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This Chic New Year's Eve Hair Will Look Good Long After Your Midnight Kiss

side view of woman with new years eve bun

We don't play when it comes to New Year’s Eve. Whatever updo you choose has to stay put through dinner, drinks, and dancing—not to mention any antics you get up to after midnight. Instead of beach waves that fall flat at the first hint of humidity, choose a New Year’s Eve hair look that’s firmly pinned in place. You’ll benefit from all the texture without any limp strands falling in your face.

We paired up with Spencer Henry, Redken artist and brand ambassador, to create a New Year’s Eve look that combines the best of bohemian hairstyles and modern updos. Arm yourself with a teasing comb, a handful of bobby pins, an elastic, and hairspray to get ready to style.  Because this ‘do doesn’t require any set texture, curls and waves are more than welcome.


This pro-approved hairstyle for medium and long hair will ensure you spend less time worrying about your hair and more time scoring the perfect smooch when the ball drops.

man styling woman's new years eve bun

Begin with a simple ponytail.

Think of the ponytail as the base of any really sturdy style. Just the way builders pour a concrete foundation before starting on a house, having an elastic in place ensures that no errant swinging arm or quick turn will totally upset your 'do.

For this ponytail, aim for about an inch above your nape. You want to look like a polished lady, not a founding father.

man teasing woman's hair for new years eve bun

Pump up the volume.

The bigger the hair, the better the updo. In this case, Henry uses a comb to tease the ponytail. Work in small sections, starting at the end and combing back toward the elastic to see the style quickly double in size.

man pinning woman's hair for new year's eve bun

Start to pin.

Begin twisting the ponytail, holding it gently to avoid crushing the airy volume you just created. Once you have about a third of the bun in place, slide in one or two pins to hold it secure.

man making bun for women's new years even bun

Pin, pin again.

Continue shaping the bun, adding another pin to keep it stable. The number of times you stop to pin will depend on your hair’s thickness and heaviness, so don’t be afraid to add more pins if you feel like the bun is shaky.

man styling woman's new years eve bun

Finish the bun and fix any flyaways.

Tuck the ends under the bun and put your last pins in place. For extra stability, cross them in an X-shape. 

If you have a layered cut or have experienced breakage in the past, you’ll likely find that not all of your hair is will to play nicely. Instead of tucking extra pieces behind your ears, play the sophisticate by twisting and pinning them close to the bun.

man spraying woman's new years eve hair

Set it and forget it.

Partying all night requires a hairspray that rises to the occasion. From the L’Oréal portfolio of products, Henry recommends Redken Triple Take 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray to get the job done.

Coat your updo in a light misting of hairspray before adding earrings and heading for the door. You’re ready to party!

woman with final new years eve hair

For personalized advise about special occasion styling, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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