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How To Get Rose Gold Hair: 50 Gorgeous Ideas To Try

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While we expect blondes to have a moment this year and low-maintenance haircuts and colors to be more popular than ever, there’s one hair color trend we haven’t been able to get off our minds year after year: rose gold hair. Whether you’re a low-key girl looking for a wearable shade for everyday or someone looking to go bold with their hue, rose gold is one of the most versatile shades out there.

If you thought we left rose gold hair behind in 2018 or 2019 (or 2020), think again. Here’s everything you need to know to make the shade work for you in 2021, plus 50 ways to try it on every skin tone

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What is rose gold hair color?

Rose gold hair is an iridescent hue that combines blonde, pink, and gold to create a shade that mimics your favorite rose gold accessories. While rose gold can be considered a fantasy shade, it’s also subtle. Because it’s a blend of three different colors, you can choose from an endless amount of shades on the rose gold spectrum. Work with your stylist to decide which combination of blonde, pink, and gold best flatters your complexion. 

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How do you get rose gold hair?

To make rose gold hair a reality, your stylist will begin by bleaching your hair to create a blank slate. It’s important to note that bleach will always damage hair, but a salon professional can help you restore the look of beautiful strands. If you’re not a natural blonde, it will likely take several sessions to lift the color from your strands safely. Once your hair is ready for color, your stylist will paint a masterful combination of pink, gold, and even more blonde throughout your locks.

It is especially important to do your research when looking for the perfect colorist. Rose gold is not an everyday color, so you’ll want to make sure your stylist has ample experience working with fantasy shades. An experienced colorist will be able to show you examples of fantasy colors they’ve created in the past and explain exactly how they plan to minimize the damage bleach can cause.

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Can brunettes go rose gold? 

Brunettes can absolutely achieve rose gold hair color. In order to get a bright, vibrant variation of the shade, however, your colorist will need to bleach your strands to lift your current hue. If you want to avoid lightening your entire mane, opt for a shade like dark rose gold. 

Does rose gold hair fade quickly?

Like most fantasy shades, rose gold hair color is a high maintenance shade that fades very quickly. If you’re committed to slaying rose gold hair color, you should expect to book an appointment with your colorist every four to six weeks for touch-ups. Finding the perfect colorist and coloring your hair, however, is only half of the work. You’ll also want to revamp your at-home hair care routine to keep your hue in tip-top shape.

First, swap your regular shampoo and conditioner for a formula that cleans and nourishes your strands while protecting your color. We love Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner. This system is formulated to protect the vibrancy of fast-fading hair colors. 

While there’s no way to prevent damage caused by bleach, the proper treatment can leave your hair looking beautiful and feeling healthy. We suggest adding a weekly hair mask like L'Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Resurfacing Golden Masque to your routine.

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What skin tone looks best with rose gold hair?

Rose gold hair looks stunning on every skin tone. The key is to work with your colorist to determine how to make the shade work perfectly for you. If you have skin with cool undertones, we recommend trying cool-toned rose gold shades like platinum or metallic rose. For warm-toned complexions, opt for rose gold shades with hints of bronze or copper to compliment the warmth in your skin. 

If you need inspiration before you head to the salon, keep scrolling for 23 of the best rose gold hair ideas. 

The Best Rose Gold Hair Colors To Try Now

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Rose Gold Balayage

For those who aren’t quite sold on a whole head of rose gold hair, there’s always the option to do a blended highlighting technique like balayage. Instead of dying your entire mane, your colorist will hand paint rose gold highlights onto your base shade. Note that on dark manes, they will lighten your natural color before starting in with the rose gold.

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If you’re torn between two fantasy shades, the good news is that you don’t have to choose. Opt for half-and-half hair color if you’re not afraid to try both shades at once. We love this rose gold and purple half-and-half look. 

Good hair day by @hairbykatienoel.

Rose Gold Highlights

Rose gold highlights are another great option for the commitment-phobes out there. Instead of saturating your entire mane with a rose gold shade, your colorist will perfectly place highlights throughout your hair to give you just enough dimension and brightness.

Good hair day by @marissaxbeauty.

Reverse Balayage

If your rose gold hue has become a little too bright, your colorist can add depth and dimension back into your strands with a reverse balayage. Your colorist will use dark colors to add lowlights near the roots and throughout your strands to bring depth to your hue.

Good hair day by @monarchhairco.

Rose Gold And Copper

This rose gold and copper combination is rich, metallic, and warm, which makes it perfect for anyone with warm undertones in their skin. 

Good hair day by @blondingandbridal.

Rose Gold Roots

If you’re constantly searching for edgy and exciting ways to try hair colors, why not get creative with your placement? Opt for rose gold roots for a unique, statement-making look.

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Vibrant Roots

Speaking of edge—if you’re willing to go the extra mile with your maintenance routine, we love vibrant roots that fade into rose gold lengths.

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Like a glass of effervescent bubbly, this vibrant champagne hair color is a celebration unto itself. The shade is more of a bright blonde than you’ll usually see with rose gold hair, making the shade a beachy pink that’s excellent on fair complexions.

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If you’ve tried pastel hair in the past and loved it or can’t get enough of all those watercolor finishes on Instagram, a washed-out shade might be best for you. Those starting with blonde hair should consider platinum rose gold, a brilliant pinky wash that only hints at your standard rose gold color. 

To keep your platinum rose gold shade brass-free, be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner system like Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo and Conditioner. This color-toning system deposits violet pigments to neutralize brassy undertones. 

Good hair day by @hairbycoucheron.


Apricot is a very orange take on rose gold hair, one that places emphasis on strawberry and golden notes. Think of this like California girl hair, all sunny highlights and rosy low notes.

Good hair day by @shereeknobel_bixiecolour.

Metallic Rose

It’s easy to elevate a simple rose gold shade with a metallic shine for “a very personalized tone of pink,” as Josh Wood, Redken global color creative director and brand ambassador, says.

Good hair day by @nicolewelch_hair.

Dip Dye

If you’ve already decided precisely which shade of rose gold appeals to you most, it’s time to consider technique. For a striking take on a trend, why not give rose gold dip dye a shot? This application method means your colorist will apply your shade throughout your mid-lengths. The technique means the accent color ends in a straight line, as if you’ve just dipped your hair in a paint can.

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For ladies with medium and dark complexions, pale pink can be alienating. That’s why we’re such big fans of peach rose gold hair, which substitutes notes of orange for blush. The resulting color is warm-toned and buttery, particularly on waves.

Good hair day by @jessdoylehair.


When it comes to trendy hair colors, matte is all the rage. Instead of emphasizing the gold within your new hair color, consider choosing an ashy lavender blonde that’s far more understated. On women with cool complexions, the shade is soft and flattering.

Good hair day by @jacqui.swan.


If you like rose gold but wish the color was a little punchier, ask your colorist about adding hints of violet to the shade. Whether you wear them as a balayage or opt for a violet-tinted pink, that single change will set you apart from everybody else.

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Rose Gold With Plum Roots

We love how the depth and richness of plum pairs with bright rose gold hair. 

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Bubblegum is a more vibrant take on rose gold, but one that will always be on-trend. Like any bright shade of pink, bubblegum rose gold will set you apart from the crowd. 

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If you want a rose gold look with a soft finish, opt for a pastel variation of the shade. Once you have the perfect hair color, it's important to choose a hairstyle that will best show off your new hue. Flaunt your rose gold with a sleek, slicked-back look with flipped out ends. Use a hair serum like Pureology Style + Protect Shine Bright Taming Serum to add shine while taming frizz and flyaways. 

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Rose Brown Highlights

Rose brown highlights are the easiest (and most low-maintenance) way to upgrade your dark brown hair color

Good hair day by @hellsbellshair.

Rose Gold And Mauve

Try a half-and-half look with classic rose gold and smoky mauve hair color. 

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While it’s true that trends come and go, we’re always inspired by pink hair. If you’re as obsessed with pink as we are, ask for a pink rose gold hue that works for any skin tone. 

Good hair day by @jamiewileyhair.

Icy Blonde And Rose Gold

This ice blonde shade with rose gold highlights packs a serious punch. Pro tip: Braid your hair to show off the dimension of your hue. 

Good hair day by @hannahmckay_hair.

Coral Rose Gold

This orangey-pink hue is a great choice for any skin tone. 

Good hair day by @jamiewileyhair.

Pale Rose Gold

If you’re searching for a rose gold hair idea that’s not quite so obvious, ask your colorist for a tint of rose gold throughout an ash blonde base. 

Good hair day by @hi.itsskyee.

Smoky Rose Gold

For those with cool undertones in your skin, this toned-down, smoky take on rose gold is made for you. 

Good hair day by @hairbyheathergreen.

Mixed Pastels

If you’re fully committed to living in color, blend your rose gold hair color with other pastel shades. 

Good hair day by @chelzadoinhair.

Hot Pink Rose Gold

This hue packs the punch of hot pink and the metallic finish of rose gold hair. 

Good hair day by @my_manegirl.

Chocolate Brown With Rose Gold

Give your chocolate brown hue a bright, metallic finish by adding rose gold into the mix. 

Good hair day by @amandaeverafter.

Violet To Rose Gold Sombre

While violet and rose gold together could be overwhelming, this soft blend makes the combination super wearable. 

Good hair day by @meggdoeshair.

Rooted Rose Gold

Give your rose gold hue a low-maintenance, laid back vibe with dark roots. Fact: Any hair color looks more dimensional with beachy texture. Use a texturizing spray like Pureology Style + Protect Texture Finishing Spray to give your look effortless, tousled texture with body and shine. 

Good hair day by @modelsandmonsters.

Pin Straight Bob

While we’d never play favorites when it comes to haircuts, we can’t deny that rose gold hair looks striking on sleek bobs. Apply a few spritzes of shine spray like Redken Shine Flash Hair Spray to give your style glass-like shine and a frizz-free finish. 

Good hair day by @deathbycouture.

Ashy Rose Gold

Ashy hair colors have the power to instantly brighten your aesthetic, which is why we can’t get enough of this ashy rose gold shade. 

Good hair day by @emily.alders.

Pink And Purple

If you’re inspired by unicorn hair color, go bold with this combination of pink and purple pastels. 

Good hair day by @lisa_oscaroscarrobina.

Honey Rose Gold

Blending rose gold with honey blonde adds a touch of warmth to the traditionally cool-toned hair color. Honey rose gold will look stunning on tan or dark skin tones

Good hair day by @stylelushsalon.

Mahogany Rose Gold

If you want a rose gold look with a hint of red, ask your colorist for a dark mahogany rose gold hue. 

Good hair day by @tiffanymhair.

Periwinkle And Rose Gold

Inspired by the sweet cotton candy hair trend, this periwinkle and rose gold hue is eye-catching on any complexion. 


Give your mane that summer glow all year round with this sunkissed rose gold shade, which incorporates notes of warm blonde and strawberry throughout a rose gold base. 

Good hair day by @emmajeanhairpainter.

Hot Pink To Pale Pink Balayage

If you can’t decidebetween bright and subtle shades, get the best of both worlds with this hot pink to pale pink balayage. 

Good hair day by @pulpriothair_finland.

Neon Roots

This one is for the girls who love adding a pop of color to their look. Ask your colorist to paint your roots a neon pink shade while creating a rose gold shade throughout the rest of your mane. 

Good hair day by @chrisweberhair.

Strawberry Rose Gold

Take on strawberry rose gold if you’re searching for one of the most natural-looking ways to try the trend. 

Good hair day by @katkolors.

Rooted Rose Gold

Opt for a rooted rose gold if you want to try the trend while keeping root touch-ups to a minimum. 

Good hair day by @thehairgoddessdiana.

Cinnamon Rose Gold

If you love cinnamon hair color, you’ll love this warm, cinnamon-inspired variation of rose gold. 

Women with rose gold hair color ideas for 2021


When you’re a natural redhead, choosing a shade that’s flattering can be more challenging than it might be for blondes and brunettes. That’s why we love bronze rose gold, a caramel-like shade that’s beautiful on even the fairest complexions. If you’re working with a cropped bob or long, straight lengths, bronze is a statement-making move.

Women with rose gold hair color ideas for 2021


For an even more redhead-centric hair look, try ginger rose gold hair. It’s a very natural-looking take on the rose gold trend, one that blends bright red with subtle notes of pink and gold. If you’re worried about transitioning into a statement color, let ginger be your first step.

Women with rose gold hair color ideas for 2021


Calling all our ice queens! Silver rose gold has your name on it. While platinum rose gold hair incorporates warm notes, this shade is all about icy pink and blonde in perfect harmony. Try this on long hair, then chop it into a blunt bob if you begin to experience breakage.

Women with rose gold hair color ideas for 2021

Dusty Mauve

Colorists interpret dusty mauve hair in different ways, but the uniting factor is a commitment to ashy, matte pink notes that starkly contrast the shiny shade you’ll see others wear. If you’re a moody lady looking for cool-girl hair color that’s far from overdone, ask your colorist about this hue.

Women with rose gold hair color ideas for 2021


Blush rose gold is a truly ladylike shade, one that incorporates raspberry notes alongside pale pink. If you’re still wearing pink on Wednesdays and drooling over rose gold laptop skins, blush is probably the right choice for you. Wearing it on your head is the best way to fully commit to the rose gold life.

Women with rose gold hair color ideas for 2021

Dark Rose Gold

Brunettes, this is your time to shine. Dark rose gold includes chocolate notes throughout the roots and mid-lengths, highlighted by shimmering strawberry and caramel pieces. It’s a beautifully blended take on the trend, one that doesn’t require you lighten all your hair. You shouldn’t have to trade in your brunette identity to try something new.

Women with rose gold hair color ideas for 2021

Rose Gold Ombre

Subtlety might be your thing, and we wholeheartedly support that. If that’s the case, an ombre technique will probably best suit your sensibilities. Your colorist will blend a base color into the rose gold, creating a blended gradient that looks natural. It’s an excellent way to transition into a full head of rose gold, or to create a balayage effect with your next big haircut.

Women with rose gold hair color ideas for 2021

Rose Quartz

Rock the shaggy punk look with a retro rose quartz! Wood loves to showcase this color, using it on his models for fashion runways.

Interested in trying rose gold hair color? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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