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Wavy Asian Hair: All Your Styling And Care Questions, Answered

photo of woman with wavy asian hair

When it comes to Asian hair, it feels like we’re constantly dispelling myths. While the larger community might believe that every person of Asian ethnicity has the same waist length, super straight hair, we know better.

If your hair happens to be wavy—whether that’s just a hint of body or texture that verges on curls—there are plenty of styling and care rules to guide your way. Jessica Gonsalves, L’Oréal Professionnel stylist and brand ambassador, gave us the golden rules of caring for wavy Asian hair.

Above all else, Gonsalves wants you to know that your texture is beautiful. No preset idea about what Asian hair should look like should result in you straightening or changing the look of your hair. By contrast, we’re living in the golden age of natural texture!

Ready to learn a professional’s best tips for wrangling your hair? We’ve got you covered.

The Basics Of Wavy Asian Hair

When it comes to talking about Asian hair, there’s no one single type that fits people of more than 40 countries. Still, there are some characteristics that commonly occur: Shine, weight, and dark color, among them. It’s also notoriously challenging to color Asian hair properly.

In order to make sure your hair gets the best treatment in salon, it’s imperative that you form a relationship with a stylist who specializes in Asian hair. To ensure you’re booking with the right person, check for an active social media account that regularly posts photos of hair that looks like yours.

Once you’re in the salon, share every detail of your hair care routine with your professional. The products you use, the styling tools you can’t live without, and the hair colors you’ve tried—all of these things provide your stylist important details about what your mane needs.

Coloring Wavy Asian Hair

The art of coloring Asian hair takes practice and patience since the strands can often take on a yellow cast. Whether your dream color is a hazel balayage or something more dramatic, the right stylist will protect the integrity of your hair while working to achieve your dream color. Be warned, however, that it may take a few sessions before you achieve your end goal. Although it may take extra time, the multiple sessions will ensure the least damage possible.

The professional stylist has a unique solution to the lightening problem: Embrace your warm tones instead of fighting them. Aim for shades like flame red and warm rose gold, highlighting your complexion while working with your hair.

Styling Wavy Asian Hair

When it comes to waves, there’s no difference between the product you use and the one any other hair type might try. However, certain formulas can help your texture look its best without adding a lot of weight to already-heavy hair.

“Hands down, my fave product is L’Oréal Professionnel Bouncy & Tender,” Gonsalves says. It gives enough hold without becoming hard. It also encourages your curls perfectly. Aside from that, I have an obsession with L’Oreal Professionnel Next Day Hair. It works great on everyone!”

With your dream color in place and your waves defined, you’ll challenge the perception of what Asian hair can do. Go get ‘em!