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Personalized Shampoo And Conditioner: Everything You Need To Know

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We live in the era of technology and futuristic ideas that become a reality every day. Everything from the ads we see on Instagram to our foundation shades and bra sizes have been customized and personalized to fit our every whim and desire. It makes sense, then, that the hair world would follow that trend.

In the last two years, we’ve seen the rise of beauty brands that create personalized shampoo and conditioner sets. The pitch is deceptively simple: You’ll never have to purchase a generic formula again! No longer will a white bottle with vague claims leave you feeling lackluster about your hair! Instead, a simple quiz or online chat feature will leave you with perfectly customized formulas that help create model-perfect hair.

Wonder what the real tea about personalized shampoo and conditioner is? We did some digging.

What is personalized shampoo and conditioner?

Like so many buzzy terms, it’s entirely possible you have no idea what personalized shampoo and conditioner actually means. Interestingly, there is a wide range of options, depending on the brand you buy from.

First, don’t make the mistake of believing that all personalized formulas the same. Some personalized care routines come in the form of a stock formula to which you can add a selection of colors (who doesn’t want a baby pink conditioner?) and fragrances before stamping your name on the bottle. This experience is incredibly luxurious, resulting in a hair washing situation that makes you feel like royalty. Your name is on the bottle, so this shampoo and conditioner set is utterly your own. While the formula is likely tailored to support curls, straight hair, or frizz, it may be less customized for your hair needs than you might like.

On the other hand, many beauty companies offer customized shampoo and conditioner in either a one-time purchase or subscription format. Rather than just focusing on added fragrance and color, these brands actually ask about your hair concerns and any particular goals you’re working on. If you need a heat protectant but also want to grow your hair to fairytale lengths or worry about the effects of pollution on curly hair, these quizzes can help tailor a formula that combines several elements to support your quest to achieve your best hair ever.

Who should buy personalized shampoo and conditioner?

Anyone can use a custom-blended hair care system, but be aware the customization aspect may come at a premium. If you have multiple concerns and feel like traditional shampoo just isn’t making them any better, it may be the best choice for you—not to mention, a pretty fabulous gift to yourself for a birthday or holiday.

If you have invested time and money in salon color or chemical texture services, it’s always best to dial up your hair stylist before making any care decisions.

Is personalized shampoo and conditioner worth it?

Personalized hair care systems are worth it if you’re comfortable placing an order online, potentially spending a little extra cash, and trying a new routine.

If you have the option, however, we always recommend a comprehensive consultation appointment with a stylist as the best way to achieve hair success. An algorithm only knows as much as you’ve told it, whereas a hair professional can apply years of study to your hair goals. They can teach you how to use a product, not just which product to use.

When it comes to fragile strands, the technique is arguably just as important as the formula. Your roots may feel oily all the time because you’re applying too much shampoo or not washing it out thoroughly, and an online quiz may not be able to tell you that. Only a professional with a detailed understanding of your routine can genuinely provide customized advice.

The final decision is yours to make—trying something new once will probably not make or break your gorgeous mane.

Interested in personalized hair care advice? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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