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Editor's Pick: Pureology Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray

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My hair and I have been through quite a journey. As a young high schooler, I would wake up extra early each morning to style my naturally wavy strands as pin straight as possible. Constant heat styling coupled with years of bleaching left my hair feeling anything but healthy. Soon enough, my once-perfect natural waves became a coily, flat mess.

Fast forward to today, and I’m a 24-year-old who said goodbye to flat irons for good just over three years ago. My daily hair styling routine has literally been cut in half and aside from wanding my hair for special occasions, my strands rarely feel the effects of heat. While my waves have definitely returned to their former glory, I rely on heat-free styling products to keep them looking their absolute best.

Before I add a new hair product to my collection, there are two things I look for. First, it needs to be color-safe to help protect my long, icy blonde hair color from premature fading. Second, it needs to leave my hair feeling soft and movable. When the Pureology’s Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray showed up at my office compliments of the brand for review, I knew it would quickly become a staple in my routine after just one use.

Why Use Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray

I’ve always loved the effects of sea salt sprays—they’re easy to use, and excellent at defining waves. During the winter months, however, I notice that my strands tend to be on the drier side, leading me to look for an alternative to sea salt that’s a bit more moisturizing. When I first heard about the Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical. How can a sugar spray have the same styling effects as a salt spray? After spritzing the product through my hair for the first time earlier this month, however, I quickly changed my tune.

Two of my favorite things about this product are the texture and smell. The formula is so light that you can run your fingers through your strands as if nothing is there—no product build-up whatsoever. The scent is a light, sugary aroma that lasts throughout the day, but isn’t too overpowering. Don’t worry about smelling as if you’ve sprayed perfume through your hair.


How To Use Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray

As a New Jersey resident working in the Big Apple, you can imagine my morning styling routine is pretty minimal. I typically wake up, gently tousle my fingers through my hair, throw on a bit of makeup, and head out the door. There are days, however, my natural waves definitely need a bit of a styling boost.

Since I wake up early for my commute to work, I usually shower at night right before I go to sleep. I spray a leave-in conditioner throughout my mane, let it completely dry, and then head to bed. When I wake up, my hair is usually a bit frizzy from a night of tossing and turning and flat from laying on my pillow. After I pick out my outfit and finish my makeup, I spend about two minutes touching up my hair. That’s where the Pureology Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray comes in. The spray helps to create beachy, tousled waves and is perfect for color-treated hair.

I split my hair into two even sections on each side of my head. Working with one section at a time, I apply a few spritzes of the spray throughout the entire section of hair from my roots to ends. Then, I gently scrunch my hair upwards and repeat the same steps on the opposite side.

Once I’ve completely worked the product through my hair, I’m left with voluminous, textured waves as if I’d just spent a day at the beach. Since the spray is so lightweight, my waves don’t feel stiff or weighed down whatsoever.

While I’ll never stop testing out different air-dry stylers, the Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray is one I’ll always love. Between the pleasing sugary scent, weightless formula, and gorgeous effect it has on my waves, what’s not to love? If you have natural waves, you should consider adding this to your product arsenal.

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