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How to skinify your hair routine

Skincare Meets Haircare: How To Skinify Your Hair Routine

Skincare tips your strands will swear by.

Back in 2019, we predicted that the skinification of hair would be a major trend taking the beauty industry by storm. Now, over a full year later, the idea of skinifying our hair care routines has become totally mainstream. We’re talking a major focus on scalp care, prioritizing pampering your mane (hair masks are basically self-care at this point), looking for skincare-inspired ingredients in hair care products, and more!

Get a head startliterallyby amping up your scalp care routine, beginning with learning how to exfoliate your scalp. Interested in incorporating staple skincare ingredients into your hair care routine? Reach for hyaluronic acid for hair

Ready for more? Check back this month for a round-up of our best hair treatments, an expert’s guide to doing an at-home scalp facial, and how to upgrade your self-care hair routine.

Everything you need to know about how to skinify your hair care routine

What The Pros Say:

1. Your scalp is skin... Exfoliate it!
2. Choose skincare-inspired ingredients
3. Try more treatments... In-Salon and at home
4. Prep your styles with a hair primer
5. Add hair oils and serums to your routine

Try The Trend:

Want to see how it’s done? Watch as we incorporate a few of our favorite skincare-inspired hair products into our hair care routine.

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