. “The content we produce today is reflective of what resonates most with her...She wants to see movement in hair, looks that are attainable yet inspire and most importantly, she wants to see herself.”

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