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Why It's Time to Try Strawberry Blonde Hair

photo of woman with strawberry blonde hair

There are few things quite like the pop culture idea of redheads. In books and movies, they’re generally either assertive and sassy or shy and reserved. Whether you prefer the spy or the librarian, there’s no denying that red hair color comes with its own expectations about who should wear it.

While copper might be a shade that’s almost as loaded with pop culture meaning as platinum blonde, we have the perfect, low pressure alternative: strawberry blonde hair. This red-gold shade is universally flattering—whether your colorist recommends taking it in a very cool or warm direction (depending on your complexion), you’re pretty much guaranteed a win.

Still looking for a reason to make strawberry blonde happen in your life? We’ve got three of them. They’re good, too—trust us!

Strawberry blonde is the perfect transition shade for nearly every color.

One of the most common myths about coloring your hair is that you have to leave the salon with your dream shade after the very first appointment. In our conversations with professional stylists, it often comes up as falsehood they’d like to dispel.

Like all attempts at self-expression, finding the right hair color is a trial and error process. For natural blondes interested in red hair, there’s no need to jump right into cherry or ruby. Some subtle ginger or copper can be first step toward an ultimate goal. Instead of leaping right to red, enjoy the journey and the rainbow of shades on your way there.

This is one instance where a trusted colorist can be your best asset. Working together, you two can create a color plan for the next year. Share your ultimate dream shade, then work out a strategy for gradually getting there in the most flattering way possible.

No matter the season, strawberry blonde is still appropriate.

The internet is a trend-based medium, which means plenty of trusted beauty blogs are always pushing winter and spring hair color trends. The reality is, however, that the average woman doesn’t usually rush to the salon just because the temperature has dropped and the first snowflakes are imminent.

Unlike surfer blonde in the dead of winter, strawberry blonde is a standout hair color that looks beautiful in all seasons. If you’re still interested in switching your look up, however, your colorist can add darker notes of red or sun-kissed highlights. The color is remarkably adaptable.

Not all strawberry blondes are alike.

When your colorist talks about blonde and brunette hair, you’re probably already aware of the plethora of shades contained within each color family. Just like other colors, strawberry blonde can be customized to fit your complexion and lifestyle. Some shades run very warm or cool, and yet others will work with a range of skin tones.

The bottom line is this: If your interest is piqued even a little by the idea of trying strawberry blonde, shoot your colorist a text. Spend ten minutes scrolling through social media to find image examples of a color that appeals to you before scheduling a consultation. Once you’ve had a full conversation about the color with a professional, you’ll have a better idea of how to fit it into your lifestyle.

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