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Brunettes Are Falling In Love With Strawberry Blonde Highlights This Summer And Here’s Why

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Summer is the season of pink. Pink skies, pink wine, and maybe even pink noses from laying out in the sun a little too long—whoops! The rosy hue adds the perfect amount of warmth to all aspects of your life, especially your hair. Calling all brunette beauties: Strawberry blonde highlights are the perfect pink addition that will brighten up your mane and your summer.

Last week, a certain actress with dark brown hair posted a picture on Instagram with the caption “strawberry feels forever” and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we tapped Melissa Henry, Matrix artistic educator, to shed some light about the trending hair color.

Grab a glass of your favorite rosé and take notes, because strawberry blonde highlights will be next season’s must-have color.

What hair color is strawberry blonde?

Not to be confused for a trendy cocktail served at your next boozy brunch, strawberry blonde is a reddish-gold shade that’s versatile and universally flattering. You can ask your stylist to go warm or cool-toned depending on your skin complexion and natural brown hair color. Either way, you’re guaranteed a hue that will make you feel pretty in pink.

According to Henry, this shade is so popular because pink is the ultimate “gateway” hair color. While she was only partially kidding, there is some truth to her statement.

“I'm sure it's because it goes great with dark and light hair, creating a beautiful peachy pink without having to lighten the hair to the max to see it,” she says.

Joking or not, this hair color will definitely have you hooked. 

How do you get strawberry blonde highlights for brunette hair?

If you’re ready to commit to this sweet shade, there are a few different ways that you can ask your stylist to apply the color. Henry notes that she loves to add strawberry blonde using the babylights coloring technique. Adding babylights above your balayage sections and around your face gives your mane a naturally bright and highlighted look while offering a seamless grow out.

Henry recommends asking your stylist to focus the pink highlights around your face and hair part for a bolder look. For those that prefer a more subtle approach, try diagonal babylights beneath the top layer of your hair to create a peekaboo effect. Henry also suggests keeping the color centered around the crown of your head so that it’s still visible when your hair is down or curled. 

How do you maintain strawberry blonde highlights on brunette hair?

The best way to maintain the vibrancy of this color is with regular visits with your colorist. However, you can certainly make the color last longer in between appointments by swapping out some products in your shower.

For brunettes, the stylist suggests trying the Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo and Conditioner to help with the brassy tones that might happen between your appointments.

Whatever hair color you currently have, the best piece of advice we got from this talented artist is to treat yourself and try strawberry blonde highlights once and for all.

Now, that’s definitely advice we can get behind.

To try strawberry blonde highlights, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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