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Permission To Play: 16 Ways To Embrace Your Creative Side In 2023

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Since when does growing up mean leaving the joy of playing with your hair behind? Think back to when you were a kid playing with dolls. You’d likely spend hours dressing them up and beautifying their manes with every ponytail, braid, and temporary hair color you could think of. As adults, however, the hustle and bustle of everyday life can make it hard to find time to get experimental with your strands.

In 2020, what’s old is new again—and we’re predicting that this year is going to be all about embracing your creative, playful side! Whether you opt for a wild hair color or go over-the-top with your hairstyle, read on for 16 of the best (and trendiest) ways to have fun with your look.

Half-And-Half Color

We’ve all experienced that moment where you’re torn between two hues—literally. Instead of parting with one, go bold with half-and-half hair color. Your colorist will apply one vibrant shade to one half of your mane and another to the opposite half. It doesn’t get any more playful than that.


Neon is one of the biggest trends in 2020 thus far. Neon makeup? Check. Neon accessories? Already bought. Next up on the list? Neon hair color. Whether you opt for an electric green shade or a bright and punchy pink hue, you’re bound to find a neon hair color that’s right for you.

Color Blocking

A certain alternative music artist brought color blocking into the spotlight in 2019, and we’ve been obsessed ever since! Whereas balayage and highlights are precisely placed to create a seamless look, the color blocking technique doesn’t follow any rules. Your colorist will apply blocks of vibrant color sporadically throughout your mane for a playful look that’s unexpected and edgy.

Oversized Accessories

This year, we’re triple sizing everything—including our hair accessories! Whether you opt for an oversized padded headband or an overstated barrette, don’t be afraid to go bigger with your accessories than ever before.

Warm-Toned Color

Move over platinum blonde—because we’re fully embracing warm-toned hair color. Where cool-toned hues are subdued, warm-toned hair colors give your mane instant brightness and shine. Shades like golden brown, copper, and honey blonde are perfect for every skin tone and are seriously on-trend for 2020.

Colorful Bangs

You finally made it past the “should I get bangs” stage—congrats! Now, it’s time to have some fun! If you’re looking for a bold way to play with vibrant hair color, ask your colorist to apply the hue only to your fringe. The contrast between the shade of your bangs and the rest of your mane is stunning if you have a dark base color.

Classic Blue

Classic blue might not sound exciting at first glance, but Pantone’s Color Of The Year proves to be a playful hue that’s bold and exciting. If you want to stay on-trend for 2020, classic blue is a go-to shade no matter when you hit the salon this year.

Hair Tattoo

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting inked but are afraid to commit to the real thing, why not try a hair tattoo? Your stylist will create designs throughout your cut to mimic the look of a real tattoo for an edgy hairstyle with half the commitment.

Stacked Barrettes

There’s a time and place for perfectly placed barrettes, but if you’re looking to have some fun with your look, try stacking your accessories.. Accessory stacking is the perfect way to add a playful element to your go-to messy bun or ponytail.

Vibrant Roots

If an all-over vibrant color isn’t your vibe, get creative with placement! Ask your colorist to apply your bright shade directly to your roots.

Peekaboo Rainbow

We get it: Full-on rainbow hair isn’t for everyone. For a softer take on the whimsical trend, ask your colorist for peekaboo highlights. Every time you run your fingers through your hair, your rainbow hue will peak through your base color, revealing a vibrant look that’s unexpected and edgy!

Hair Glitter

We loved playing with glitter as kids, but unlike our art projects from grammar school, hair glitter won’t leave your mane a sticky mess. From glitter sprays to shimmer mists, there are tons of ways to play with hair glitter in 2020. After all, festival season is right around the corner!


Muted pastels had their moment, but if you want to up the ante with your next color change, holographic pastel trends like mother of pearl are next-level.

Lots Of Layers

Whether your strands are super short or mermaid length, opting for choppy layers will give you the effortless texture you’ve been craving—and who doesn’t love texture? If you want to add even more movement to your look, apply a few spritzes of texturizing spray like Redken Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray.

The Bigger, The Better

Flat hair? Never heard of her. We’re fully embracing big hair energy in 2020—so if you’ve been afraid of big, voluminous curls before, now’s the perfect time to try the look for yourself.

Mix And Match Accessories

By now, you probably have a drawer overflowing with different types of hair accessories, so why not use them all? Mix and match different accessory types, colors, and textures for a quick and easy way to add glam to your look.

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