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This Milkshake-Themed Hair Color Is Perfect If You Crave Chocolate

two women with snickers hair color

There’s nothing sweeter than really beautiful hair color—especially one that reminds us of dessert. Maguy Rosen, one of the hair all-stars of Instagram, is a Minneapolis-based artist known for her naturalistic shades of honey and dark brown hair. This showstopper recently posted a photo of a color that made us salivate: Snickers shake hair.

Prepare your sweet tooth to take in the soft colors and chocolatey goodness of this divine shade. Feeling hungry? We sure are.

woman with snickers shake hair

What is Snickers shake hair?

Like the beloved candy, this stunning hair look combines notes of peanut-y gold, caramel, and dark chocolate to create a swirl of luxurious color. According to Rosen, the color inspiration came from a client who brought in a photo of a color the stylist had done some time ago.

Of course, every head of hair is different. In this case, a pregnant client required a low-maintenance color that would last until several major life events had passed.

“I wanted to customize it to her lifestyle to give her the longevity because she was pregnant and getting married this summer,” Rosen explains. “I wanted to mainly richen up her base that she had naturally grown in and make her previous outgrown balayage a darker bronde but still have brightness.”

It isn’t just lifestyle that plays into this color, either. Rosen recommends a comprehensive color consultation to customize a shade like Snickers shake to your complexion.

“My client had more fair skin, so I did not want to bring her too dark nor too ash—that would result into her to feeling washed out,” Rosen explains, recommending the shade for anyone with olive or fair skin.

How do you get Snickers shake hair?

The journey to obtaining a shade like this lies in the hair you already have. Rosen’s client had balayage left over from several appointments before, which meant she was able to complete Snickers shake hair in one session because she wasn't competing with anything but natural color. If your hair is naturally very dark brown or black, expect this shade to be a little more of a commitment—and potentially even more than one session.

Got blonde hair you’re suddenly thinking about dying chocolate? We know the impulse Rest assured that Snickers shake hair is also attainable for you, provided your stylist paints in darker pieces to add depth to your color—Rosen recommends never going darker than your natural color.

How do you maintain Snickers shake hair?

If you’ve ever chased after your dream color, you know the emotional roller coaster doesn’t end when those salon doors shut behind you. Expect to be back very soon for color maintenance.

“I recommend coming in for a gloss to refresh and add shine after six weeks, and to come in for a touch up every eight to 12 weeks,” Rosen adds.

Between appointments, you know the drill: Always invest in professional products. If you’ve already taken the time to achieve a color as beautiful as Snickers shake hair, you’ll want to help it last for as long as possible. We particularly love Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner, a care system specially formulated with the brand’s Fade Resist Complex to help hair stay vibrant and radiant with mirror-like shine.

If you take the plunge and indulge your sweet tooth in Snickers shake hair, we want to know! Use the hashtag #hairdotcom to show us your final look.

Interested in a new hair color? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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