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Looking for the best hair color for blue eyes? Try one of these gorgeous shades to help make those baby blues stand out.

23 of the Most Flattering Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

Looking for the best hair color for blue eyes? Try one of these gorgeous shades to help make those baby blues stand out.
23 of the Most Flattering Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

If you’ve been blessed with mesmerizing blue eyes, it’s only natural that you’d want to show them off. Blue eyes might be the second most common eye color (after brown), but they’re still considered pretty unique. In fact, fewer than one out of ten people are born with natural baby blues. And, while blue eyes are dazzling all on their own, the right hair color can accentuate them even more.

Ahead, we've rounded up some of the best hair colors for blue eyes, from subtle blonde and brunette shades to vibrant, fantasy-inspired hues. Whether your irises are turquoise, pale blue, or sapphire, keep reading to learn how to make your blue eyes pop.

What hair color brings out blue eyes?

Let’s be honest: Blue eyes usually don’t need much help to stand out. With that said, your hair color can still affect how vibrant your eyes appear. Professional colorists usually recommend choosing a hair color that complements both your eye color and your skin’s undertones.

To help enhance the cool tone of your blue eyes, for example, you might want to opt for a lighter, cooler shade, like platinum, ash blonde, mushroom blonde, or sand. Meanwhile, cool jewel tones (like amethyst purple or sapphire blue) can add a sleek, soft, and ethereal vibe to your look.

On the other hand, if you want your baby blues to really make a statement, contrasting hair colors may be the way to go—the greater the contrast, the more striking the effect will be. To help create just the right amount of contrast, stylists often recommend warmer hues, such as coppery reds, rich browns, jet blacks, or warm blondes.

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Does blonde or brown hair look better with blue eyes?

Blonde and brown hair can both look stunning with blue eyes, but it’s important to choose a shade that doesn’t clash with your skin’s undertones. To identify your skin’s undertones, turn your arm over and examine the color of your veins in natural lighting. Cool undertones will appear as blue or purple-tinted veins (and generally pair well with cool-toned hair colors), while warm undertones present as greenish (and usually mesh with warmer shades). Those who can’t quite determine whether their veins are blue or green-tinted most likely have neutral undertones (and can pull off both warm and cool-toned hair colors).

When in doubt, schedule a consultation with a professional colorist. They can recommend the most flattering options to help you nail that eye-catching effect you’re after.

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Which fantasy colors look best with blue eyes?

The options are nearly endless when it comes to fantasy hair colors that accentuate blue eyes. Cool-toned shades like pastel blue and lavender tend to work beautifully on cooler skin, while warmer shades like red, pink, and vibrant orange complement warmer skin tones well.

Remember: Choosing a hair color ultimately boils down to your personal preference. The best hue for you is the one that makes you feel the most confident and happy in your skin. Don’t be afraid to go your own way and break a few rules if it feels right for your style.

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What’s the best hair color for blue eyes and fair skin?

The best hair colors for blue eyes and pale skin will depend on your complexion’s undertones. So, anyone with blue eyes, fair skin, and cool undertones will probably look great with platinum blonde, ash brown, or cool-toned copper locks. Warmer-toned fair skin, on the other hand, pairs beautifully with golden shades like sandy blonde, strawberry blonde, chocolate brown, and chestnut.

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What hair color is best for medium and dark skin tones with blue eyes?

Those with warm, medium to dark skin tones can try complementing warm undertones with a warm brunette shade, like chocolate mocha, dark espresso, or honey brown with caramel highlights. On the other hand, those with cooler undertones might want to try some ashy blonde highlights, cool auburn, or jet black.

The Best Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

A wealth of flattering shades will make those baby blues stand out. Keep scrolling to discover 23 of our favorite hair colors for blue eyes.

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Platinum Blonde

For blonde hair color that’s as cool-toned as it gets, try platinum blonde. The juxtaposition of the icy, nearly-white hue and bright blue eyes is striking in the best possible way.Keep brass at bay by incorporating a purple shampoo and conditioner into your haircare routine. One duo to try is Redken’s Color Extend Blondage Color-Depositing Shampoo and Conditioner. This toning and strengthening system deposits a violet pigment that helps keep your blonde looking bright and healthy between salon appointments.

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Butterscotch Balayage

Butterscotch is a warm, golden color that’s just a touch deeper than caramel. Ask your stylist to use a balayage technique to add the dimensional hue to your natural brown base for a wash of warmth that accentuates blue eyes perfectly.

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Dark Chocolate Brown

Play up the contrast between your light eyes and darker hair with a dark chocolate brown shade. Or, for a twist on dark chocolate brown, try black cherry, a deep brown shade with just a hint of burgundy undertones.

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Copper Blonde

For a slightly warmer, more sun-kissed take on the traditional copper color, ask your stylist for golden copper blonde. This shade looks especially stunning on those that have tan skin with warm undertones and blue eyes.

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Caramel Balayage

Caramel balayage brightens and adds dimension to natural brown hair while providing enough warmth to make your eye color pop. This hair color for blue eyes tends to work best on people with olive skin or a medium to dark skin tone, but it can also be adapted for cooler skin.

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Burnt Sienna

There’s a red hair color for everyone, but a fiery copper shade like burnt sienna is an undeniably gorgeous choice for blue eyes and pale skin.

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Honey Blonde

Honey blonde, a delicious warm-toned shade with flecks of gold, brown, and red, is a perfect pairing for those with blue eyes and warm undertones in their skin.

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Butter Blonde

Having trouble deciding between warm and cool tones? Ask your stylist for butter blonde. This creamy, dimensional blonde hue balances warmth and coolness and can be expertly tailored to a variety of skin tones.

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Milk Chocolate Balayage

It’s nearly impossible to resist hair colors inspired by your favorite sweets—especially when they’re as luxurious and dimensional as the milk chocolate balayage. Whether your eyes are sky blue or on the deeper side, chocolate brown is sure to make your eyes pop. The addition of rich, milky highlights woven throughout your strands is simply the icing on the (chocolate) cake.

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Pastel Pink

Pink hair trends come and go, but pastel pink is one of those romantic hues we’ll always have a soft spot for. A muted pastel pink is the perfect way to play up the ethereal quality that makes blue eyes so special. We’re especially fond of how lighter pinks pair with ultra-fair skin (though this fun fantasy hue can work on just about anybody).

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Raven Black

Raven black locks and blue eyes are a winning combination—especially if your eyes are on the lighter side (it’s all about contrast).

Dark hair colors tend to look best when they have serious shine, so it may be worth investing in a shine serum like Matrix Food For Soft Multi-Use Hair Oil Serum. This leave-in treatment with avocado oil helps seal in hydration for locks that look shiny and smooth.

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Mushroom Blonde

Ashy hair colors pair nicely with fair skin and blue eyes, and it’s hard to go wrong with mushroom blonde. This look is created by applying ashy blonde highlights on top of a cool-toned mushroom brown base.

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Sunkissed Blonde

Bright blue eyes and a bronzed glow are a killer combination. Add a sun-kissed golden blonde hair color into the mix, and you’ve got the ultimate beachy look. This summery blonde shade typically works best on natural blondes with warm or neutral undertones, but it’s also versatile enough to work on almost anyone with blue eyes.

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Mermaid Blue

Look no further than mermaid blue for a bold color that’ll really make your blue eyes pop. It may not be the first shade that comes to mind, but blue hair (similar to blue clothing) can naturally bring out the blue in your eyes. If embracing your inner mermaid isn’t your thing, you can also enhance the brightness of your baby blues with other cool-toned fantasy shades like pastel blue, periwinkle, or lilac.

To keep your fashion hue vivid, swap your regular shampoo and conditioner for a color-protecting system like Matrix Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner. This sulfate-free system gently cleanses and conditions to help maintain the vibrancy of fast-fading hair colors.

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Golden Brown

Golden brown is one of the few hair colors that’s universally flattering. If you have a medium to dark skin tone with blue eyes, however, this warm-toned shade is hard to beat.

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Orange is directly across the color wheel from blue, making them contrasting yet complementary colors. Opting for an orange hair color leans into this contrast, allowing both your mane and your eye color to shine.

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Blue is often associated with summer, but that doesn’t have to correspond with your hair color. Lean into autumnal vibes with cinnamon, which blends copper, brunette, and blonde for a warm shade that pops against blue eyes.

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Iridescent shades tend to look different from different angles, meaning they may appear blue in direct sunlight but purple by candlelight. It’s unique—just like your eyes. Keep in mind that achieving (and maintaining) multi-colored iridescent hair takes a fair bit of effort, so if you’re looking for a low-maintenance hair color for blue eyes, you’ll want to opt for something that requires less upkeep.

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Bright Red

Vivid, bold, unexpected—if that’s how you’d like to describe your hair, consider opting for a bright red hair color. Pure red is a classically vibrant hue, but you can soften it up by adding burgundy or mahogany lowlights throughout.

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Rose Gold

You may already know that rose gold eyeshadow accentuates your eyes—but so does rose gold hair. This shimmering blend of gold, pink, and blonde tones is a can’t-miss against cooler skin tones.

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A magenta hair color is ideal for anyone who wants to go pink but doesn’t want to lighten their hair too much. It provides the vibrancy and contrast of paler pink tones but without the requirement of multiple bleach sessions.

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Blue Black

Subtly incorporate blue into your existing hue by asking your colorist to weave blue-black lowlights throughout your base color.

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The twilighting technique can enhance your brunette hue while emphasizing your blue eyes. Unlike traditional platinum highlights, which lighten your mane, this technique involves adding golden highlights throughout your hair to add depth and warmth to your look without significantly altering your base color.

To help fend off brassiness, we recommend using a blue shampoo, like Matrix’s Brass Off Shampoo, once per week. This shampoo deposits balancing blue-violet pigments to reduce brassy tones.

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