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Ginger Hair Is Still Fall’s Spiciest Color Trend

Want to spice up your hue? Ginger hair color is the perfect choice for every skin tone and we’ve got inspo photos that prove just that.

If you’re game for making a bold statement with your tresses this autumn, opting for a ginger hair color is an easy way. This fiery hue can be tweaked to complement any complexion—not to mention it blends in seamlessly with fall foliage and all those cozy sweaters.

Whether you’re looking to amplify your naturally reddish locks or completely transform your dark brown or platinum tresses, going ginger might just be your next color crusade. 

For a hot take on this fall beauty trend, we’re describing the spectrum of ginger hair colors, helping you learn how to maintain the hue, and even showcasing some of our favorite shades. 

What color hair is ginger?

Nope—you’re not the only one asking, “What is ginger hair color?” Putting your finger on this gorgeous, somewhat elusive hue is a little tricky. Slightly softer than the setting sun's red-orange color, ginger hair is an eye-catching tone that can stand on its own or be paired with subtle blonde highlights for a more dimensional style. You could even try it with darker roots for a more brooding twist.

Inherently, vibrant ginger locks require a certain amount of lift to achieve the best base for the color. If you have naturally dark hair, this means bleaching your strands before coloring them with ginger hair color dye. Bleach will always cause damage, but your stylist will work with you to ensure your hair looks and feels healthy before you leave the salon. Your hair pro also has access to high-quality lighteners that further preserve hair’s integrity during your service, like Redken’s Flash Lift Power 9 Bonder Inside, which offers up to nine levels of lift in just one application.

Good hair day by @limesalonbridgest

Is ginger hair red or orange?

We’d argue that ginger hair isn’t red or orange but rather a spectrum encompassing both shades. Ultimately, the specific ginger hair color you go with should suit your preferences and complement your complexion. For example, orange-y golden ginger hair colors work well on fair, cool skin, while a darker blend that leans more auburn is flattering on dark skin tones.

Is ginger a rare hair color? 

The term “rare” is somewhat subjective, but in the scheme of all hair colors we’d say it’s definitely less common compared to brunettes, blondes, and rich black. Natural ginger hair color is even rarer—only one to two percent of people worldwide are born with this hair color.

How do you maintain ginger hair colors? 

Once you and your stylist get the right shade, you will want to amp up your hair care routine to avoid premature fading between salon appointments. The Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo + Conditioner Duo are multi-protecting, sulfate-free formulas for color-treated hair that can help preserve your unique tone. Adding a moisturizing hair mask like Biolage Professional Color Last Deep Treatment Pack Multi Use Hair Mask and a bond-repairing treatment like Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Intensive Treatment to your routine can help keep your locks nourished and supple for weeks after your appointment. 

Since red dye molecules are notorious for fading more quickly than other hair colors, we recommend keeping a pigment-restoring topcoat on hand. Pureology’s Color Fanatic Top Coat + Tone Red and Top Coat + Tone Copper are great options to refresh and restore your vibrant ginger color while adding brilliant shine.

If you are confused about identifying the best products for your new hair care routine, you can always ask your colorist for personalized advice. From touching up your roots every few weeks to arming you with a step-by-step care process, keeping the experts close is the best way to ensure the most flawless ginger hue.

The Prettiest Ginger Hair Colors to Try

Not sure which ginger hair color to go for? Let these 26 hues inspire your next salon visit! 

Good hair day by @joshwoodcolour 

Bright Auburn

Auburn can bring a darker feel to ginger, but it can also add an even more vibrant twist to natural ginger! Although this bright auburn may scream autumn leaves at you, it makes for a versatile statement color all year round. 

Good hair day by @curl_iq 

Strawberry Ginger

Looking for a more subtle way to wear ginger hair? Whether you choose soft highlights or transform blonde hair into a rosy dream, strawberry ginger offers an equally warm-toned alternative to bright auburn or sandy red.

Good hair day by @hairby_daisymckane 

Electric Ginger

If orange tones are everything you want, this orange-tinted ginger promises an electric look without the color shock of neon orange.

Good hair day by @ledrewcostello 

Golden Copper

Light brunettes don’t have to give up their tone for a gorgeous ginger shade! Channel your brown hair with a copper-toned ginger that complements medium to light skin.   

Good hair day by @elshawndus 

Deep Ginger

Splurge on a sultry twist to a traditional color with a mixture of dark and light tones. Deep ginger hair tiptoes to the redder side of the red-orange color, providing another option for ladies with darker skin tones to slay a standout look.

Good hair day by @creativeheadz_se 

Metallic Ginger 

Add a little shine to your new look with a metallic ginger hue! Warm tones balance out the platinum nature of metallic colors, bringing you an orangey ginger shade that doesn’t have to be limited to fair and cool-toned skin. Play up the metallic sheen with a dash of hair oil, like Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Hair Oil.

Good hair day by @salongk_leirvik

Golden Brown

For ladies who aren’t quite ready to completely give up their dark brown tones, this golden-brown and ginger mix offers a similar reddish effect on the darker end of the color spectrum. This shade can complement medium to dark skin and seamlessly blend into a brunette balayage

Good hair day by @studioplayhelsinki

Fiery Ginger

This ginger hair color leans deep into the orange side of the spectrum, and we’re here for it. It’s definitely a bold hue, and we especially love it for fair, cool-toned complexions. 

Red Ginger 

Now for the other end of the spectrum with this red ginger hair color! Brilliant shades of red tones make this hue the perfect option for fall. We love it for darker complexions.

Good hair day by @ohlucyy

Cinnamon and Ginger Spice 

Why opt for only one spice when you could play with two? The more flavor, the better! This combination of cinnamon and ginger makes for the perfect fall ‘do. 

Good hair day by @leohairartist 

Ultra-Dark Ginger 

Craving a moody hue for fall? This dark ginger hair color might just be what the colorist ordered! 

Good hair day by @alextreyhair 

Copper Balayage 

Talk about a copper dream! This gingery balayage blends shimmery copper with deep auburn and orange. 

Good hair day by @voodouliverpool and @meganniccollshair 

Two-Toned Ginger

If you can’t choose between pink and orange for your ginger hair color, go ahead and choose both. The pastel colors perfectly complement each other and are not just limited to springtime.

Good hair day by @taylerdoeshair_ 

Dark to Light Ginger

We love the dimension of a darker ginger root that gets lighter as it stretches to the ends. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s also less upkeep for those who have naturally dark hair. 

Good hair day by @gabby_does_hair_ 

Red Velvet Ginger

Bring on the red dye! This rich red velvet hue will have heads turning this autumn. For more dimension, have your colorist incorporate subtle ribbons of slightly lighter and darker red throughout. 

Good hair day by @kate_edwardsandco 

Light Ginger

Calling anyone with light blonde to medium brown hair! This light ginger hair color allows you to keep that pale aesthetic while still having fun with a warmer tone for fall. 

Good hair day by @simone.di.fazio 

Muted Ginger Streaks

For those who want to keep things more natural looking, try on this subtle combination of muted ginger and auburn streaks. The lighter face-framing pieces add dimension and brighten up your skin.

Good hair day by @tousledbeauty 

Auburn with Golden Money Piece

Raise your hand if you’re craving some serious contrast. A base of dimensional deep gingery auburn paired with golden money pieces will help you scratch the itch. 

Good hair day by @angela_doeshair 

Ginger Highlights

Not quite ready to commit to all-over ginger? Have your colorist weave in subtle ribbons of this reddish hue into your existing hair color. This trick works brilliantly for all bases, from deep black to light blonde.

Good hair day by @beautybybrittanymcentire

Multidimensional Copper

Here’s another way to keep your ginger hair more subtle. Ask your colorist to incorporate a mix of copper, blonde, and brunette for a truly multidimensional shade that's as brilliant as it is beautiful.

Good hair day by @adina_pignatare 

Ginger with Beachy Texture

Apply a few spritzes of texturizing spray like Redken’s Dry Texture Finishing Spray (formerly known as Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray) to your mane to show off the dimension in your ginger shade. 

Good hair day by @mbrkl324 

Cayenne Ginger

Talk about red hot! If you’re itching to give this shade a whirl, be sure to ask your colorist about Redken Shades EQ Hair Gloss in 08C Cayenne + 05C Chili. 

Good hair day by @zoewarren22 

Dark Ginger Beer

Ginger beer hair color is a perfect blend of vibrant ginger and deep brown, creating a color that is both warm and vibrant. 

Good hair day by @slim_color 


Similar to the spicy treat, the base of a gingerbread hair hue is a deep, warm brown expertly mixed with spiced cinnamon and auburn hues. The result is a rich brunette hue with a warm ginger glow. 

Good hair day by @live_love_dohair 

Root Smudge Ginger

Ask your stylist about root smudging to ensure a seamless grow-out from ginger hair color. This technique helps eliminate any lines or streaks to give your strands the most natural-looking and long-lasting color possible.

Good hair day by @christina.carbonsalon 

Ginger and Rose Gold

A dreamy fusion of ginger and rose gold offers a more natural take on this fantasy hair trend. 

Interested in trying ginger hair color? has all the salon-quality products you need to maintain the trending hue. 

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