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Spiced Cider Hair Is The Warm, Seasonal Shade You Need This Winter

photo of woman with blonde hair wearing hat

What is spiced cider hair color?

We know the name “spiced cider” alone stirs up a feeling of familiarity with its reference to that classic seasonal beverage. Spiced cider hair is an unconventional color blend because it lives right in between ginger brown and golden honey blonde.

Though it remains on the lighter end of the spectrum, Creed notes that this hair trend is special because utilizes “coppery tones instead of just light browns or blondes.” The aim is to work within a warm color palette, choosing nuanced brown or blonde shades that have the slightest pale orange or reddish brown tint.

Spiced cider hair color has a syrupy quality that will surely remind you of sweet mulled cider under the winter sun. Creed says that these shades blend together to create a beautiful “gossamer shimmer.”

“[Spicy Cider hair is created by] combining global color application with 'hand finished' application of accent tones on focal points,” Creed explains.

So, how is this blended, multi-toned look achieved? While balayage and spiced cider hair both rely on freehand color techniques (in other words, painting the hair in the places your colorist wishes), the latter is a more intricate process. It requires a much more delicate application in order to seamlessly blend different shades all over the hair, rather than just applying them on the surface. According to Creed, this technique “blurs the start and finish of each of the hues.” This allows for a delicious, natural-looking blend of the blonde, brown, and copper tones that will have you lusting after spiced cider hair even after the winter season is over.

What’s the best way to wear spiced cider hair?

To show off your perfectly blended, multi-tonal hair, wear it long.

“Spiced cider hair looks good on longer hair lengths that incorporate lengthy playful layering,” Creed notes.

This allows different shades to peek through your layers and lengths, making the subtle yet dynamic shimmer effect much more noticeable. Spiced cider hair color will certainly add some warmth to your winter!

If you’re someone who wishes the holidays could last all year, there’s a new way to embrace nostalgia through your hair color! Mark Creed, L’Oréal Professionnel master colorist and brand ambassador, says that the spiced cider hair color trend could be the next shade for you.