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The 10 Easiest, Cutest Updos For Thin Hair In 2018

photo of stylist braiding hair updos for thin hair

Being born with thin hair can feel quite a bit like losing the genetic lottery. Scrolling through pages of perfectly weighty braids on Pinterest, it may seem like your delicate strands can’t compete. That’s where you’re wrong!

To make the most of thin hair, it is crucial to target styles, techniques, and products that support your mane’s needs. If you treat it right, you’ll be proud to show it off with a few bohemian hairstyles.

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve rounded up our favorite updos for thin hair. Before styling, you’ll want to collect a texturizing spray, and curling iron or wand, and a handful of bobby pins. We also recommend washing your hair with a thickening or volumizing shampoo in advance of styling—from the L'Oréal portfolio of products, we love Matrix Biolage Advanced Full Density Shampoo and Conditioner.


Side Braid

If you’ve invested time, money, and energy into otherworldly hair color, chances are good it’s feeling a little fragile right now. Protect your mane and still look glam with a simple side braid, which can be completed after your hair is done air drying.


Half Top Knot

You don’t need 12 pounds of hair or the natural texture of a mermaid to pull off this cute half top knot style. Using an elastic band, twist an imperfect section of hair into a bun at your crown and tweak the shape with pins. The best part about this style is that it looks better when you put less effort into it. That’s a cause we can get behind!


Accent Rope Braid

Just like the side braid, the rope braid is a prime spot for adding a festive detail to your hair without having to spend an hour slaving over a French twist. Embrace the natural density of your mane and aim for a single robe braid, which is dead simple to style. Just pick to strands, twist them, and then wind them together in the opposite direction. Pin the style into your hair at the back of your head to hide any pins.

French Braid Ponytail

If you’ve mastered the French braid, a whole wide world of low-effort hair styling is open to you. We like this ponytail with an accent braid, which is chill enough that you could wear it to binge football on a Sunday but still look like you put in the effort.


Classic Top Knot

We don’t try to change hairstyles that are perfection, which is the case with the top knot. Even on thin hair, a little strategic pulling can ensure your bun hits the ideal size. If you’re looking for added panache, pin a velvet bow at the base of your updo.


Braided Ribbon Bun

We’re understandably a little wild about ribbons right now, but look at the way they elevate a bun created with thin hair! You won’t need extensions to beef up your updo if you lean on fabric to provide extra volume. For bonus points and a festive air, use a navy or plum velvet.


Braided Chignon

If you have thin hair, learn how to style a fishtail braid. Unlike other styles, which may feel like you use half your hair in every section, the best fishtails have the thinnest sections. They’re practically made for a mane like yours! We love this chignon style, which is as easy as rolling up a braid. This stylist used Matrix Biolage R.A.W Texturizing Styling Spray to complete her look.


Breezy Waterfall Braid

Think small when it comes to braids for thin hair. The more delicate the braid, the better it’ll look on your mane—which is why we’re crazy about this bohemian waterfall look. Think of this braiding style as a French braid in which you drop a strand and pick up a new one with every section.


Mohawk Braid Bun

An unconventional mohawk braid bun can look striking and chic at weddings and family events. To ensure you’re getting the best result, use a comb to create a perfect center section down the back of your head and clip the hair on either side away. The more precise you can make the mohawk braid, the better you’ll look.


Half Rosette Updo

A rosette braid may look complicated, but the final appearance is an illusion. In reality, it’s just a standard braid that’s been fluffed and pinned into the shape of a flower—making it a smart choice for those with thin hair. For your next event, step outside of your comfort zone and give this one a try with as many or few rosettes as you’d like. Finish the whole thing with a coat of hairspray—we love Kérastase Laque Extrême Hairspray to get the job done.

Interested in more advice about styling thin hair or a professional styling appointment? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.