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The Best Hair Colors For Spring And How To Care For Each

best spring hair colors

After months of having your hat perpetually glued to your head, winter is officially over and spring is here. Now that you’ve finally ditched your winter layers, it’s time to give your strands a little extra attention with some fun and fresh spring colors.

From dark brown hair to living coral, we’ve rounded up some of the best hair colors for spring and are giving you a detailed breakdown of the best ways to care for them. Stick with any of these dynamic shades and you’ll slay all season long.

Aqua hair color

The Best Spring Hair Color If You’re Inspired By Easter Eggs: Aqua

Blue is a quintessential spring color, but why settle on your run-of-the-mill basic blue hair when you can opt for one of the most vibrant color trends of the season? It may not be time to hit the beach just yet, but ocean-inspired aqua hair can help you channel your inner mermaid months before summer. If you want to achieve the most vivid color possible, make an appointment at a Matrix salon and ask your colorist to use SoColor Cult Cool Aquatics dye in the shade Aqua Bay.

At-home care is the ultimate key to ensuring your color looks just as flawless weeks after your appointment as it does the day you color your strands. We recommend swapping your regular shampoo and conditioner for a system developed to maintain your brilliant color-treated strands. Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated to care for high maintenance colors.

Violet hair color

The Best Spring Hair Color If You Love Flowers: Violet

Our favorite spring colors are inspired by the flowers that begin to bloom as soon as the winter frost disappears. And what floral-inspired hue is dreamier than violet hair? Though soft violet shades like lilac get a lot of attention in the spring, 2019 is all about commanding attention with a vibrant violet hue. The Matrix SoColor Cult Cool Aquatics dye in the shade Tropical Violet is the perfect color for your beach-side spring break vacation.

To help your hair look as good as it feels, follow your shampoo and conditioner with a leave-in like the Matric Total Results Keep Me Vivid Color Velvetizer Leave-In. The acidic formula helps seal color within the hair for ultra-nourished, high-reflect color.

Living coral hair color

The Best Spring Hair Color For Viral Instagrams: Living Coral

There isn’t a shade more on-trend than the hue that’s been dubbed the Pantone color of 2019: living coral. If you’ve never dabbled in the world of fantasy hair colors, there’s no time like the spring to debut a new look. The Matrix SoColor Cult Cool Aquatics dye in the shade Starfish Coral creates the most stunning shade of living coral every time.

If you want to color remain bright well into summertime, add an acidic hair care formula like the Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Color Lamination Spray to your routine. The color rinse can help your shade last up to 21 washes, combat fading, and help maintain shine.

faded pastel hair color

The Best Spring Hair Color For The Trendsetter: Faded Pastel

Faded pastel hair is super trendy right now and spring is the perfect time to try it out.

Unless you’re already blonde, you’ll want to lighten your hair to take full advantage of this colorful trend. The key to maintaining a faded pastel mane even a hipster unicorn would envy is making sure you invest in a hair care system that will nourish your hair and help prevent your color from fading. Hydration is essential to maintaining healthy bleached locks, so make sure to add a super moisturizing hair mask into your weekly hair care routine.

To make sure your faded pastel locks last all season long, you’ll want to take precautions on wash day including rinsing your hair with cold water. Don’t hesitate to ask your stylist to recommend products that will keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

photo of chocolate brown hair color

The Best Spring Hair Color For A Sweet Tooth: Chocolate

If you thought dark colors were just for fall, think again. Chocolate hair color never goes out of season—it will perfectly complement all of your best spring outfits and leave you wondering why you ever thought blondes have more fun.

Brunette hair colors are typically the lowest maintenance of all of your dye options. They’re so low maintenance, in fact, colorists suggest cutting back on the number of times you wash your hair a week. Too much washing will not only cause your rich color to fade, but also to become brassy due to mineral deposits in the water. Make sure to pick up some blue color-correcting shampoo and conditioner like the Matrix Total Results Brass Off Blue Shampoo to help remove any brassiness.

Because you’re cutting back on the number of times you wash your hair a week, you’ll want to invest in a really good dry shampoo. Tinted dry shampoos not only refresh hair between washes but also help cover up new growth in between touch-ups.

photo of platinum blonde hair color

The Best Classic Spring Hair Color: Platinum

Platinum blonde is the color for spring, but with great hair comes great responsibility. Platinum locks may be high maintenance, but when the compliments begin to roll in—and trust us, they will–you’ll be grateful you took the time to care for your ice blonde tresses.

Bleach is essential to achieving platinum locks but also has a habit of wreaking havoc on your hair. It can sometimes leave you with dry, broken, limp strands. To help combat the harsh side effects of bleach, make sure to add a super hydrating hair mask to your weekly routine.

Unlike most hair colors, fading isn’t a huge issue for platinum hair. That bleach won’t budge, but all blondes are prone to brassiness. To combat that unsightly orange tinge, invest in a purple shampoo and conditioner like the Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo and Masque Ultra-Violet Purple Hair Mask that will keep your color icy, even as the weather heats up.


photo of copper hair color

The Best Spring Hair Color To Channel Your Inner Daredevil: Copper

If you’re looking for a big change, copper hair is the perfect color for you. The bold hue will help you seamlessly transition from the dark days of winter to the sunny weather of spring.

While we can guarantee you won’t regret going crimson, maintaining fiery locks is no easy feat. Be sure to head back to the salon for a touch-up every four to six weeks. Because red dye is prone to fading, you’ll want to add a color-depositing shampoo and color-preserving conditioner to your routine to make sure your locks stay as bright as possible between salon visits.

hair ribboning highlights

The Best '90s Throwback Spring Hair Color: Hair Ribboning

If you’re considering a new look for spring, but don’t want to worry about the complicated upkeep that comes with dye, hair ribboning is for you.

While highlighted hair is relatively low maintenance, you’ll still want to give your locks some extra TLC to make sure your hair remains the perfect color all season long. Color safe shampoos and conditioners will help minimize color fading and make sure your strands stay nourished. If you’ve got a bit of a flat iron addiction, made sure to pick up a thermal heat protectant spray to prevent your color from becoming dull. We love the Redken Iron Shape 11 Heat Protectant Spray.

photo of soft black hair color

The Best Spring Hair Color For People Who Always Wear Black: Soft Black

Black hair is always chic, but your blue-black hair may be a little more well suited for winter. That’s where soft black comes in. The subtler, softer shade of black is dark enough so you won’t lose your edge but light enough to perfectly complement your Easter outfit.

Like most bold colors, black has a tendency to fade between appointments, so you’ll want to invest in color depositing products to keep your hair as dark and vibrant as possible. Tinted dry shampoos and mousses can help you maintain the look of your perfect shade between washes.

A few weeks after you’ve dyed your hair, consider heading back to the salon for a gloss treatment. It will add high shine to your raven locks and prevent your color from fading.

Cream blonde hair color

The Best Spring Hair Color Over All: Cream Blonde

Cream blonde is the buttery blonde your colorist has been waiting all winter to create. To create this warm hue, your colorist will paint shades of honey and butterscotch over a light blonde base. The resulting shade is one that is equal parts cool and warm—just like spring.

Unless you are a natural blonde, chances are good your colorist is going to have to use bleach to achieve your lightened strands. It’s important to note that bleach will always cause damage, but your colorist will work with you to ensure your hair looks and feels as healthy as possible. If you want to help your strands look their best in between appointments, we recommend adding a deep conditioning treatment like the Kérastase Cicaflash Conditioner to your routine.

No matter what hue you settle on, you're bound to turn heads and rake in the compliments this spring. 

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