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10 Vintage-Inspired Hairstyles We Can't Get Enough Of

Looking for a vintage hairstyle that’s equal parts stunning and easy to style? We’ve rounded up 10 of the best vintage-inspired hairstyles to try this year.

Hair trends might be ever-changing, but decades after specific trends have faded, vintage hairstyles are still some of the most talked-about looks in the beauty world. Sporting a vintage hairstyle might make you feel like you’re a couple of years (or 80) behind, but a few classic looks are absolutely timeless. 

What exactly sets these timeless styles apart from modern looks? We tapped Wura Kolawore, Mizani artist and brand ambassador, to dish on what makes them so unique.

“Vintage hairstyles play heavily on shape, definition, and sculpting,” Kolawore says. “Something as simple as an over-directed bang can make a look go from sleek and chic to glam.”

Kolawore believes vintage styles will always be popular. Whether it’s vintage glam on the red carpet or a night out, these beautiful styles are often the inspiration for many modern looks. 

“I think women are still interested in vintage styles because there are countless ways women can reinvent vintage hairstyles,” Kolawore says. “Though looks like the pompadour or victory rolls are dated, they ironically will never go out of style. Almost every style we wear today has a vintage origin.”

Looking to make a vintage-inspired hairstyle your own? Whether you have long ash blonde hair or shorter dark brown locks, these 10 looks will inspire you to take your styling back a few decades. 

The Best Vintage Hairstyles To Try Now

Good hair day by @motorcitycolormelt.

Victory Rolls

Take this 1940s hairstyle into the new millennium by pairing it with a truly eye-catching hair color. This neon-rainbow victory roll hairstyle is the futuristic pin-up hairstyle of our dreams. 

Flipped Ends

Looking for a vintage hairstyle you can do in a flash? Flipped-out ends are super easy to create. Instead of passing your flat iron straight over your strands, simply flip the ends for a groovy final look. 

Good hair day by @pati.rodrigz.

Finger Waves

This vintage 1920s style is perfect for anyone with super short hair. Begin by parting your damp hair to the left or the right and applying a liberal amount of gel, like Redken Brews Extreme Gel, to the larger section of hair. Comb the gel through your hair until it is completely saturated and the product is evenly distributed.

Starting in the middle of your head, brush a 1-inch section up towards your forehead. Using your comb and a little help from your fingers, create an S-shaped wave. Continue to the next section, creating another S-shaped wave until you’ve completed the entire side. Tuck any extra pieces behind your ear before repeating the process on the opposite side. Allow the gel to dry completely to set your look.

90s Fluffy Blowout

Believe it or not, the styles you knew and loved in the 90s are officially considered vintage. Click here to check out our tutorial and recreate this look. 

Good hair day by @iloveruffag.

Old Hollywood Glam Waves

Inspired by Old Hollywood starlets, this look may be the most sought-after vintage ‘do of them all. Though you can sport glam waves with any hair length, the hairstyle looks extra stunning on medium to long hair. 

Good hair day by @jleighwebdoeshair.

French Twist

If there’s one vintage French girl hairstyle we still adore in 2021, it’s the French twist. To begin, sweep all of your hair over one shoulder and insert bobby pins at the back of your head to hold the hair in place. 

To create your French twist, gather all of your hair, twist, and tuck it across where you placed the bobby pins. Add a few more bobby pins and a few spritzes of hairspray to lock your style in place. Craft a small accent braid if you’re looking to add a modern twist to your look. 

Good hair day by @shelleygregoryhair.

Voluminous Ponytail 

Searching for a hairstyle that’s as classic as milkshakes and poodle skirts? Look no further than this voluminous ponytail. Finish off your ponytail with a satin ribbon for a sweet 1950s touch. 

Good hair day by @harishair.

Curtain Bangs

While curtain bangs are traditionally thought of as a cut, you can totally style your hair to mimic this classic 1970s style. Simply part your hair down the middle and sweep the shortest layers to the side to frame your face. 

Good hair day by @stephhhmarie, @blay.locks and @stephanierosephoto.

Crimped Hair 

If you can’t remember where you put your crimper, we’ve got a little trick for you. Weave your hair in lots of small braids while it is still damp and go to sleep. When you wake up, your hair will be dry and have the texture you’re looking for!

Good hair day by @danivanburenhair.

Space Buns

When we hear “vintage styles,” we automatically think of refined special occasion hair, but this throwback hairstyle is all about fun!

Interested in more vintage hairstyle ideas? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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