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17 Gorgeous Back-to-School Hairstyles To Save Now And Try Later

This Back-to-School season we have a list of trendy hairstyles that will keep you busy with a semester’s worth of looks you’ll love.

It’s that time of year again when you wake up before the sun and sleepily shuffle off to your class. Before that first espresso hits, it can be hard to whip your bedhead into academia-appropriate shape. That’s where we come in!

Back-to-school hair doesn’t have to be complicated. To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite, uncomplicated hair trends for you to try. Pick your favorites and stick them on your 2022 school style mood board or try them all.

Scroll down to see our very favorite back-to-school hairstyles.

Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are cute and require no actual braiding skills. All you need are elastics (preferably ones that match your hair color). A bubble braided pony, bubble braided pigtails, mini bubble braids at the crown of your head—try them all!

Photo credit: @oliviacalabio

Curly Bangs

We love the curly hair renaissance we’re in right now. Switch up your usually curly ‘do by adding curly bangs.

Slick Bun

If 2022 were a hairstyle, it would be the slick bun. All around the country, women traded in their loose, free-falling hairdos for this no-fuss, high-fashion look instead. Whether you want to show off a new pair of statement-making earrings or are looking to beat the heat on the first day of classes, this is the look for you. For a super sleek bun, try Shu Uemura Art of Hair Umou Hold Cream.

Claw Clip Styles

Claw clips have re-emerged from the early aughts and have found a place on our heads once again. The styles you can do with these handy contractions are almost endless, but here’s the perfect way to maneuver your claw clip if you have thick hair.

Photo credit: @gregoryrussellhair

Shaggy cuts

‘70s shag has taken over 2022, and we don’t see the trendy cut going anywhere anytime soon so you might want to give the style a try this school year. The haircut is versatile and can be customized for almost every face shape.

Mini Braids

We can’t look through our feed without seeing mini braids (also known as baby braids). This trend can be combined with a ton of other different styles to make a hairstyle that’s completely unique to you.

Photo credit: @ruthroche


Tendrils are the key to giving your updo that ‘undone’ edge. Just pull a couple of small chunks of strands out of your updo and let them hang. This will instantly add a romantic feel to the look and might get your crush’s attention, too.

Classic High Ponytail

The high ponytail has lasted from generation to generation because it’s so flirty and flattering. The tight style pulls your face up and back, creating the illusion that you absolutely didn’t stay up all night. Can you say ‘snatched’?

Heatless Waves

Heatless hairstyles will get you to class on time and in style—just look at these heatless beach waves. Use the bathrobe technique taking over social media or our very own hack that requires only two hair elastics.

Photo credit: @lamajbackwards

Fun Edges

Bejeweled baby hairs and edges that swoosh in different directions are on our 2022 mood board this school year. Keep edges defined and simple for every day and have fun with them for pep rallies, parties, and more. Either way you decide to go, we suggest Mizani Edge Trimming Hair Gel.

Scarf Styles

Scarves are the accessory of the moment because they’re colorful, inexpensive, and take any style to the next level. Elevate your average ballerina bun by knotting a scarf around it or take even the simplest braid up a notch by weaving a scarf through it. A velvet or satin texture is perfect to pair with your fall fashions!

‘90s Blowout

Channel your inner ‘90s sitcom star and make this style your best friend this semester.

Fluffy blowouts with lots of layers are becoming increasingly popular in salons these days, so what about all the heat damage that comes with them? Be sure to use a product like Redken Quick Blow Out Heat Protecting Blow Out Spray to prep the hair before applying any heat.

Pull-Through Braid

If you’ve ever tried and failed at French braids, here’s an alternative you’ll love. Pull-through braids can be pulled-off by all. Just follow the directions above.

Messy Ponytails

Texture is key to perfecting this messy pony. Enter: Dry shampoo. We love the Biolage All-In-One Intense Dry Shampoo for its ability to absorb all of those oils in your hair and reshape it. Plus, it smells divine.

Wash-N-Go Curls

There might not be a hairstyle as easy breezy to sport this semester as wash-n-go curls. It’s all in the name! We recommend using the Matrix Total Results A Curl Can Dream Light Hold Gel to get a crunch-free curl pattern.

Padded Headbands

Thick, padded headbands are the accessory you need to keep your mane in pristine condition while ensuring your strands don’t distract from your study session. You’ll see velvet, leather, and gingham patterns on the heads of beauties everywhere this semester.

Curtain Bangs

If you haven’t heard, bangs are back! And although curtain bangs are nothing new, they still reign supreme in the world of fringe. Styling these before class can be a breeze if you have the right product and technique. Just place a large roller on top of your fringe, making sure to roll up toward the crown. This will ensure you the right bounce that flows away from your face.

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