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Salon Spotlight: Voss Salon In Dallas, Texas

salon spotlight voss salon
For many stylists, dreams of becoming a master hairstylist don’t begin until they're already comfortably settled in adulthood. Rachel Voss, however, realized her passion at a young age when she decided to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps. She braided her first head of hair at four years old and was already begging to color her hair by age 11. Voss even accidentally ended up with bright pink hair from a failed experiment in using her mother’s copper shampoo—which she loved.

Today, Voss is not only a pro stylist but also the proud owner of one of the most sought-after salons in the bustling Knot District of Dallas, Texas. Whether you’re looking for the perfect spot to get ash blonde hair, a trendy haircut, or a stunning makeup application, keep Voss Salon on your radar! Read on for everything you need to know about the salon including the background, the services, and the products.


salon spotlight voss salon

The Brand

Voss’s passion for in-salon work goes much further than her skills behind the chair.Because Voss has spent several years working professional in salons, she’s fostered a passion for helping fellow stylists expand their careers.

“I have worked at other salons and always loved my coworkers, the locations, and my owners, but I didn’t think that stylists were being set up for least long term,” Voss says.
“I realized my happiness really came from helping other people reach their goals rather than just me reaching mine.”

Voss’s husband understood her vision, so the two team up and opened their very own salon together.

“He saw my knack for helping grow other people… and he saw that there was room in the industry for a salon that really focused on that,” Voss explains.

The pair first acquired Salon 5014, the booth-rental salon in Dallas where Voss had been working at the time. A year later, Voss Salon opened its doors for the first time.


The Location

Upon entering Voss Salon, clients might feel like they’re stepping into a luxury jewelry store—which is exactly what Voss intended when designing the space. Thanks to towering product shelves backlit by LED lights, gray quartz countertops, and welcoming glass windows that allow you to see the full scope of the salon from the outside, Voss created an intimate space where guests and stylists can easily talk with each other.

“The open feel of the salon extends all the way from the front to the back...This allows everyone to see all aspects of the salon and allows for easy communication between staff members, even if it’s just a simple look or a hand gesture,” Voss explains. “I often hear stylists and guests having conversations with their neighbors, which is such a fun experience.”

Located in a highly desirable area in Dallas, she wanted the space to have an authentic neighborhood vibe.

salon spotlight voss salon

The Products

If there’s one word to describe the hair products lining the shelves of Voss Salon, it’s diversity. The salon is home to a variety of brands, from Oribe stylers to Hothead hair extensions.

For professional hair color services, Voss Salon proudly relies on L'Oréal Professionnel color and Redken Shades EQ hair gloss.

“I would highly recommend [L'Oréal Professionnel] to any salon...We have amazing support from the brand and now feel we are a part of the community,” Voss says.


The Services

Looking to get your hair done at Voss Salon? Women’s haircuts range anywhere from $53 to $83, while a blowdry and style starts at $35. Interested in switching up your color? The salon offers a variety of color services such as full highlights ($115+), partial highlights ($95+), and color retouching ($60+).

Speciality services such as Brazilian blowout treatments ($219+) and hair extensions ($120) are also available. No matter what service you’re heading to Voss Salon for, Voss has a message for current and future clientele.

“We strive to create an environment focused on giving our clients great hair, making them look and feel their best using the best products and color that we have available,” Voss says.


The Details

Voss Salon is located at 4640 McKinney Avenue, #190 in Dallas, TX. To book an appointment, call 469-886-7175 or visit the website at Follow the salon on Instagram @vosssalondallas.

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