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Rose gold hair is the perfect marriage between blonde and pink hair. Here, learn more about the trendy metallic hue and discover 50 ways to wear the shade.

50 Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas We Love

Rose gold hair is the perfect marriage between blonde and pink hair. Here, learn more about the trendy metallic hue and discover 50 ways to wear the shade.
50 Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas We Love

Rose gold hair first had its moment in the spotlight in the late 2010s. In comparison to the fantasy hair colors that dominated the earlier part of the decade (which tended to be more neon than natural-looking), rose gold hair colors are decidedly muted. This softness makes the dimensional hue both versatile and wearable—which is why, even now, it remains one of our favorite ways to experiment with fantasy color.

Whether you’re looking to change up your whole look or are simply interested in adding a hint of pink to your natural locks, rose gold is a shade worth trying. Here, we’ll dive into some common questions about the hue and show you 50 rose gold hair ideas we’re loving right now.

What is rose gold hair color?

Rose gold hair colors combine shimmering blonde, pink, and gold tones to create a dimensional shade that mimics your favorite rose gold accessories. While rose gold can be considered a fantasy shade, it’s subtle. It’s also highly customizable: By having your colorist adjust the ratios of gold, pink, and blonde dyes, you can create a rose gold hue that’s all your own.


What skin tone looks best with rose gold hair?

Because it’s so versatile, there’s really nobody that rose gold hair won’t flatter. Warmer, more golden variations of the hue look stunning on those with warm-toned olive or deep skin, while cooler pink-blonde shades are a perfect complement to fair, cool-toned skin. Your colorist can help you determine the best rose gold shade for your skin tone and undertones.


How do you get rose gold hair?

Unless you’re starting with a pale blonde base, you’ll typically need to bleach your hair before applying rose gold hair dye. It’s important to note that bleach will always damage hair to a degree, but a salon professional can mitigate the risk of damage by using gentle products and tailoring your service to your hair’s needs. Once your mane is light enough for the dye, your colorist will apply your color and style your hair.

When choosing who to visit to dye your hair, do your research. Rose gold isn’t a standard color like chocolate brown or champagne blonde, so you’ll want to select a stylist with ample experience working with fantasy shades. The right stylist can also provide tips on how to protect your metallic hue against damage and premature fading.


Can you get a rose gold hair color without bleach?

If you’re wary of bleaching your mane but still want to experiment with a rosy hue, consider a dark rose gold hair color (or rose brown). You’ll get the warm, pinkish undertone of a classic rose gold hue without having to worry about bleach-induced damage (or monthly touchups).


Does rose gold hair fade quickly?

Like most fantasy shades, rose gold hair color is a high-maintenance shade that can fade very quickly if cared for improperly. If you’re committed to slaying rose gold hair color, you should expect to book an appointment with your colorist every four to six weeks for touch-ups. Finding the perfect colorist, however, is only half of the work. You’ll also want to revamp your at-home hair care routine to keep your hue in tip-top shape.

First, swap your regular shampoo and conditioner for a color-protecting system, such as Matrix Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner. The duo cleanses and moisturizes while helping to protect your color, extending its vibrancy for up to 21 washes.

We also recommend incorporating a weekly hair mask into your routine, particularly if your hair feels a bit worn from the bleach. Our pick: Biolage Professional Color Last Deep Treatment Pack Hair Mask for Color-Treated Hair. The ultra-conditioning formula helps keep hair feeling shiny and soft while protecting your color’s vibrancy.

50 On-Trend Ways to Embrace Rose Gold Hair

If you’re ready for a color refresh, we’re here to serve up some inspiration. Ahead, discover 50 different ways to rock rose gold hair—no matter how subtle (or vibrant) you want to wear it.

Smoky Rose Gold

Good hair day by @ashley.thehairbruja

Embrace classic rose gold hair with this muted rosy hue. It has a neutral, medium-brown base and soft maple and dusty rose highlights that blend together for a subtle, almost smoky effect.

Rose Gold Balayage

Good hair day by @hailtothehair

Ease yourself into rose gold hair by having your colorist hand-paint pale golden-pink highlights throughout your base color for a playful twist on classic balayage.

Pure Rose

Good hair day by @krazy4hair

If you were to take fuschia and dial the intensity down to five, you’d be left with pure rose: a soft, almost dusty pink that flatters fair and darker skin tones alike.

Dark Rose Gold

Good hair day by @redken

Add a touch of color to your natural golden brown hair with a reddish-pink gloss, like Redken’s Shades EQ in the shade 06R Rocket Fire. The demi–permanent formula adds color and shine—and requires less time in the salon chair than a traditional dye.

Dimensional Balayage

Good hair day by @sadiejcre8s

Put a colorful spin on your existing balayage by pulling out random streaks and tinting them pink, rose gold, and lilac. The multi-tonal look is a great way to experiment with different hair colors, and because it doesn’t involve a full dye job, is a solid option for those who prefer the ease of low-maintenance hair colors.

Pearled Rose

Good hair day by @evalam_

Rose gold traditionally skews warm because of the golden undertones, but it doesn’t have to be warm. Ask your colorist to create your shade with a silver base rather than gold for this ultra-cool spin on the rose gold hair trend.

Rose Brown

Good hair day by @matrix

For a moodier take on rose gold hair, consider rose brown. Have your colorist weave deep golden pink and coral highlights throughout your base color, adding a few lighter strands in front to frame your face.

Reverse Balayage

Good hair day by @hairbylunabelle

Balayage typically involves lightening the ends of the hair to create a subtle dark-to-light gradient effect. For a striking twist on the salon technique, leave your roots natural and have your colorist hand-paint a gradient of gold, pale pink, and magenta onto your strands, leaving the most vivid shade (magenta) for the very ends of your hair.

Barely-There Color Melt

Good hair day by @krazy4hair

Color melting is a technique in which two shades are seamlessly blended together. It can be achieved with any two hues, but we’re particularly fond of this neutral brown-to-sandy rose gradient.

Vivid Rose Highlights

Good hair day by @midnighthair913

Punch up your natural color by adding thin highlights in various shades of pink, like rose, plum, and magenta. Wear as-is, or accent your look with sparkly hair tinsel for extra girly flair.

Rose Bronde

Good hair day by @marine.ballin.haircolorist

If you were to create a Venn diagram of brown, blonde, and pink hair, rose bronde would fall squarely in the middle. Have your stylist add warm brown lowlights throughout the multifaceted hue for depth and dimension.


Good hair day by @bri_claire_hair

The two primary elements of rose gold hair are, unsurprisingly, pink and gold. For an unexpected play on the shade, consider a half-and-half look with half of your mane dyed a warm golden tone and the other a cool pink hue.

Rose Gold and Copper

Good hair day by @hairbylexiclark

Add a summery twist to cowgirl copper hair with blended streaks of peachy pink, gold, and champagne.

Golden Mauve

Good hair day by @colorbyjacob

Blend a classic cool-toned mauve with pale pink and rich gold tones for a surprisingly flattering warm-meets-cool effect.

Rooted Rose Gold

Good hair day by @artist_hair_concept_monopoli

Fantasy colors usually require frequent touchups. You can extend the time between your appointments by rocking visible roots for a lived-in, rock-and-roll vibe.

Rose Gold Ombre

Good hair day by @meganrosecolors

If drama is what you’re after, ombre delivers. This coloring technique involves layering dye onto the hair for a seamless transition between two colors—in this case, warm chocolatey brown and punchy, peachy pink.

Glossed Rose

Good hair day by @martina_haircvlt

Rose gold is without a doubt a highly dimensional shade. Lean into it by using hair gloss, rather than dye, to color your hair—the sheerer color lets your undertones peek through with an almost translucent finish.

Champagne Rose

Good hair day by @nesrin.hairdresser

Champagne blonde is already a warmer blonde hue, but you can spice it up even more by adding beigey-pink lowlights throughout.

Bronzed Mauve

Good hair day by @ashleyglazerhair

Combine the warmth of a classic bronzy base color with pinkish-lilac highlights for a toned-down take on the fairy hair trend.


Good hair day by @bombshellblondee

Much like a ripe apricot, this juicy hue screams summer. You can achieve it by asking your stylist to mix a warm gold tone with just the tiniest touch of pure pink for balance.

Metallic Rose

Good hair day by @leteciaxbeauty

Mirror your favorite pink gloss by having your colorist mix varying shades of pastel pink, purple, and platinum together with a silvery base. You’ll get a highly dimensional color with an almost iridescent quality, which you can play up further with a shine-enhancing serum like Kérastase Elixir Ultime L’Huile Original Hair Oil.

Face-Framing Rose

Good hair day by @constancerobbins

If you want to experiment with rose gold but don’t want to sit through an all-over bleach job, consider coloring just the strands adjacent to your face. We’re especially fond of how these honeyed pink highlights warm up cooler skin tones.


Good hair day by @beeblondor

Level up your rose gold by opting for a bubblegum shade: It’s pink in its truest (and boldest) form. Colors this vibrant can fade quickly, so just make sure to invest in a color-protecting haircare system, such as Biolage Professional Color Last Shampoo and Conditioner.

Ambered Rose

Good hair day by @kelleyscanvas

Add contrast and depth to your rose gold mane by having your stylist layer in warm amber-toned highlights. We’re especially fond of how this dimensional shade plays with curls and coils.

Fantasy Dip-Dye

Good hair day by @hairbymarcandre

Pink and purple are like peanut butter and jelly: They just go together. Embrace the playfulness of both hues by opting for a pastel dip-dye look with pure pink roots and vibrant lavender ends. Make sure to ask your stylist to blend the colors together well for a seamless gradient effect.

Two-Toned Rose

Good hair day by

For another unexpected way to combine rose and lilac, consider a peekaboo look. This technique involves dyeing the underside of your mane one color (in this case, cool lilac), then coloring the top half a different hue, like pale pink. When your hair moves, the lilac underneath will just peek through, adding depth to your pastel color.

Pinkish Platinum

Good hair day by @sydneyannlopezhair

Platinum hair never goes out of style—but you can put a fun twist on a classic look by overlaying your white-blonde shade with the palest wash of pink. The resulting effect is part pastel, part platinum, and entirely worth the time you’ll spend in the salon chair.

Violet Rose

Good hair day by @makeuppro_hair_artist

There’s something inherently regal about the combination of purple and gold. For a colorful look fit for a queen, opt for a deeper fuschia hue interwoven with deep honeyed pink highlights.

Pastel Peach

Good hair day by @kirsty_masterblow

Pastel peach is one of the lightest variations of rose gold (and among our favorite shades for those with fair, cool-toned skin). You can achieve the happy hue by having your stylist lighten your hair, then tint it with a combination of Redken Shades EQ Pastel Pink and Pastel Peach.


Good hair day by @danielle.keasling

For a deeper twist on rose gold, layer warm mahogany highlights throughout a chocolatey, golden-brown base color. Like the wine for which it’s named, this color is rich, cozy, and full of depth.

Warm Gold

Good hair day by @francescadidit

Rose gold doesn’t have to be obviously pink. If you’d prefer a more toned-down take on the trend, try warm gold. This endlessly wearable deep blonde shade features the faintest pink undertones—you’re unlikely to notice them unless you’re in direct sunlight.

Persimmon Highlights

Good hair day by @dremalczewska

Goodbye pumpkin spice, hello persimmon. This reflective hybrid of orange and pink lends an autumnal twist to warm brown hair.

Chilled Rosé

Good hair day by @meltedbymadib

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a chilled glass of rosé on a summer afternoon. Channel that mid-summer bliss with iced rosé hair, which blends sunkissed blonde with platinum and pink highlights for a cool, beachy effect.

Mixed Pastels

Good hair day by @kellyawesomesauce

Rose gold is stunning on its own—but it’s extra playful when paired with other pastel hues. If you’re up for the task (it does require a good amount of upkeep), consider mixing rose gold highlights with complementary shades of lilac, mint, and silver.

Semi-Permanent Highlights

Good hair day by @cristenkelso

As we’ve mentioned, fantasy colors can fade quickly. But we don’t necessarily see that as a negative: The fast fade offers more opportunity to switch up your color. Next time you want a refresh, consider laying semi-permanent lavender and rose-gold hair dyes over your existing balayage. It’ll start vibrant and gradually fade back to blonde (after which you can experiment with another hue).

Black Rose

Good hair day by @denisesuzanne_

If you prefer moodier, sultrier hair colors, consider black rose. The vampy hue features a deep red-black base punctuated by tonal persimmon and mahogany highlights.

Honey Rose Gold

Good hair day by @cynthiaglam

We’ve professed our love for honey brown hair on more than one occasion. This honeyed gold shade is a playful variation of the look, featuring subtle pink ends that melt seamlessly into the length of your hair.

Warm Mahogany

Good hair day by @evanjosephcurls

If you want to switch up your look but don’t want to go too light, consider warm mahogany. A warm, reddish-brown base pairs with soft golden and scarlet highlights for a vivid look that’s bold—but not overly bright.

Sunkissed Rose Gold

Good hair day by @makeupbyfrances

Get ready for summer with this sunkissed look, which features a bronde-to-blonde ombre accented by barely-there hints of pinkish gold.

Strawberry Blonde

Good hair day by @baileyroseking

Where rose gold is a combination of warm gold and pink, strawberry blonde adds copper tones into the mix. The resulting shade is a decidedly warm take on rose gold hair—one that’s especially flattering on those with fair complexions.

Ginger Rose

Good hair day by @hairzsach

For fans of vibrant color, there’s ginger rose: a lively combination of fiery red, deep auburn, faded mauve, and golden maple tones. Mist your hair with Redken Shine Flash after styling for a glossy finish that makes the varying tones in this vivid shade pop.

Vivid Balayage

Good hair day by @softihair

Balayage tends to err on the side of subtle, but it doesn’t have to. Make a statement with an electric magenta balayage—as the bright hue fades, it’ll soften into a pale rose gold that’s equally as attention-grabbing.

Cinnamon Color Melt

Good hair day by @dmahairsalon

We love cinnamon hair for fall—it’s warm, inviting, and a surprisingly wearable way to rock a red hue. If you’re someone who prefers the warmer seasons, have your stylist add a dollop of pink to your base color as a subtle (if premature) nod to spring.

Bronzed Rose

Good hair day by @rachel_redd

Bronze may be associated with being third best, but it’s among our top picks for chic brunette hair colors. Add golden pink highlights throughout your hair for a softer take on the traditionally coppery shade.

Dusty Mauve

Good hair day by @denis_davidov_haircut

If you’re new to fantasy color, ease yourself in with dusty mauve. This muted pinkish-purple shade offers impact without overpowering your look—and it can be warmed up or cooled down to fit your aesthetic.

Rose Babylights

Good hair day by @hairbyamybee

While the chunky highlights of the ‘90s may have made their return this year, we’ll always love babylights. This take on the technique swaps blonde babylights for golden pink streaks that intensify to a pure carnation shade at the ends.

Rose and Silver (Slide 3 of 3)

Good hair day by @rodrigohairdresser

Mixed metals aren’t just for jewelry. Cool down your natural warm blonde hair with pastel pink and silver highlights for an eye-catching multi-chrome effect.

Warm Mauve

Good hair day by @sadiejcre8s

You may not think mauve and copper would play together well, but this faded mauve color is proof that they do—stunningly. You can achieve the dimensional hue by asking your colorist to weave muted mauve and burnished copper highlights throughout a neutral medium-brown base.

Rose Quartz

Good hair day by @bellezabylinnea

Millennial pink had its moment back in the early 2010s, but right now, we’re all about rose quartz. Like the stone, this grounding shade features soft streaks of taupe and sand for a surprisingly earthy play on pure pink.

Electric Rose

Good hair day by @jaymz.marsters

Further highlighting rose gold’s versatility is electric rose: a neon pink that demands attention. Admittedly, this vivid shade doesn’t show its golden tones at first—but as it fades, it’ll take on a subtle champagne tint (pinks almost always do).

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